Importance of yoga and meditation for world peace

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Importance of yoga and meditation for world peace   In this century Yoga and meditation should be an integral part of life. People are crazy behind the materialistic joy for temporary sense gratification. They don’t fear to play with nature for their comfort. As a result, they are getting the reaction of their action in the form of earthquake, terrorism, disasters. 🙁 The importance and benefits of Yoga are recognized and appreciated all over the world. 😎 The peace and brotherhood can be established only by Yoga. Though it is originated from India, Yoga is not confined to any particular religion or country. Human beings have been practicing every type of yoga, but still, they have not been able to liberate themselves from bondages. Some are on the path of Karma, some or on Bhakti and some on Gyana, Raja yoga etc. “With yoga of the intellect, that is with […]