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6 secrets to start and grow a successful online business

6 secrets to start and grow a successful online business

Starting an online business is the motto of majority people worldwide. In this age of electronics and information technology starting and operating an online business is quite easy. But the persistence is difficult to maintain. Millions of businesses are shut down daily and domains are resold.

Many want financial freedom, to become their own boss,  to run a profitable company, spend more time with their family, wander different countries, which is only possible if you run a money machine or a system which makes money while you are sleeping.

So its only solution is an online business, it may be e-commerce, freelancing, blogging, youtube channel, domain reselling, digital marketing etc. When I started my career in this field I was a scratch. I started from scratch and still I haven’t succeeded in my goal yet.

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Face the challenges to start:

The true fact is starting is easy, just buy a domain and hosting, install  a good theme, put useful content and start. But running and maintaining an online business is not a cake walk. Yes it is true that when you are new you face a lot of challenges, and when you gradually gain experience it becomes easier.

But when day by day you get more viewers, leads and managing work you have to grow the company by staffing employees, branding, marketing, advertising. As you grow your competition grows. You have to walk along with that.
Then no rest, no holidays, no family, no movie only work, work and work.

Yes, you may not believe but it happens. Once you taste the sweetness of fruit of your work you like to be completely in it. When you wanna start an online business the ambiguity may trouble you. You fall in the dilemma like: How to start? How to get funds?

Find the Idea:

If you make up your mind and start the business then you will get various sources. You will get many ideas day by day. Next comes which is the best idea or niche? You can copy others ideas to start a business. No problem, but if you find a unique idea that nobody has ever done before then you will get the best result without any doubt.

The idea is the seed of the business. You have to grow the seed to a complete branch of tree gradually. And you have to act on the idea otherwise other will start acting on it. The best way to find the idea is to find the problems and giving the solution.

Either it is an online or offline business competition is high in each case. Because every business owner comes with a new idea, new planning, new marketing techniques. So if you have to make your place in the market you have to do something new, something original and unique.

Give value:

Value is an important role in any type of business. If you check any e-commerce company they are providing offers like discounts by applying some codes. It is a very powerful marketing strategy to attract customers and compel them to buy. After purchasing a product also you get discount coupons by mail from the company, which is the strategy for customer retention.

So you have to decide what kinda value you can provide to attract the customers.

If you are to start a real estate side you can provide free plans of flats, if you are to start an online service then you can offer 30 days free trial or money back guarantee. In this way can win and build visitors’ trusts. Then they will become the leads and customers.

Implement new strategies:

To get success in a business you have to plan perfectly. Your planning should be the weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The more time you put in proper planning the better result you will get.

In business everyday people are coming with new marketing strategies. You have to implement new strategies and plan to sustain in the market.

Apply the plans using A/B testing. If plan A fails then implement plan B.

Get the funding:

You have to apply for funding from crowd funding or venture capital firms. To make new entrepreneurs success these firms invest in companies. You have to show your capital, business infrastructure to get the fund as most startups fail within a year.

So these firms hesitate to invest. You can apply for crowd funding and Government schemes for MSME sectors. You can check on Nexus Venture partners, Accel Partners, Intel capital India for venture capital.

Patience is the key:

Many people think money is the major factor to start and run an online business. But it is not true. If you don’t have a good idea then you can’t create a business empire. And everything lies inside the patience you hold. Thousands of business are shut down daily and that freaks many startups to do business.


The 6 secrets to start and grow a successful online business, may help you to start and successfully run an online business. But some major challenges may come in your way while starting. Once you get the branding and promotion people may easily recognize your brand and leads are easily generated.

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