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The 7 Secrets For Definite Success in Life

secrets for definite success in life


After studying the life stories of successful actors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, millionaires aged under 20, billionaire above 70, I have found that ‘successful people like to do what unsuccessful people don’t like to do’. Yes it is the first secret for definite success in life.

Yes, they make their habit to do the work which the rest of the world don’t like to do. They make their habit to get up early, reading, writing, listening audio book.

Unsuccessful people like to watch movies, tv, go party, waste time in playing games. But the successful don’t.

Once I asked a kid what is the aim of your life? He replied, I will become an engineer, no I think pop star. My father wants me to become an engineer,  my mother wants me to become a doctor and my uncle pop star. I think I will be mad.

This happens to all of us from the beginning stage of our life. We are cordoned off with Confusion and ambiguity. We don’t have any clear picture of our future life. From our school, we grow with ambition. When you step into college start setting goals. You appeared for competitive exams but didn’t pass. Day by day you change the goals. You read some books and start writing goals, reciting it regularly two times. And bingo! You couldn’t hit the target. You are failed. Then you change the track, change the goals.

Ambition, goal, Dream.

Those who are really successful they go beyond ambition and goals. Ya’ they have a dream. The dream is all of these above. The dream is not for a single person but the people associated with your society, your nation. Everyone has a dream. Everybody wants to do something for others.

Your daily busy schedule doesn’t let you dream. You have the dream, but you don’t have faith to fulfill the dream. Dream as big as possible and have faith on it.

Success comes from attitude.

We develop attitude from various perceptions. Perceptions generated from cultural evidence, society, and religion. For a different group of culture or religion, the definition of success is different.

What happens to your life is not by chance, but by choice. Your attitude is responsible for developing faith in your dreams. You can’t say that In a furious football final match the team which lost the match did not play well or didn’t have confidence. But in some moments their confidence became low.

Once a visitor was astonished seeing Michael Angelo’s sculpture. When he asked Michael how he made, he answered ‘ no I haven’t made this. It has already been made in my mind. I just transformed the mental image into the stone. Put all your effort and strength to fulfill the dream.

Most people fear to fail than love to succeed. Success and failure are the two sides of a coin. I put the formula to define the relationship between success and failure.

Endeavor the rate of failures:

A salesman sales products door to door. He makes a sale by visiting 10 houses. 9 times he has to face the failure before achieving the success. You have to endeavor the failure rate before success.

Success comes after repeated failures. Don’t expect it from the first chance. The basic difference between the most successful man and a failed man is that the most successful man engages more in the game. He waits until the end of the game, without quitting it.

Winner never quits and a quitter never loses.

Success is all about making sweet relationship:

It is observed from the life of successful people that, they make a sweet relationship with everyone. A small kid went to an ice cream parlor. He had a minimum budget. He chose an ice cream worth 60 cents instead of 85 cents. But he took the ice cream and gave tips 15 cents. He could have bought the big cone worth 85 cents. But he didn’t. How many of us care about others?

If you dream for stars you may get the moon.

Don’t repeat history, make history:

This types of people are in numbers not in thousands. They convert their anger into resolution. They have a madness inside them to achieve success. The persons who have made the history because of their madness. They can convert their anger into determination.

Mandella was jailed for 27 years. He had strong patience and belief. After he was released made the history. A man creates history due to his strong belief system. The belief system may be ordinary or extraordinary.

A 12 years old Pakistani girl Malala Yusufzai told in a tv interview, ‘Taliban has no rights to stop educating girls. I want to continue study and I will.’ After some days a Taliban gunman entered into her school van and shot in her head. Thank God she survived. She continued her rebel and got the Nobel peace prize as the youngest.

A.C Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada is the founder of the Iskcon. With ill health at the age of 70 instead of getting retired he re-tried. He didn’t have any fund, venture capitalist. But he had faith in Krishna.

Success is the actual revenge.

Once upon a time in ancient India Dhananand was a cruel ruler in Magadh. He used to collect the tax from his subjects and spend lavishly. Chanakya his courtier forbade him from this act and requested to spend the money for the welfare of the country. Dhanand didn’t like this and throw him out from his palace.

That day Chanakya took the vow to completely demolish the Nanda dynasty and build a great Indian Nation. He selected a village boy named Chandu and established the Maurya dynasty in the name of his mother Mora. The boy Chandu became the great Indian king named as Chandragupta Maurya.

Gandhi was thrown out by the British people from the first class compartment of the train. He had the first class ticket and he repeatedly approached them. That day he has taken the oath to completely demolish the British Empire from India and he took the revenge.

Follow the ‘7 secrets for definite success in life’ and see the changes happening. 🙂

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