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Beginners' Advance SEO Guide-Way2inspiration

शुरुआती’ अग्रिम एसईओ गाइड:

आइतबार बिहान, तपाईं मा प्रारम्भिक उठेँ 7.30 र एक खोज Google मा बनाएको: 'टेक्सास नजिकै सपिङ्ग मल'. त्यसपछि तपाईँ विभिन्न पृष्ठहरूमा chronologically परिणाम देखाउन वेबसाइट एक नम्बर पायो.

तर तपाईं शीर्ष खोल्न 3- 5 साइटहरू र नाम र टेक्सास स्थित सपिङ्ग मल को स्थान पायो. आफ्नो मन जस्तै केही प्रश्न गर्यो हुन सक्छ-

  • किन केही साइटहरु पहिलो पृष्ठमा देखाउन छन्, कि पछि अरूलाई जबकि?
  • कहाँबाट वेबसाइट विवरण आउन गर्छ?
  • Google शीर्ष मा सबै भन्दा राम्रो वेबसाइट कसरी रैंकों?
  • धेरै वेबसाइटहरु शीर्ष स्थिति श्रेणीका संघर्ष गर्दै कारक के हो?

The answer to the questions is SEO or search engine optimization. वेबसाइटहरु अवस्थित वा नयाँ ग्राहकहरु लाई सेवा प्रदान गर्दछ जो भर्चुअल कार्यालय छन्. प्रयोगकर्ता त्यसपछि केही विशेष वाक्यांश टाइप गर्दा तिनीहरूले केही विशेष वेबसाइट रूपमा परिणाम प्राप्त.

को Beginers मा’ Advance Seo Guide, I am gonna share you some useful tips and tricks for SEO. Read it Carefully without skipping.

Each website has the target to crawl to the top for some particular keywords or phrase. Then the sites can be reached to a particular group of people. You may ask:

‘is SEO mandatory for a website to rank?'

Seo generates the organic or natural search results which are free but takes time and patience. There is also paid search tactic which makes your site ranking above the organic search but it is not for long term.

थप पढ्न blogging guide for beginners.

If you target a business for a long term then SEO is the must. How many days will you depend on paid ads or google ऐडवर्ड्स? Many small and medium businesses depend on एसईओ, as it gives a huge amount traffic to their sites.

Read this beginnersadvance seo guide carefully to learn the latest SEO strategies to implement in your blog.

Paid search is adopted by big brands like अमेजन, Flipkart, Samsung, Sony आदि. Seo may take time but its benefit is very powerful. As a report paid search is done by 18% people all over the world.

Why SEO?

  • 80-85% of internet users find websites through search engines.
  • 90% of users only search on the first page.
  • Seo is free and works over a long term comparing to other marketing strategies.
  • It helps to build an online brand presence and long-term positioning.
  • It gives the better return on investment compared to other marketing medium. The only cost spent is time.
  • People prefer organic search rather than paid search as it improves the authority and genuineness of the sites.
  • Seo helps to convert visitors into customers as it generates a large volume of traffic which means more sales.


Read the beginnersadvance seo guide carefully without skipping any step.

How do search engines work?

Take the example of a library where a lot of books are stored on different topics. The books are stored in different racks in chronological order like the different section of economics, भौतिकशास्त्र, philosophy etc.

So that you can easily go to the section and find the books you are looking for. Books are tagged with some and you can easily navigate to different pages.

This is the manual process and takes time. This is an age old practice and still exists after the emergence of search engines. Search engines are based on the same concept to save users time by giving instant information.

A search engine like yahoo, bing or google is a database containing software programs called as spiders, robots or bots that go through different sites on the web and order them based on the rules of SEO.

If a site doesn’t follow the rule made according to search engines it declines the ranking and in some cases ban also.

Search engines continuously crawl the web using these spiders and index information in their database using some mathematical formulas called search algorithm.


Online business ideas to quit your day job.

Content writing for beginners.

If you type a query ‘best inspirational stories’ on google and again type on duckduckgo then you may get different results. Some results may match but what is the factor of variation? It is the algorithms different search engines have.

Search engines determine which websites to show on SERP based on two major factors: Webpage Content and links.

भनेर अलग्गै, there are some other factors based on which search engines rank the pages like geographical location of the searcher, historical performance of the website, quality and types of links, and no. of pages in the site.

Rich Page content:

Can you optimize your page without content?

If you are new or beginner to एसईओ you may be confused and if you are advanced एसईओ user you say ‘damn it, what a joke’.

Only content is not the factor, quality content is the factor.

राम्रो सामग्री बिना, it is difficult to rank your site for particular queries. And without traffic how can you expect leads and conversion? पहिलो, you have to categorize the pages according to the products/service in your site.

Then write the post chronologically. You have to create lots of content on different topics. The more content and web pages you publish the more chances you have to rank.

Content should be user engaging and unique. As it is difficult to predict exactly what keywords people search for, it is better to post a lot of contents.

So that the chances of ranking for some particular phrases will be more. Take the example of a lottery ticket, the more tickets you buy the more chances of winning.

Long tail concept:

Search engine ranks pages according to different targeted keywords. Doing a proper खोजशब्द अनुसन्धान is important for एसईओ.

As for Beginnersin this SEO Guide, I am just giving the overview of Long tail concept.

It is tough to rank for highly competitive keywords and chances are very low to get visitors. As old players have made their positions strong it is difficult to beat them by taking this highly trafficked keywords.

Suppose you are targeting a page with keywords ‘buy bag online’ which is a very competitive keyword and you will hardly rank the page for this keyword.

A keyword like ‘buy best quality women bag’ (A long tail) is a low competitive and you easily target your page to the first page of search engine.

It is damn sure that the visitors for ‘buy bag online’ are far less than the keyword ‘buy best quality women bag’. The long tail keywords target people who want to perform a specific action or looking for a specific piece of information like buy something, sell something, how to do this blah blah blah…. Using this concept you can easily drive huge volume of traffic and turn leads into customers.

On page and Off page concept:

These two are technical and major parts of SEO.

There are various on page factors like Headline, शीर्षक, URL, keyword optimization, छवि अनुकूलन. On page concept deals on designing and endorsement inside the page by making some important words bold,Italic, रेखांकन. Writing the Headline precisely with <h1> वा <h2> ट्याग.

Whereas बन्द पृष्ठ concept is based on link building and getting links from a high authority site. भनेर अलग्गै, it includes the concept of Guest blogging, ब्लग टिप्पणी, Local listing, Classified submission etc.


SEO is the concept where arts and science overlaps. Good content writing, सम्पादन, including images, infographics which represent to arts whereas using technical concepts like on page, off page represent science.

Suppose you want to eat mangoes and you plant a mango tree, grow it by taking a lot of care and after 2-3 years It gives you a lot of mangoes. SEO is the concept like this mango tree.

You are putting your effort, time and taking care of your site to grow your rank. After some time, it gives you fruits in terms of a lot of visitors.

As it is a BeginnersGuide to Advance SEO, I have mentioned some important factors for SEO. Read more on The Advanced Guide to SEO.

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एक. Bharadwaj
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एक. Bharadwaj

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एक. Bharadwaj
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