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The Perfect Weight Lose Diet Plan to lose weight Fast

Hmm.. . So… You have tried all types of Diet plan to loose weight fast. But nothing happened. Am I right ?

Now am gonna share you the perfect weight lose diet plan to lose weight fast. Whether you are vegetarian, non vegetarian, Businessman, professional, athlete or student it will work as a perfect guide for your weight lose diet. It is modified from the text of YSS fellowship program.  

The kind of food you eat has a great effect on the development of a good or a bad disposition. It is not easy to have a good disposition if you are ill, and you are made ill mostly by eating the wrong food; so study carefully the subject of food as related to your particular needs. The body requires certain elements for its sustenance, but a good many people omit at least some of these elements from their diet every day.

That is the reason why the disease has uncontrolled sway everywhere. God did not create disease. Man creates it through continued wrong living. A study covering on a house loses some of its constituent ingredients through the deteriorating influence of the weather. So also in the body, cells are constantly decaying, and for that reason, the body house needs proper repairing with the right kind of food materials for new cell growth and maintenance.

Every day the tissues should be supplied with the right kind of bodybuilding materials. In plastering a house, if you mix less than enough lime in the sand, or just make a plaster of sand and water and smooth it on your walls, in a short time the plaster will begin to fall off, although at first, you may not have noticed anything wrong with its appearance.

Similarly, our bodies decay when not ‘plastered’ with the right kind of blood containing the correct kind and quantity of bodybuilding elements.

The body begins to lose vigor, the tissues become flabby, the skin begins to wrinkle, and the cells begin to lose their building power. So you should be extremely careful to arrange your breakfast, lunch, and dinner in such a way that you can always be sure you are giving the body the proper food substances. As it is important to introduce the right food into the system, it is still more important to develop and maintain the God-given powers of digestion, oxygenation, chemicalization, elimination, crystallization, metabolism, and assimilation.

the perfect weight lose diet plan to lose weight fast

Therefore in connection with food hygiene consider two things:

a. Selection of proper food materials;
b. Awakening of vital forces by proper exercises.
The following information is based on the finding of diet authorities and the teachings of the Hindu yogis. It may be a perfect weight loss diet plan for you to shade extra weight within 5 – 7 days.

All the proper food materials a perfect weight loss diet plan may be classified under the following main headings: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral salts, and vitamins. Your food during the day should consist of adequate proportions of these elements. Examples of foods, in these groups, and the foods that offer specific nutritive values, are given below:

Proteins consist of highly complex combinations of amino acids containing chiefly carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur. The protein may be animal or vegetable, and is needed in the construction of all living cells. Sources of animal protein are meat, fish, milk, cheese, and eggs. Vegetable proteins are found in protein flour, legumes, and nuts.

If you are used to eating meat, fish, and poultry as your chief protein source, aim for little or no meat in the diet. If you believe your system demands it, have lamb, chicken, or fish, occasionally. The high protein value of these foods is offset by their deteriorating effect on the body; hence it is better to spend on other sources such as cheese, eggs, milk, etc.

Fats are energy producing and consist of oily matter found in vegetable and animal foods. These lubricate the cells and are extremely necessary for oiling the joints and limbs to prevent wear and uncomfortable friction. Vegetable fats are found in olive oil, corn oil, nuts, legumes (peanut and soy bean oils), and avocados; animal fats are found in butter, cream, lard, and fatty meat. But access fats can be hurdles to your weight loss Diet plan.

Carbohydrates are used as fuel, and consist of compounds of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, including sugar, starch, and cellulose. These are found in grain products, potatoes, legumes (peas and beans), corn, winter squash, tapioca, honey, sugar, sweet fruits.

Water is the carrier which transports food elements to the cells and carries away waste products. Mineral salts have great tissue building powers. They are found in all fruits and vegetables, especially leafy vegetables. Vitamins regulate various metabolic processes of vertebrates. Vitamins are abundantly present in all raw fruits and vegetables. In this formal, the valuable properties of the vitamins enter right into the blood without being lost. Light steaming is sometimes advisable for vegetables, but remember that Nature is the best cook. She prepares all vegetables and fruits with ultraviolet rays and distilled water.

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Motivational quotes

Happiness forever.

Stay healthy forever.

Valuable weight loss foods for the body:

Tomatoes, grapefruit, bananas, raw spinach, unsulphured figs, carrots, apples, lemons, oranges, butter, whole wheat bread, olive oil, nuts or nut butter, lettuce, soya, dates, eggs (protein), milk, and cream.

Blood building and purifying foods:

Tomato juice, and lemon or lime juice, orange and grapefruit juice. Lemon is the best disinfectant. It kills many germs in the stomach.

Bone building foods:

Milk, cottage cheese, channa, coconut, marrow, squash, pineapple, and nuts.

Lubricating foods:

Olive oil, almond butter, nut margarine, nut butter, cream, and butter. Not more that, one tablespoon of olive oil should be taken daily for lubricating the body joints. The use of too much olive oil in salads makes them greasy and indigestible.

Brain foods:
All forms of nuts, milk, and fish.

Nerve foods:

Almond milk – a tablespoon of finely ground almonds with a glass of water; other ground nuts, with orange juice; diluted buttermilk (half water and half buttermilk). Iced lemon or lime and sugar solution, not too sour or too sweet, as follows:

Weight loss Yogic nerve drink:

To a glass of cool water, add juice from one half fresh lime, and sugar. The sugar and lime taste must be evenly balanced. Always add crushed ice. This is one of the favorite drinks of the yogis, and has a particular spiritual vibration.

Healing foods and self-control for skin beauty

Feeing the skin pores with fresh pure cream or using coconut milk (fresh from the shell) n face, hands, and arms just before retiring has been found wonderfully effective in healing facial scars brought on by measles, smallpox, and other diseases. Overindulgence in the use of sex energy will destroy the beauty of the skin; the greater the self-control, the greater will be the beauty of the skin and the loveliness of the face.

Proportion preserving dietary rule

Do not drink too much water or other liquids (6-8 glasses a day). Drink very little liquid with meals. Eating too much at one meal, followed by lack of exercise, destroys the shapeliness of the body. Avoid an excess of starch and sugar, or of greasy, fried foods. It is easy to eat, lured by taste, but it will be hard to get rid of accumulated fat, which destroys energy. The heart is known to be kept in better condition by keeping the body thin; the less flesh, the less strain on the heart.

Organ building foods to lose weight fast:

Drinking goat’ milk or carrot juice, and eating fresh cottage cheese, or raw carrots have been found to strengthen the eyes. Eating sparingly on starchy foods, and eating raw foods almost entirely strengthens the ears. Drinking goat’s milk and eating goat’s cheese are said to benefit the lungs. The stomach is sometimes helped by raw food, or slightly steamed vegetables without salt or spices.

A glass of one lemon or lime diluted in warm water, without sugar, and drunk alone, is known to be very good for the liver, spleen, intestines, and kidneys. Lemon juice taken daily is known to disinfect the physical organs. The acid in the lemon destroys undesirable germs that get into the body. It is the perfect weight loss diet plan women, mostly adopted by actress, models, athletes.

Poison ejecting foods

Under proper medical supervision, drinking only unsweetened fruit juice for one day a week, or drinking only juice for two or three days in succession once in two months, will eliminate much poison from the system. Use a suitable ‘natural’ laxative during a juice fast.

Avoid foods made with white four, as it acts like glue in the intestines and obstructs the expulsion of bodily waste materials. Rough food, such as bran, is very good to free yourself of constipation if your intestinal tract is not easily irritated. Remember, constipation is the most dangerous disease.

Vitality and mind stimulating foods

By deriving physical energy more and more from food sources whose vital properties are pure in nature, you can help yourself to develop spiritual qualities of body and mind. Bananas, nuts, butter, milk, cream, and fresh and dried fruits are such foods. Vitality may be developed by eating tomatoes, nuts, orange juice, almonds, goat’s milk, cottage cheese, channa, whole grain products, and fresh and dried fruits.

Last of all, recharging the body battery can help you to awaken the life force in each organ. By practicing the stomach exercise, for example, you will stimulate the secretion of the digestive juices, and this will improve your digestion. By properly awakening the cosmic energy in each organ as taught in the energization exercises, you provide the greatest opportunity for the proper food to be converted into proper energy, as befits the human body temple.

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