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Blog Tips and Tricks tốt nhất cho người mới bắt đầu

Are you frustrated with your current fatigue job?

Bạn có muốn bắt đầu kinh doanh riêng của bạn, nhưng không biết phải làm gì?

Bạn có muốn kiếm được tiền từ nhà?

Bạn muốn bắt đầu kinh doanh nhưng không có tiền để đầu tư.

Bạn có muốn làm việc theo thời gian của bạn?

Bạn có muốn trở thành ông chủ của chính mình?

Bạn có thể xác tàn tật nhưng muốn kiếm được một tiền tốt bằng cách làm việc ở nhà?

Giải pháp cho các câu hỏi trên chỉ viết blog. Viết blog là cách tốt nhất để bắt đầu sự nghiệp kinh doanh trực tuyến của bạn.

Viết blog là ý tưởng kinh doanh tốt nhất cho những người muốn từ bỏ công việc toàn thời gian của họ và bắt đầu kinh doanh riêng của họ ở nhà.

In this section of best blogging tips and tricks for beginners, Tôi sẽ bao gồm những lời khuyên tốt nhất viết blog và trick cho người mới bắt đầu, which will help you to become a professional blogger.

Blogs are the best communication devices, educational resources which communicate people, connect friends and spread ideas. In the world fastest information generation blogs are the best source of income.

That’s why many people start blogging business and quit their job.

Earlier 90 web technology was not so developed. Later websites, blogs came into existence. Then search engines were created to help people find the information they need.

Books were only resources of information. People used to visit library or go through a lot of books to get a particular information on a particular topic.

To overcome this problem electronics devices like computers, smartphones are created and data was fed through it into the web to generate information.

So the question arises why you will get paid for your blogs? Câu trả lời là đơn giản. You exchange time for your service. That service helps people to get relevant information.

Your Blogs work like an asset like your bank deposit or gold and you will get interest from it. Just like a marketer who helps people to provide them products according to their choice, a blogger helps people to give the right information to right people as an information creator.

You save their time to give a perfect precise information what they need. In this way you reduce their time and you get money.

So the concept is simple i.e time is money. How the search engines are making a huge money?

Because they compress the time period of users by giving them the perfect, instant information what they need. And you are helping the search engines by feeding information.

But the search engines are caring and they don’t take all the money. Users mind is always hungry of information.

They come to the search engine to ask a question or find a solution to their problem. Suppose you want to write a book and want to publish it.

Then you have to first find a particular topic and do a lot of research on it and write on the topic. Then you have to go to a publisher and request them to publish it.

But it is not so easy. They may not approve your book or if they approve it, you will go through the steps like printing, distributing, marketing which needs a lot of effort.

You have to spend a lot of time and money. Then after that what is the guarantee people will read your book?

If you spend a lot of money on branding and marketing it may reach to people all over world. But it is not possible by everyone.

Some authors spend 20 years to write a book and it is ethical. Because they put their real time experience in it.

But blogs are completely different from books. These give the perfect idea to users. They are limited to specific words rather than lengthy passages of books.

And publishing a blog is easy and free. You have to create a website or start free from blogger.com, tumblr.com, wix.com.

If you don’t know html css coding then not a problem, cms or content management system has changed the way. You just need little technical knowledge and easily setup a blog on cms and submit your site to search engine and do SEO.

Different types of blogs:

There are 4 different types of blogs :

News blogs, Authority blogs, Forum blogs, video blogs.

News blogs are also magazine blogs which rely on large traffic. There income source is only advertisement.

For a single person it is quite impossible to setup a news blog as it relies on large volume of contents and large volume of traffic. You have to build a team to run a news blog.

These blogs are very popular like yahoo, msn, Rediff. Here you need to update and write fresh contents based on latest news, fashion, các môn thể thao, trending topic.

Authority blogs can be manageable by a single person. But initially you have to take help of experts or outsource some work.

Here you don’t need to update large volume of content daily. You can write single quality content per week and publish to get full time income.

In this type of blog you show you expertise in a field or any topic. You can write miscellaneous topics apart from your core field but a niche works better.

Forum blogs are like question answer blogs. Here you solve people’s problem by answering their queries. The best examples are Quora, mouthshut.

Video blogs: The next generation is about video blogging. There are different platforms like youtube, vimeo, vine where you can create your channel. Video blogs are best source of income as it require less technical knowledge and time.

Niche or topic of your blog:

Now the next question arises which topic should you publish? Before proceeding take a look around these following questions?

  • Which topic inspires you?
  • Which subject fascinates you the most and think most of the time?
  • What do you love to do without getting a penny?
  • What makes you passionate?
  • Which subject you can teach people?
  • Which experience of your life you want to share?
  • Which problem of people you can solve?
  • In what field Do you have experience?

Are you passionate about reading and exploring something new?

Take pen and paper write down all the answer and broadly describe the topic without taking help of internet. Review your hobbies, qualification you have gained and write down.

See I am writing only on technology, tiếp thị internet, entrepreneurship and small business. As am working more and more I am getting more knowledge day by day. You have to take a topic.

No doubt for technology you have to take the help of internet. You have to do a lot of research online by surfing lot of websites and youtube videos.

Apart from that read a lot of magazines, kindle books and improve your knowledge be peeping out from the world wide web.

        First become a good reader then be a good writer.

For authority blogs niche topic is essential as it builds readers trust. Many bloggers do mistake in the beginning by writing on several topics which they are ignorant, just by following other blogs.

If you haven’t ever ridden a horse then how can you explain horse riding?

A jack of all trade is a master of none.

Even from search engine point of view blogs should be on a particular topic to elevate the ranking of your website.

If you focus on a particular topic, you will get an imperative and profound idea on the topic and it will be broader as you gain knowledge on it day by day due to research and analysis.

You will come across various topics after a good research and analysis. But the first row in the class is acquired by Food, fashion apparel, du lịch, love dating, mối quan hệ, Sức khỏe, entertainment and technology.

Technology is the favourite of most of the blogger due to growth and development in mobile, internet and computer.

How to write:

Creating a good blog post is really time taking and requires a lot of efforts. From my experience I am giving you some writing tips:

While writing always think your readers are sitting before you and you are teaching them on a subject.

That’s why write in First person that is use of ‘I’ and ‘you’ should be maximum.

Always write plain sentence with simple vocabularies. Because if you are using complex sentences and difficult words to show off your English skill then readers will move away.

As I have mentioned writing a book and blog is hell and heaven difference. Users navigate to different blogs if they don’t find their relevant topic or if they don’t understand properly.

Always keep in mind that you are writing for your readers not for search engine.

Use good headlines. As headlines create the first impression of your blogs. Stylize the blog with bold, nghiêng, nhấn mạnh.

Focus on the subject you are writing. Don’t write instantly the total post. Give some time to do research and then write.

Always do a good planning before writing. Outline the blog with different subheadlines and then give a summary.

Write post with good stories and case studies. Never write boring things.

Tóm lược:

Blogging industry is growing day by day. According to Hubspot report Companies who blog are 70% more success than companies who don’t blog.

To become a good blogger you need a lot of patience and determination. As failure is more in this field than success.

Share this best blogging tips and tricks for beginners and let the world to be known. Drop your comments and suggestions below.

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