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Blogging tutorial for beginners:  earn money from blogging by 11 ways


Money from your blog ! sounds creepy. Your blog is gonna be a money machine if you follow the following methods step by step. It works like your fixed deposit in the bank which gives you the interest.

Before monetizing your blog I will recommend you to focus on increasing traffic by giving free offers and valuable information. Most bloggers fail to make money because they directly go to sales. Making money from a blog takes time and patience. If you don’t have experience then most of your strategies may fail.

Everyone has the motive to make money from their blog. But it doesn’t happen immediately. If you have a good fund then you can invest in paid marketing and promote products on the side bar. But as a beginner, I will recommend you to go slowly. Learn the process day by day, try to promote your blog by using free strategies like SEO, SMO, email marketing and then increase the traffic.
If you have a huge source to invest then you can invest in promotion and you will get immediate sales.

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Google Adsense partner program:

Adsense is the biggest online advertising network. Different companies pay Adsense to display their ads on different websites. After registering Adsense you will get banner ads and display ads on your website and get paid on CPM and CPC basis. Adsense is the slow process of making money unless you have a high traffic website.

Direct ads and sponsorship programs:

You can give ad space on your blog or website so that others can promote their products on your site. This is one of the best methods of earning money and you will get paid for your ad space. If your blog is based on different topics like technology, food, fashion then you will definitely get ads related to your niche. But first, you need to grow a good number of visitors. You can earn more by this method comparing to AdSense program. Many youtube video bloggers earn money by direct sponsorship programs.

Sell your own products:

You can create and sell your own products related to arts, T-shirts, caps, house decorating, e-books. You can create an e-commerce store on your website and promote your products using attractive images and discount price. Most developers create WordPress themes, plugins, software and sell online.


This is a good idea to make money from your blog. Blogs based on spirituality, NGOs, yoga they apply a donation button on their site. Wikipedia is a site which completely runs on donation. If you are starting a blog and have less number of visitors then it works better. You can create crowdfunding sites and depict a good vision of philanthropy work, entrepreneurship program and collect funds from your readers.

Publish and sell your own E-book:

You can Publish your own E-book and promote it through your blog. You can publish it on Kindle and promote it through your blog. Once readers trust your bog, sales will definitely increase. I won’t say that you only depend on E-book for your income source. But it can add potato to your meat.

Affiliate Program:

This is the favorite of most bloggers and online entrepreneurs. You don’t need to do anything, you don’t need to buy and sell or don’t need to provide any customer service to get a headache. You just need to promote an established product. You can promote amazon products, web hosting plans, software products etc. relevant to your niche.


This is another famous strategy to make money from your blog. If you are an expert in a field like English, physics, Electronics, SEO, engineering or management then dedicate your blog to the niche and start coaching. You can provide live classes as well as the video course. It is one type of live blogging. There are many bloggers and online entrepreneurs like Ramit Sethi, Robin Sharma conduct coaching programs.


The consulting program is different from coaching. In the case of coaching you have to take regular classes but in the case of consulting you don’t need to do that. You can provide consultation related to your expertise in your field like medicine, business, real estate property. You can charge per hour basis. Online consultation can grow your business all over the world without restricting to a specific geographic location.


If you are a content writer, graphics designer, SEO expert, web designer or a developer then freelancing is the great source of income. Many people quit their day job and start their own freelancing business. You can make your blog related to your expertise and do SEO to target people on the location basis. Freelancing can be done in two ways, i.e globally and locally. For global freelancing, you have to optimize your site by doing international SEO strategies.

Website Flipping:

Have you made a website and wanna sell it? No problem. First, you have to optimize your website with good contents and once it starts making money , then you can sale. You can monetize your site with Adsense or affiliate programs. The more traffic the higher will be the chances of selling. You can sell it on various sites like,,

Video Blog:

Video Blogs or Vlogs are the good sources for earning money. By Vlogs you can show your skills and experience to the world. The demands of vlogs are increasing day by day and will be in the highest demand in the mid of the 20th century. So when it comes video blogs then the name of youtube comes. You can become a full-time YouTuber or video blogger to earn a full-time income.

Final words:

Always stick to your blog until it has not become an income machine. Work hard with self-determination. Don’t quit even if you are not making money initially. Competition is growing tough day by day, but if you can create valuable information then one day you will definitely succeed in this type of business.

Don’t go for money first.

Create valuable information for readers which they need.

Create quality contents including

Increase visitors.

Promote your blog.

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