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social media marketing strategies to increase brand awareness

11 powerful  Social media marketing strategies to increase brand awareness

The power of social media marketing is not hidden to any one. It is the easy way to increase brand awareness of your business in a short period of time without spending a big amount of budget. The following 11 social media marketing strategies will help you to increase the brand awareness of your business.

Choose the network :

No doubt nearly 2 billion people worldwide are on facebook. So choose the network you want to do marketing either it is facebook, twitter or myspace stick to it. You can’t do marketing on 10 networks simultaneously. So better give time on 2-3 networks so that you can give more time to the channels and your contacts.

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If you are a B2B company then Linkedin should be your number one priority and if you are a B2C company then go to facebook or choose both. Instead of trying a couple of social networks give your time to one or two networks so that it will be easier for you to handle the tasks and interact with your followers. No doubt the networks which have more users should be your first priority but it does not hold good for all cases.

Set up your profile in a professional way:

You must create your profile or company page in a professional way by using a high definition clear profile picture, enticing head line, description etc. Put your personal details carefully and correctly. Your facebook header photo or twitter handle should be attractive. You can take the help of Canva to design header image for facebook or twitter. People know you from your photo. Always use a smiling pose as it can attract many eyeballs. People love to connect happy people.

Increase followers:

This is one of the major tasks performed by many businesses to increase their brand awareness. The more followers not only give you more sales but it can improve the brand awareness of your business. Initially, you have to build one to one relation with everyone you come across on social media. Once your followers increase to a certain level then the rest will be easier to grow followers.

You have to give free advice and free stuff that people may need. You can solve their problems by giving the proper solution. The name of this game is called value. If people trust you then they follow your brand. You have to apply various strategies like joining different groups, posting quality contents, images, videos etc.

If you simply say follow me or like my post then no one will follow you. You have to follow others, like others posts and drop the comment. Yes, the algorithms of social media are made in a way that it checks your social presence, interaction and then it increases your brand awareness.

Use attractive multimedia:

The success in social media hides inside the attracting users by engaging images, videos or infographics. When you open facebook or Instagram you get so many mute videos which are very amazing to watch. Pinterest and Instagram networks are totally based on image sharing.

Social media marketing strategies to increase brand awareness

If the images and videos awesome and unique, then people will definitely stick to it. Small video clips having funny content or trending topic are useful to increase likes and shares. Take the example of youtube where the thumbnail plays an important role. Most YouTubers try to make fool the viewers by displaying an enticing thumbnail which does not relate to the original content.

Post consistently:

Posting consistently in a particular time improves your users trust. Use social media calendar to fix the time of posting. If you are a small, medium or big firm, invest money and manpower into social media marketing. You may hire a team or outsource  to any agency for social media marketing and strategies. Posting on regular basis can increase your online presence and grow the trust of readers. This can improve your authority and help in recognition of the brand.

Join and create Groups:

Whether it is Facebook or Linkedin, Groups play an important role in promotion and brand awareness. You can search groups related to various niches and request to join. The advantages of joining groups are their will be the maximum probability of reaching your posts to group members. If you have a good number of followers you can create a group and request them to join. Skype and WhatsApp are also good for creating and joining groups.

Create social media calendar:

Your success on social media depends on your good planning. You have to create a social media calendar and decide your date of posting. Your planning should include various social media marketing strategies based on trending topics or important events. Everyone is coming with the new plan for marketing.


You can use Google calendar or your android calendar app as the monthly plan book. You can set the dates and post time as the reminder. Or the best way is to use the excel sheet. You can create social media plans on important days, political topics, breaking the news.

Don’t neglect the power of #tags:

Hash tags are important to growing the reach of your posts. You can get maximum impressions by using popular and trending hash tags. Using hash tags I get thousands of impression in a day. You can check the latest hashtags here.

Make a viral post:

Viral video or post has a great importance in the career of every YouTuber or social media marketer. If you can make a video viral then you can easily get large number followers and subscribers easily. It can increase your page likes and popularity. It brings a turning in their career. Actually, you can’t always guarantee that a post is gonna be viral. Some put a lot of effort to get a post viral and don’t get success. And some posts go viral without awareness.

First, choose a user-oriented content. A content which can give excitement, fun, bring emotion. The algorithms of social media check the user interaction shares and show it frequently to users. The more it appears in front of the viewers more it goes viral. Create a good plan and content to create a post.

Go for paid marketing:

I give paid marketing the most priority. Because Facebook is restricting the reach of posts to viewers. So if you want instant effect or generate leads then go for paid marketing. It has a lot of advantages. First, it can save your time and second it can give you the instant result, it may be increased in page likes, website visit or sales. So take its advantages. Many big brands solely rely on paid marketing for promotion.

social media marketing strategies

Take the example of Facebook marketing campaign using which you can boost your posts, promote your page, install apps, increase conversions etc.

Use social Media management tools:

Social media management tools can save a lot of time. If you wanna post on various networks simultaneously then these tools can help you and these play the major role in social media marketing strategies. It works as an automation tool which can be set for a specific time to post. Hootsuite, sprout social, buffer, are considered as the best management tools.

Final words:

Social media optimization and social media marketing strategies play the vital role in brand awareness of your business. Without social media presence, sales and marketing may become impossible after some years.

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