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Top High PR Blog commenting sites to build backlinks | Off page SEO

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Top High PR Blog commenting sites to build backlinks Most people when they start their SEO journey get a lot of confusion. They ignore the importance of link building by commenting niche blogs. If you wanna know the benefit of blog commenting and top high pr blog commenting sites to build backlinks for your site then you are in the right place here. One of the ultimate ways of  link building is Blog commenting process in the High PR blog commenting sites. Creating back links through the creation of Anchor Tags on posted comments including web page URL or can be the easier procedure to avoid Google Penalty. Types of Links created by High PR Blog commenting Sites: Two types of Links can be created on blog comments such as Do Follow links & No follow links. “Do Follow links” are meant for creation Anchor Tags or back link through posting web page […]

How to start a Career in blogging to earn full time income

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How to start a Career in blogging to earn full time income Do you really want to start your career in blogging? You might be pondering how to start a career in blogging to earn full time income and not getting a clear direction or scope, growth on this field. It seems easy to start blogging and make money, but before proceeding read the following emails I got: “hey AB I am working on my blog for last one year but I am unable to make money and grow traffic. I am regularly posting new posts, doing Seo but still I am struggling to make a full time income. Can you help me” “Hi thanks for the awesome post, I am working on my blog for last 2 years but not getting as much traffic as I should. Everyone has a dream to start a blog or online business and […]

Follow these 9 health tips to stay healthy forever

Follow these 9 health tips to stay healthy forever – Health motivation – Health management

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9 Health tips to stay healthy forever Without any ambiguity you can say: Health is Wealth. 😀 Everyone knows this but who does care? The modern generation is busy in maintaining the lavish lifestyle, status, property. You may earn a million $ per month, but what is its value if you are sick and suffering from various diseases? 😥  We also know that prevention is better than cure, but we don’t get proper knowledge of preventive life care. The modern health care system is deprived of the natural remedies and health management. Due to lack of knowledge and awareness, people consult a doctor for minor health problems. Proper health management is essential for the 20th-century people. People are running blindly behind name, fame, money without taking care of their health. 🙁 Proper diet plan, good exercise, Yoga are really beneficial for a busy life. Running behind money is not a […]

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Know the top web hosting plans in 2017

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 Top Web Hosting Plans in 2017 When you are planning to start your website, the main challenge you confront is the ambiguity in choosing the right web hosting plan. As you don’t have any idea you face the dilemma and do a lot of research. 🙂 You have to do a good research as many web hosting companies play tricks to lure more customers by giving some offers and after buying the plan customers suffer a lot of problems. Before starting your website you have to find a place where your website will reside on the web.  Let’s discuss some top web hosting plans. What is web hosting? Web hosting is a space provided by various hosting providers, where websites reside. You just buy a space in the exchange of money. Here you can store and build your blog. It is like a virtual space which works on the internet […]

How to improve your English speaking fluency | Learn English Online

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How to improve your English speaking fluency English is the most spoken language all over the world. I am not an English teacher, but I am writing this post on ‘how to improve your English speaking fluency‘ as many of my friends and readers requested to write a post on it. We have learned to listen before speaking. We have learned our mother language by listening from our parents, Like a parrot learn our language by listening and mimicking. I have a Chinese friend who doesn’t know how to read and write Chinese but he speaks correctly. There is a majority of people, who don’t know reading, writing but they can speak will. If you are residing in a foreign country then you can learn the local language by listening and speaking. The sound repeated in your ears get permeated into the brain and it is fed into the memory […]

how to stay always happy

What is true happiness? How to stay always happy? The amazing secrets of happiness

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What is true happiness? How to stay always happy? The amazing secrets of happiness What is true happiness? How to stay always happy? What are the Secrets of happiness? 😀 These questions frequently pop up in human mind. Nobody wants sorrow, grief, pain. If you are new to my blog, then I recommend you to read the old posts on happiness and healthy life before proceeding. How to live a happy, healthy life? Speech on success. The definition of happiness varies for different groups of people. 😎 For one group of human being true happiness is Name, fame, money, lavish lifestyle etc. For another group, the true meaning of happiness is the self -awareness or Atma Gyan.   When the body is attached to the matter then it gets happiness which lasts for a short time. The human soul is free from all kinds of sorrow and anxiety. It is […]