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Indhold Skrivning Tips til begyndere:

“O’ my gosh! Content writing… zzz zzz…..’ Its takes a lot of time. Better I would hire a freelancer to get written.”

- This is one of my clients’ statement on content writing. You may be a professional designer or internet marketer but when it comes content writing, you may raise the white flag.

And it is true that writing great contents take a lot of time. To create a 2000- 3000 words quality content, writers spend several hours on the chair.

And that’s why I have decided to put all my experience to prepare this post content writing tips for beginners, which gives you the guidance to write a good content.

Without content, the internet would be worthless. There are billions of contents stacked in the world wide web, but few of these can attract visitors and gain admiration.


Blogging Tips and tricks.

Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Content may be in different forms like, text, audio, video, infographics, image etc but the contents which entertain, solve problems or educate people to grow popularity. Take the example of movie songs, movies, dance videos which grow popularity faster than other types of content.

Good quality content is based on effective copywriting techniques. If the writer is a newbie the condition becomes worse.

He doesn’t know how to start, what to write and most of his time is spent on research only. Distractions and lack of motivation lead to procrastination creating great hurdles in writing.

Another great problem is, writers write haphazardly, without proper planning and research. This increases the time period of creation of the content.

Even though they start writing, they can’t visualize the end point of the result. If you start writing undoubtedly ideas will permeate into your mind and the more you write the more you get the speed.

That’s why my First tip is Believe and start writing:

What ever you know, whatever you read , write. Without any hesitation, without thinking of the end result write, write and write. Believe that you are a writer and one day the world will admire your work. It’s not too late to start. Start writing and see what happens. You become a euphoria for writing. When you start writing your belief system becomes stronger day by day.

Take pen and paper, write down:

‘I am a writer’

‘I am a writer’



This impression consolidates your belief system and your mind starts believing that ‘ya really I am a writer’. This belief system forces you to be habituated of writing. You can’t spend a single day without writing.

Don’t do it for money. Just love writing.

-Jeiff goins.

When you start writing consistently, it becomes your passion. If you look back to the career of successful artists, iværksættere, authors, they are successful, because they have followed the passion in the past. They have never thought of money in the beginning, instead of helping people.

Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game. – Donald Trump.

From Inbound marketing Point using content, you can attract prospects, engage them and convert them into leads. As content solves users’ problems and makes them taking decision, the conversion rate increases.

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Content Idea Generation:

There are different types of contents related to different subjects based on software, forretning, uddannelse, football, mad. But particularly I segment them into two categories: Technical and Non-Technical.

The technical group includes the computer, the internet, software tools, hardware, IT and scientific content also. The nontechnical group includes on management, sundhed, relationship, travel, sex, spirituality etc.

Writers are divided according to these two categories. Take the case study of Nontechnical writers, Robin Sharma is one of the famous writers in life skill management.

If I request him to write on ’10 best SEO tools’ , he is gonna say ‘why are you kidding?’ Instead, if I assign this work to Harsh Agarwal, he will easily finish the job.

Contents may be different but writers’ minds are same. They can visualize, what they are gonna produce to the world which can help the readers and make their life easier and happier.

For a technical writer, he has to be updated with regular changing technology. Take the example of smartphone which is evolving day by day. And the technical writers have to stay updated by following technical journals and latest changing technology.

If you are a blogger and a serious writer about gadgets, then what you are writing today may be outdated after 1 eller 2 år. But in the case of nontechnical writers the case is different.

If you are writing on spirituality, yoga, meditation this will exist forever. It is not gonna change. This is one of the major benefits for nontechnical writers.

Basically, the professional web content writers write both technical and nontechnical contents. But if you are serious about making your content spread like wildfire and make a living from it, then stick to a single category. It may be health, penge, relationship, astrologi, food etc. As you start writing on a single niche, then you can build the authority. In this way you get mastery over your topic.

Another group is of fictitious story writers, who write content for movies, children stories, science fiction novels. J. K Rowling is one of my favorites. Each part of her Harry Potter series crossed more than 50 million sales.

Their contents are great to generate curiosity among readers and gain a lot of readers. For generating an idea, you may surf the internet and get a lot of ideas. But only browsing will not work.

A writer never has a vacation. A writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing. -Eugene Ionesco

A good research is necessary. Instead of navigating from one website to other read it thoroughly and write down the excerpt. The more time you spend on research, the more time you can save for writing.

Online forums are very good places to start. You can see what users are discussing about their problems. Quora og Reddit are my top choice. Here you just type a topic and see a no. of discussions.

You can get contents in different forms like blogs, infographics, billeder, videos, podcasts, slideshows. You can extract the ideas from this type of contents to write.

You can watch a youtube video on a topic and write down the gist or listen to a podcast and create an awesome piece of content. Don’t copy what are they saying. Just listen and make an improvement to their topic by your own style.

Because you are following these for getting idea only not for copying. Attend workshop programs, seminars, webinars to boost your knowledge.

You can’t get all the ideas from the internet. Go outside and look around you what’s happening outside.

  • What are the problems people facing?
  • What types of solution you can do?
  • Before you write think yourself as a reader’s point of view.
  • What type of information do they want?
  • What types of problems people face?

Apart from them newspapers, magazines, tv channels are great sources for content idea generation. Thousands of thoughts enter into the human brain in a day. Always Carry a pen and paper with you, Whenever any idea strikes to your mind write it down.

From the above graph you can conclude that both content writing and marketing are taking hike.

I get the idea while walking or jogging in the morning. Morning time your mind is fresh and new ideas are generated this time. So wake up early around 4-5 a.m and see how life will change. The famous writers like Michael Hyatt eller Seth Godin start writing in the early morning and then they do the rest of their work.

Writing needs calm and peaceful mind. That’s why choose the right place, with less noise, lack of distraction. As a beginner you should start writing with pen and paper, then write using a type writer. Then move to laptop or computer.

But if you don’t know type writing, it may be a problem initially. Learn typewriting by installing some software like typing master. When you develop the frequency, you love to do it again and again. But most writers start typing on typewriters.

Writing Plan:

Planning is important for any type of work. If you are going to take a vacation then you start planning at least before a month by surfing on the internet where to stay, how to board, which flight to take etc.

Take the example of business setup, which requires a lot of planning. In engineering work, software development, building construction or making a movie, planning is the entity which gives success.

If you see a good movie and say wow! How they have made! It is the result of their good planning and effort.

Some movies take more than 2 years to make. During this time it makes curiosity among viewers and when it is released a huge block of visitors flock to the show on the first day of release and it becomes a big hit.

It is not the time brings the success it is the planning that gives the success. It may not be in each case but most of the cases succeed.

Some movies fail not because of their good planning or effort but for the bad content or story of the film. If the story bores the audience they get frustrated and don’t promote among their friends or give the good reviews.

You don’t write because you want to say something. You write because you want something to say. -F. Scott Fitzegrald.

It might be a two- three hours movie but the making might have taken more than 1 år. If it is a sci-fi action movie the condition is critical.

They need a lot of effort in editing, VFX, animation, action. Day and night they do planning how to prepare the story, choreography, editing etc.

The Same concept should be applied to create a good content also. Before writing, create a good plan. You can take a plan book or use your mobile calendar to write a monthly planner.

You can use different android apps like Google calender or Planner pro to create a plan also. You can also use WordPress Calendar Plugin.

Write clearly on which date you are going to do which task. Better you write in your plan book. As per my experience writing gives the good result than using apps or excel sheet.

As you write yourself with pen and paper, your determination boosts and you vow to write anyhow, at any cost. Outline your post before writing by segmenting the total post into different subsections.

It saves your lot of time and you can easily write fast. As you segment into subsections you become clear about your end goal and your research time decreases.

If you execute a good content it will spread like a wildfire among readers. The readers will become the promoters of your content.

Rules of writing:

Take the example of news articles on different newspapers. The news is the same but their articles are different with their own unique expression.

Or in the case of the actors like Hug Jack man or Brad Pitt, All do action, romance, fighting but their styles are different. They grab a lot of fans and followers due to their unique style of expression.

You can’t compare Arnold with Tom Hanks. All of them have a unique identity. Same thing happens in content creation.

If you are creating content take the same concept but express with your own unique idea and style then your content will grow followers. Always include personal stories and case studies.

It gives a great impact on readers’ psychology. You can mention the examples and case studies of others which will be easier to readers to grasp the total idea of your content.

In technical contents case studies are indispensable.

When you are writing think the readers are sitting in front of you and you are teaching them lessons relevant to your niche.

That’s why it is better to express in the first person i.e I and You.

Don’t write the total content at once. Give some gap as a new idea may enter into your mind.

Always write in simple English so that a 8 years old lad can also understand.

Always try to prepare a content which can engage the readers. Most of the contents are read from the top section and at the end the readers’ enthusiasm sucks. So consistency should be maintained.

Start with a great headline. The headline is the door to your content. Readers become curious to read the whole content from the headline.

If your content doesn’t evoke sensation among the readers, doesn’t bring emotion or fun then it is not a good piece of content.


Content writing is integrated part of web marketing. If you are a newbie you may get procrastination but as you proceed day by day you will learn.

For beginners in content writing, I recommend you to start curating others’ content. Content curating can help you to gain knowledge initially. In this way you know the famous writers and adopt their writing style.

Content writing is really an art rather than science. If you wanna get a degree in commerce or science you join the university, but for content writing? If you get a degree in content writing from any organization, then can it help you in real time work?

Writing is a continuous process which you get mastery slowly. If you go fast then you may lose.

In the era of the information world, technology Is changing with a blink of the eye. So learning and staying updated can help you to establish in this field.

In this post of ‘content writing tips for beginners, I have mentioned the tips for beginners from experience. Share it to grow the knowledge.

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