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Make Your breath the Music of Life The garland of life is woven with the thread of breath. If life is a veena (musical instrument), its cords are formed by breaths. The musical notes of this veena (生活) ascend and descend with the ups and downs of breathing. If there is breath, there is life. If there is no breath, all expressions of life cease. The rhythms of breathing provide the smile to every moment of life. When there are obstruction and disturbance in this rhythmic flow, everything starts fading. Nothing then remains normal. Body and mind both get harmonized through the lyric of breath. The flow of breath powers every bodily process. Without breath, one can neither imagine the existence of body one can neither imagine the existence of body nor its beauty and glamour. It is breath which chisels the physical beauty otherwise, there would not be any […]

活在當下,並塑造未來: 你現在決定你的未來

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活在當下,並塑造未來: A prolific Brazilian writer, Paulo Coelho, 說- “In magic – and in life – there is only the present moment, the now. You can’t measure time the way you measure the distance between two points. ‘Time’ doesn’t pass. We human beings have enormous difficulty in focusing on the present; we’re always thinking about what we did, about how we could have done it better, about the consequences or our actions, and about why we didn’t act as we should have. Or else we think about the future, about what we’re going to do tomorrow, what precautions we should take, what dangers await us around the next corner, how to avoid what we don’t want and how to get what we have always dreamed of.” True! Our mind seldom stays in the present. Usually, it keeps wandering either in the past or in […]

使它成為一個習慣,微笑 - 一個微笑可以改變別人的生活

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使它成為一個習慣,微笑: ‘The body is powerful for communication. Our appearances and actions often say more about our feelings than our words. Even the smallest gesture – such as a head-tilt or a smile – can reveal a lot.’ – says Dr. Dacher Keltner, a professor and founding faculty director of the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley. Many research studies have been conducted on emotions that are expressed through the face. Smile is a facial expression indicating pleasure, favor, or amusement. A smiling face has the power to attract others. It also fills oneself with a pleasant feeling that rejuvenates both body and mind. A smile is like a facial exercise that gives a healthy glow to your face. A person, who can smile his way through his troubles and challenges in life, is unstoppable. He will surmount all his problems and […]


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如何實現人生真正的成功: What is the path to success in life? What does success mean? What we consider success and the measurement criteria for success.. 😉 are they the only basis of success, or can failure be even more meaningful than success in life? There could be a deeper meaning of success and failure beyond worldly norms; in the true sense, sometimes a success is inferior to a failure, and sometimes the worst failures can be grander than any success. The basis for success and failure are rooted in high ideals and noble goals. The one, who lives with high ideals all his life and fails numerous times, will still be considered successful, but the one who compromised his ideas to become successful, will still be deemed unsuccessful. The biggest success in life lies in identifying your strengths and accordingly performing superior actions. The true measure […]


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Powerful formula to cure stress by self-entertainment Nature has endowed each one of us with natural tendencies of entertainment to cope up with all stresses of life. But we remain unaware of this oasis because of our extrovert attitude, and our superficial understanding of our own selves. This ‘Powerful formula to cure stress by self-entertainment’ can help you to completely cure your stress naturally. A little thought on the purpose, genesis, nature and the ‘process’ of experiencing entertainment, will make it clear that there are no specific criteria to define or measure entertainment. Neither are there any devices or means, which will certainly provide a particular kind of entertainment. The purpose could be served by alternate means even if one is in a specific mood to get a particular type of entertainment. (For example if one is in a mood to watch a specific movie but no tickets are available […]

最佳 5 搜索引擎優化策略的排名你的網站上快於谷歌 2018

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Top SEO strategies to rank your website faster on Google Everyone loves their website to get the top position in SERP. 但是,這是不可能每個博客對頂部位置排名. 你正在編寫一個質量好的職位, 做好關鍵字的研究, 獲得良好的內部鏈接,但仍然在努力的頂部位置排名. 因此,常見的問題盤旋在大多數營銷的頭腦: 如何更快地排名的搜索引擎的第一頁? 因此,這是結束了. 我要去討論的熱門搜索引擎優化策略,排名您的網站在谷歌更快. 是, 你聽說過是絕對正確的. 我是認真的. 的確,如果關鍵字競爭是高還是搜索量較高的話,就很難讓你的網站上的領先地位,並在某些情況下完全不可能. 因為, some sites […]


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內容寫作技巧入門: “O’ my gosh! Content writing… zzz zzz…..’ Its takes a lot of time. Better I would hire a freelancer to get written.” - This is one of my clients’ statement on content writing. You may be a professional designer or internet marketer but when it comes content writing, you may raise the white flag. And it is true that writing great contents take a lot of time. To create a 2000- 3000 words quality content, writers spend several hours on the chair. And that’s why I have decided to put all my experience to prepare this post content writing tips for beginners, which gives you the guidance to write a good content. Without content, the internet would be worthless. There are billions of contents stacked in the world wide web, but few of these can attract visitors and gain admiration. 讀: Blogging Tips and tricks. Inbound […]


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Words of Inspiration going through tough time to stay strong Everyone goes through a hard time in their life. Getting success in the professional field is not so easy. If you see the struggling actors, athletes, professionals they are all going through tough time and struggling hard to stand on the front of the queue. And those who are successful have passed through a hard time and may go through it again in future. But the “經過艱難的時間去啟示詞強留” can give you a relief like a bottle of cold drink in a hard heating summer.   Cultivate Good thoughts: A man’s thoughts actually represent his character. Outwardly a person may discourse on the highest knowledge, the best form of devotion or the purest type of dispassion; but so long as his internal thoughts do not actually correspond with those ideas, he really possesses neither […]

最充滿激情的演講,讓學生 | 學生的學習動機way2inspiration.com

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Best Motivational Speech For Students Every day I do my work with great enthusiasm. 但有時我覺得我的能量水平下降而變得沮喪. 😥 I can’t concentrate on my work and feel demotivated. 它沒有發生在你身上或者只有我, 大多數人都通過這種情況發生. 在這個年齡段, 我們正在參加一場比賽, 比賽中為快錢, 工作快 . 我們不知道什麼是終點. 剛才我們不惜任何代價,並無論如何競爭他人. 這是每個人的主要動力. 我們成為與壓力相關, 健康問題因通宵工作壓力, unfulfilled targets etc.   這種無奈滲透,如果你沒有得到你的工作或生病由於成功, 過度工作 . So I am gonna mention the best motivational speech for students to come out of this frustration and stay motivated. 😀 It […]

完美的體重減輕飲食計劃- 快速減肥(包括飲食圖表

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The Perfect Weight Lose Diet Plan to lose weight Fast Hmm.. . 所以… You have tried all types of Diet plan to loose weight fast. But nothing happened. Am I right ? Now am gonna share you the perfect weight lose diet plan to lose weight fast. Whether you are vegetarian, non vegetarian, Businessman, professional, athlete or student it will work as a perfect guide for your weight lose diet. It is modified from the text of YSS fellowship program. The kind of food you eat has a great effect on the development of a good or a bad disposition. It is not easy to have a good disposition if you are ill, and you are made ill mostly by eating the wrong food; so study carefully the subject of food as related to your particular needs. The body requires certain elements for its sustenance, but a good many people […]