Meditation the path of higher Yoga – Swami Niranjananad

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Meditation the path of higher Yoga I met a scientist of Nasa in Europe last year. He was working with astronauts and looking after their health being so far away in space. I asked him how do you manage illness and diseases being so far away in space. When they stay 6 months in the space do they carry a suitcase full of medicine with them? Do they carry medication in anticipation I might get cold or any diseases? What happens if they fall sick? He said we use a new therapy called as quantum therapy. It deals with a special software loaded on the computer and in the computer we feed all the physical parameters the blood pressure, heart bit, temperature, respiration of the astronauts. The computer assigns a particular frequency to the person. The frequency of the person is captured by the computer no matter where the person […]

Spiritual quotes to start your day

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Spiritual quotes to start your day: In doing harm to others, one harms himself and by doing good to others, he gains good this is a rule. Relations with the world are subject to and conditioned by obligations. There are ways to free oneself from these obligations, by serving all others and not desiring anything from anybody. An aspirant may desire the realization of either God with attributes or without attributes, he must, without fail, be devoted to the service and welfare of all beings. An aspirant who serves God with a pure heart and in true faith, really serves all living beings, as God is the root of all. An aspirant must bear by himself all pains of his, howsoever great, but not tolerate the smallest pain that falls on others. By wishing to bring happiness to others, one loses his own desire for happiness to himself. That nobody […]

Step by step guided meditation techniques for beginners

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Step by step guided meditation techniques for beginners – By Paramhansa Yoganand God is silence. To find him, the devotee must establish within himself a temple of silence. God is like the moon, and the devotee’s mind is like a lake. So long as the surface of the mental lake is disturbed by restless thoughts, the reflection of the divine moon will be distorted. But when the waves of the mind are stilled by calm concentration and meditation, the divine image can be clearly seen at last. The fastest way to find God is to go within, in meditation. And the fastest way to achieve success in meditation is to practice some scientific technique for bringing the mind and life force the Prana Shakti under the control of one’s will. Before I proceed by conducting the sin of copying this article ‘step by step guided meditation techniques for beginners’ from […]

The 7 secrets for definite success in Life – Motivational Blog

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The 7 Secrets For Definite Success in Life   After studying the life stories of successful actors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, millionaires aged under 20, billionaire above 70, I have found that ‘successful people like to do what unsuccessful people don’t like to do’. Yes it is the first secret for definite success in life. Yes, they make their habit to do the work which the rest of the world don’t like to do. They make their habit to get up early, reading, writing, listening audio book. Unsuccessful people like to watch movies, tv, go party, waste time in playing games. But the successful don’t. Once I asked a kid what is the aim of your life? He replied, I will become an engineer, no I think pop star. My father wants me to become an engineer,  my mother wants me to become a doctor and my uncle pop star. I think […]

Have Faith in God’s Omnipresence – spiritual article

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Have Faith in God’s Omnipresence God is ever present everywhere. His presence is constant even in the deep recesses of your heart. Whatever you do lonely within the closed doors of your room, He knows and sees. What is there to wonder at in this? He perceives even the most secret thoughts that flit through your mind, and of which even you are not always fully conscious. Nothing takes place anywhere at any time, which is outside God’s awareness, outside his direct observation. You need to have faith in God’s omnipresence. Once you develop faith in the omniscience, this all witnessing power of God, you will no longer be able, even secretly, to do any prohibited act. You will not be able to entertain any thought of sin even in the deep recesses of your heart. It is known to all that if a person about to commit some heinous […]

Importance of yoga and meditation for world peace

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Importance of yoga and meditation for world peace   In this century Yoga and meditation should be an integral part of life. People are crazy behind the materialistic joy for temporary sense gratification. They don’t fear to play with nature for their comfort. As a result, they are getting the reaction of their action in the form of earthquake, terrorism, disasters. 🙁 The importance and benefits of Yoga are recognized and appreciated all over the world. 😎 The peace and brotherhood can be established only by Yoga. Though it is originated from India, Yoga is not confined to any particular religion or country. Human beings have been practicing every type of yoga, but still, they have not been able to liberate themselves from bondages. Some are on the path of Karma, some or on Bhakti and some on Gyana, Raja yoga etc. “With yoga of the intellect, that is with […]

A great motivational speech for getting success in your life

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A great motivational speech for getting success in your life What is the true success? How to lead a successful life? Why only few people are successful and most are not? What is the secret formula to success? These questions are hovering in the minds of millions. Everyone wants to become successful, gain name and fame. 😀 Nobody likes failure.Some people think, if they get a big bank balance, beautiful wife, luxurious car and house, they will become successful. I have seen a lot of people who have a big bank balance but have broken relationship. Is it really success?  True success comes when you achieve success in health, wealth, relation and spirituality. These are considered as the 4 pillars of a successful, happy and healthy life.  Today I am going to share a great motivational speech for getting success in your life. Are you ready? Then, try to read it carefully and […]

Content Writing Tips for Beginners

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Content Writing Tips for Beginners: “O’ my gosh! Content writing… zzz zzz…..’ Its takes a lot of time. Better I would hire a freelancer to get written.” – This is one of my clients’ statement on content writing. You may be a professional designer or internet marketer but when it comes content writing, you may raise the white flag. And it is true that writing great contents take a lot of time. To create a 2000- 3000 words quality content, writers spend several hours on the chair. And that’s why I have decided to put all my experience to prepare this post content writing tips for beginners, which gives you the guidance to write a good content. Without content, the internet would be worthless. There are billions of contents stacked in the world wide web, but few of these can attract visitors and gain admiration. Read: Blogging Tips and tricks. Inbound […]