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If you are searching or have searched a lot of information regarding blogging and still not getting a good conclusion what is blogging then this guide is gonna help you. This is not a complete guide but you can click the links inside the content to navigate to complete detail on blogging.

The blog is derived from web+log. When any data is fed into the internet it becomes information. You may say it as an online diary or journal which gives you information.

You can say Blogging as a method of teaching where you share your experience to the world as a teacher. The career in blogging is accelerating for last 4 years due to many advancements in internet technology and mobile.

Companies have to setup a good blogging platform to sell their products. Starting a blog is very easy and quick to setup. There are many free software tools, where you can feed your data and click submit button to share your knowledge with the entire world. If you have dilemma-

I don’t know programming

My English is poor.

There are millions of blogging sites

I am doing day job

I am not a writer….. bla.. bla.. blah

Uuff. .. This dilemma comes as a newbie. Once you determine to start your blogging journey you can start easily.

Thousands mile starts with a single step.

If you don’t know programming or not good at English, then it can’t become a hurdle on your way to start blogging. Blogging doesn’t require any programming skill.

Kyllä, English knowledge is indispensable. There are many software tools, where you can start your blogging and these rectify your grammatical errors.

If you say there are millions of blogs in web yes it is correct. But there are also millions of malls, shops and stores also. Everyone is doing business and everyone is getting money.

If you can’t create a unique idea copy others idea new idea will be automatically generated. Just you have to gain knowledge and experience in this field.

Miten aloittaa blogin: Blogging opas aloittelijoille

Starting is difficult .. I agree! You can’t expect from it for next 1-2 vuotta. You can’t take holidays and you may have to work 8-12 hrs a day whole week.

I had the same problem a new dude who had poor English knowledge, poor internet skill and habit of sticking to the television set and video games. But Gradually I put up the habit of reading at least 5-6 hrs a day and sitting in front of the computer to google the information. Starting is everything difficult.

Why should you be a blogger?

Before I explain thoroughly about blogging I am gonna discuss the reason behind blogging.

  • Blogging can make you famous easily worldwide and give you name, kuuluisuus, money, and status as a celebrity.
  • It is the quickest way to communicate and spread information around the world.
  • It makes you a good author and consultant.
  • It can give you passive income which you can generate while sleeping and can earn while enjoying vacation also.
  • It makes you a great reader.

…..wow ! so many benefits ! But wait…. The true fact is 3 out of 4 bloggers fail and some even quit in 2 että 3 kuukaudet. Miksi?

They want to earn money immediately. If you want instant money, bloggaaminen ei ole sinua. Ensimmäinen, keep money one side and make up your mind to help people without getting in return anything.

Then money will follow you. If you want instant money go and take a day job.

Platforms to setup a blog:

There are many free platforms where you can start your blog. Some of these are blogger.com or blogspot.com, wordpress.com. But the drawbacks of these sites are, their features are short limit.

Your domain may look like abc.blogger.com, xyz.wordpress.com. They may delete your blog in future. If you are serious to make blogging a full-time career then I will suggest starting with a self-hosted blogi.

For self-hosting, you have to pay money. Pick a domain and hosting plan. Choose a domain according to your choice and take the hosting plan.

There are many companies where you can purchase domain and hosting. The top in the market are Godaddy, Bluehost, hostgator, Namecheap, Dreamhost. Godaddy is the biggest name in domain selling while HostGator is the leading hosting provider.

After purchasing the domain and hosting you can install WordPress after logging into Cpanel. You can easily start a website with monthly $5.

The Benefit of WordPress is that you don’t need to know coding like Html, CSS, JavaScript. You just need to know the management of content. It is equipped with good plugin features and themes, which will be comfortable for bloggers.

Research Read and write:

If you wanna Become a good blogger be a voracious reader. Find your niche topic which you want to teach people or choose the topic in which you have a good experience.

Read a lot of books, magazines, pdf books, blogs just read ja lukea. But only reading doesn’t work. Make your mind sharp to memorize and get by heart.

If you are thinking of copying others content you will be out of the game before entry. Write your own creative content.

You can do a short-term course on content writing to get basic skill in content writing and curating. Then make a note on plain paper or Microsoft word.

It will be difficult first as there are a lot of challenges and confusion you get after reading a lot of posts. Write slowly day by day.

Kirjoittaa 200-300 words the first day then increase words day by day. Within 2 -3 months you will become an expert, no doubt.

The biggest benefit of ms word is you can check spelling and grammar error here. But all errors can’t be checked.

So use some online tools like Grammarly to make it error free. You can Integrate Grammarly in your chrome browser or ms word also.

Follow the experts:

This is one of the major parts before starting blogging career. There are a number of industry experts in this field. You have to follow them and take their tips and advice.

Read the blogs of Darren Rowse tai Neil Patel of quick sprout. Or you can follow Yaro stark, Stefan. They have shared their experience of their journey in their blogs. Millions of people are following them to get the tips and tricks.

Following the experts saves your lot of time as they share their experience. You can get their tips and advice to

Build strategy to get traffic:

Viewers will not find your blog unless you do hard work to get traffic. First thing as I discussed, give valuable information.

Think like a shop owner who wants to get customers who should visit again and again to his shop. But why customers will revisit?

If the products are good, If the behavior of the shop owner is good, if he is user-friendly, If others recommend, If the shop is eye catchy with nicely decorated….. so many factors there might be.

The strategy should not only be getting new customers but also getting returning customers. If the products of the shop olemme good then the customers recommend other people to buy that product from that shop and customers become promoters.

Just like that happens in the world of blogging. Think yourself like a shopkeeper who wants to serve the best products to the customers. He may sell his own product or others that’s not a matter.

That’s what the major factor you have to analyze. Research what people want in your niche topic. Analyze the competitors and write great blogs nobody has created ever.

Then you can do SEO, paid marketing, sosiaalisen median markkinointi to get visitors.


Promotion of blog is important to reach your readers. Without blog edistäminen, no one will come to your blog.

Promoting and writing good blog both are two sides of the coin. Always try to write the blogs which can give a good value to readers and make them come to your blog again and again.

As it is the Blogging Guide For Beginners, I have given a brief overview on blogging. You can learn more in the following post.

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