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10 awesome online business ideas that will make you rich

When you start an online business you have to keep two things in your mind. One is what type of products you want to sell and what kind of service you can provide. Mainly two types of products are sold, which are information products and physical products.

Take the example of e-commerce companies which sell physical products starting from home appliances, apparels to books everything. Take the example of kindle books, online courses on Udemy, ebooks, software which are the information based products. In the case of service, you can provide various services like the virtual assistant, customer care, day care, coaching etc.

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 Develop and sell your own products:

You can create your own products and sell online. If you are an artist, a web developer or a programmer then you can create the products related to your field of expertise and sell the stuff online by various channels.

Suppose you are expert in designing handicrafts or paintings then you can sell on Etsy. You can sell merchandised products like printed T-shirts, caps, home decorating items which are in great demands.

Software and Application development:

No doubt software industry is growing day by day. If you are a developer then you can create application programs and sell on various channels. You need to know the programming knowledge on Java, .net, c# etc. You can develop android applications for business, education, statistics, astrology. You can create android applications and software tools.

Web development and design:

Online businesses are booming day by day and each company needs their website to grow their online market. Like software development web development and design are in great demands. Each company needs their website to grow their business online. You can get web design projects from various sites like Fiver, freelancer, guru etc. Or you can provide your service by creating your own website.

Join affiliate programs:

Joining an affiliate program is really a wise method to start your online business. You don’t need to take the headache of buying or developing products, customer care, shipping etc.

10 awesome online business ideas that will make you rich will definitely help to grow your business.

You have to promote others products which are popular in the market or you can make it popular. You can give the links to the product pages from your site and get the commission for each sale. And you can promote physical products as well as information products.

E-commerce store:

E-commerce is the largest industry in this decade. It may be difficult to start an e-commerce but if you can start an e-commerce store it will be a sorcerer’s stone for you. Start selling from a single type of products like books or cakes then you increase the varieties.

Become an online seller:

Selling products online is a simple and easy online business idea. You can sell your products as well as others. Just you need to have good connections with the wholesalers. You can buy in the lot with cheap price and sell on different sites like eBay, Amazon, Snapdeal with a high price. You don’t need your own website for this. In this way, you can sell the products in the international market and build relation with the customers around the world.

Social media management:

There are thousands of high profile persons who don’t have time to manage their social media profiles. You can start your own agency and provide the service of managing profiles. Because if you join as a social media manager the salary you get may not satisfy you. But you should have good knowledge on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.


It is another best online business which anyone can start. There are many freelancing sites like Upwork, fiverr, Freelancer where you can join as a freelancer and bid projects. But you need to have some specialized skills on a field. Most freelancers mention so many skills to get more projects but in this way they loose the contracts. Just mention what you are expertise in not your relevant sills.

Consulting and coaching:

Internet has made your knowledge to share all over the world. You can consult online on various topics you have knowledge like astrology, Vaastu, medicine, health and fitness, cooking etc. You can create video courses and provide live training online.

Domain and website reselling:

Domain and website reselling are two separate online business ideas. You can buy domains in bulk for a cheap price from GoDaddy or other companies and sell these with 2 to 3 times the high price. You need to buy domains which can be sold on high price.

Hope you have liked this article: 10 awesome online business ideas that will make you rich.

You have to do a good research on trending topics and buy the domains and sell it on GoDaddy auctions or another market place. Similarly, you can create a website by buying the domain and hosting work it on 2- 3 months and resell it on 10 times high price online.

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