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30 awesome blogging tips and tricks for a successful blog:

1. Choose the topic of your blog carefully. Take the help of magazines, newspaper, social media channels to get the trending topics.

2. Do the keyword research properly before writing the blog content. Try to take long and medium tail keywords.

3. Long tail keywords are ranked higher than short tail. If you take long tail keyword then it will be easier to target short tail keywords to rank on SERP.

Blogging tips and tricks for a successful blog

4. Headline is the doorway to your blog. Keep it clear, short and compelling. A compelling, intriguing headline increases the click through rate of your blog post.

5. Choose the headline according to what readers search, what the problems they are facing. Making the headline to solve readers problem will help.

6. Make your headline relevant to your blog so that search engine and users can know what is the blog about and help them to get the right information about the topic.

7. Insert the keyword in the headline and Title.

8. Use power words like top, best, great, wonderful, faster, free etc in the blog titles and headlines.

9. Use blog headline generator tool to get the idea to find a suitable headline for your blog.

10. Create a headline such a way that it should immediately catch the eyeballs of readers and force them to read your blog.

11. The content of the blog should solve problems of the readers and engage them by making curiosity.

12. Write the content in a unique and different style which nobody has written before.

13. Make the blog free from grammatical errors. Take the help of Grammarly and Hemingway editor to check grammatical errors before publishing the post.

14. Implement personal stories, experience in the blog post.

15. Give examples and case studies to make the topic easy to understand.

16. Use eye catchy images relevant to the blog content. Give at least 2 images in each blog post.

Blogging tips and tricks for a successful blog

17. Always give an image at the beginning of the post. Good images can attract the readers to read the rest of the post.

18. Build emotional connection with readers by writing great quality blog posts.

19. Take interviews of your friends and experts to create a great user oriented blog post.

20. Give some time gap to get ideas spur into your mind. Take the help of yahoo, msn, rediff, google trends to get ideas about the blog content.

21. Promotion of your blog is important, so know different terms related to internet marketing like on page, off page seo, email marketing, social media optimization etc. You may not do all things but basic knowledge you require to have.

22. Write and publish posts consistently at least one post per week.

23. Give free ebooks to collect email addresses of the readers.

Blogging tips and tricks for a successful blog

24. Do the SEO properly to rank on the top five for keywords on SERP. Ranking on top will improve the authority of your blog post.

25. Use Pop up form and side bar forms to collect email address and readers details. E-mail marketing can improve the returning visitors.

26. As soon as you publish a post send it to your subscribers by email marketing.

27. Use social media to promote your blog. Use social media plugins like dig dig to share your post.

Blogging tips and tricks for a successful blog

28. Create a page of your blog in Facebook and Google+ and link it to the side bar of your blog. So that readers can follow it from your sidebar.

29. Use good interlinking to engage readers to read different blog posts in your website.

30. Without increasing traffic no one will come to your blog. Try various strategies to increase traffic to your blog.

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