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Ауто-сугестија: Ефективна подсвест програмирање техника за ваш успех

How can auto-suggestion help you bring success?

How can you apply this in daily life?

It is a process, not an activity. So what is a process?

It is continuous in nature you don’t do it once, twice or thrice. It should become the style how you live your life. It is not the process that you have once done it and stopped. So how does autosuggestion work? In this article ‘Auto-suggestion: Ефективна подсвест програмирање техника за ваш успех’ you will learn the various autosuggestion techniques to program your subconscious mind.

It is said that, your words and thoughts are connected with each other. Therefore it is very important to use very powerful words. If you use powerful words then it creates a transformation in your thoughts also. There is power in chanting the holy and powerful names. In every religion, whether it is Buddhism, Islam, Christian there is one thing common that is chanting the holy names of the lords.

Japanese always say gam bateba kudasaye which means do your all the best. They don’t depend on luck. If you give good instructions to your mind it starts believing the instructions. Unconsciously you have done that so many times. You’ve seen it many times. But if you can consciously do it you can create the transformations in your life which are not by chance but by choice. It is not by default it is by design. You don’t live a life by default live a life by design. Let me share you the process of auto-suggestion.

The auto suggestion must be positive in nature.

Remember you must always give positive instructions to your mind. The moment you give the negative instructions it will not believe it will retaliate. IF you tell your children to not to play games, not to watch movies, they will obviously do it again. When boy and girl fall in love you say the girl don’t think the boy, don’t think the body she will think more.

Giving a positive instruction the mind will take it very fast and adapt it. You give negative and it will not accept. Take another example you are traveling in the aircraft. Suddenly it got some trouble. Imagine the air hostess gets up and says ‘we request you to have your seats up right, put your seat belts on, our aircraft is in some trouble. Please don’t take the стрес and don’t be in a panic.

You know what will happen? The moment she says don’t take the stress, don’t feel panic, only stress and panic will increase. Yes or No? If the air hostess is being trained to speak only positive and tells ‘ Put your seat belt upright and sit in relax. Soon your mind gets relaxation. You can clearly understand from this example.

Autosuggestion should be visualized.

2nd step is when you are interacting with auto-suggestion it should be visualized and pictured. When an auto-suggestion can be visualized perfectly, it works very well. The More you can visualize, the more your mind can work better with it. I can give you so many examples of it. A teacher was trying to teach the word assassination and the students were difficult to remember it. The teacher told them to imagine there is an ass above an ‘ass’ and above the ass ‘I’. Above I there is the entire nation. The students easily got it.

In a business school, Маркетинг was taught to students. The marketing faculty told the students ‘can you visualize a small party is going on. It is a new year party and all the girls, boys are standing. A boy goes to a beautiful girl and tells her ‘hey you are rich and beautiful, I am smart and handsome will you marry me?

The teacher says this is called direct marketing. All the students could immediately visualize the picture well. Another boy took the proposal and goes to the girl on behalf of the boy and tells her ‘would you marry him?’ this is called advertising. In the third case, the girl goes to the boy and tells ‘hey boy would you marry me?’ This is called brand recognition. He makes small jokes to teach students like this. На овај начин, there mind quickly accepted the message.

Everyday you get up and recite ‘ I am a rich and successful person’, can you really become a rich, successful person? Without visualization and feeling it is impossible. Better write the statements on a sheet of paper and stick it where you can see most of your time.

Autosuggestion should be continued:

Do you expect to get the result in a single day by autosuggestion? It is impossible. Everyday you have to continue the statements. Better you write down the statement like your personal goals and recite the statements. In this way you fall in the habitual action and your mind can easily accept the statements.

You have to practice auto-suggestion when your mind is relaxed and calm

Morning and evening these are the best time to practice. But you should practice at least five times a day. На овај начин, you can make your mind program and it will follow you. Napoleon Hill in his famous book ‘Think and grow Rich’ has written the power of autosuggestion. How one can use the autosuggestion techniques to become rich.

The science of autosuggestion is the technique of mind programming. The left part of the brain is called the subconscious mind, where all the data are stored from previous births. Using autosuggestion technique, you can store new ideas and programs into your brain. In this way you can control your mind by feeding some set of instructions.


A better way to do the mind programming is while performing meditation or Yoga Nidra. Because during meditation your mind is calm and tranquil. No other thoughts come to your mind. It can easily adhere the suggestions you feed during this time.

Autosuggestion can help you:

  • Stay motivated whole day, during your office work, study.
  • Remove stress, депресија, анксиозност.
  • Improve focus and concentration.
  • Time management.
  • Program your mind.
  • Self Hypnotism
  • Goal setting.

If you have any queries regarding ‘Auto-suggestion: Ефективна подсвест програмирање техника за ваш успех’ then drop your comments below.

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