How to attain true success in life

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How to attain true success in life: What is the path to success in life? What does success mean? What we consider success and the measurement criteria for success.. 😉 are they the only basis of success, or can failure be even more meaningful than success in life? There could be a deeper meaning of success and failure beyond worldly norms; in the true sense, sometimes a success is inferior to a failure, and sometimes the worst failures can be grander than any success. The basis for success and failure are rooted in high ideals and noble goals. The one, who lives with high ideals all his life and fails numerous times, will still be considered successful, but the one who compromised his ideas to become successful, will still be deemed unsuccessful. The biggest success in life lies in identifying your strengths and accordingly performing superior actions. The true measure […]

5 habits of highly successful people you don’t know

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5 habits of highly successful people you don’t know Everyone wants success and no one likes failure. If you get success then you are happy. Success and happiness are the shadows that follow each human being according to their karma. Some want success in their job, some in relation, some in finance. Everyone wants appreciation and love. Nobody likes depression, stress, sorrow. I am gonna share you 5 great habits of highly successful people. The main formula to bring happiness and joy to your life, you have to make people succeed and give them happiness. Why the relation breaks? Because people don’t get happiness from each other. If the relation does not make you happy then it won’t exist forever. It may be the relation between husband and wife, friends or parents and son, each relation is bound in the desire of happiness. Why a husband and wife relation turns to divorce? Because they don’t […]