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SEO Consultant India 

We are one of the best leading Digital Marketing and SEO consultant India and service provider. Information will change the next century. Then in the world of fastest changing technology if you wanna sustain then how can you neglect the internet.

To setup a business offline is also challenging today. Competition is high. The advance in fast Internet technology gives you the best chance to grow small and medium businesses.

It has only become possible due to search engine yahoo, bing, google. The credit also goes to the local listing sites, classified sites social media. But people most prefer google.

As a digital marketing agency, we help businesses to optimize on search engine by SEO, SMM. We develop websites on cms (WordPress, drupal, Magento) and help various companies, e-commerce, enterprises.

We especially focus on mobile marketing and video marketing. As mobile users are growing rapidly. We provide you the best setup for your online business and maintenance and help you to develop your business by providing a clear plan and goal setting.

We will assist you up to you grow your online business by providing the best consultancy until your business takes a good pick up.

Our services:
Website design and development:
We design and develop websites on cms. We provide domain and hosting. CMS is a platform which is user-friendly. So once we guide you, you can make endorsement later.

Our service includes:

  • The high-speed domain and hosting service for your website and support assistance up to 1 year.
  • We design the logo, banner, 2d animation for the website.
  • Planning and conceptualisation of website.
  • Design the pages according to categories.
  • Themes installation.
  • Plugins setup.
  • Payment gateway setup.
  • Backend security support from hacking.

Our 24 hrs customer service will provide you technical support regarding your website.


Seo is the queen of the search engine. But day by day it is becoming complex. We are expert in fighting and recovering the algorithms like the panda, penguin, humming bird.

We assist you to categorize your business and do an analysis of competition, keyword research.

Our SEO service includes:

Business analysis and categorization: For every business we have to categorize according to its products or services.

Then we have to make keywords according to the categories. We have to make a plan and make a detailed analysis of your products and services and then make an effective SEO strategy. We need to analyze:

1. Your products services.
2. The geographic location you want to target.
3. Types of customers you target.
4. Problems you face in your service.

Keywords research:

Keyword research is the next step after categorization of your business. It is the market research for SEO and we can easily analyze which keywords acquire high volume or low volume users queries.

We use Google keyword planner tool and buzz sumo tool to do keyword research. We have to analyze low competitive keywords and high competitive keywords. Then we have to choose the final keywords.

Competition analysis:

Competition analysis is a crucial factor for ranking your website. Without competition analysis, we can’t compete with the top rankers in the search engine. We use tools to analyze the backlinks of your competitors’ sites so that we can beat them.

On-page optimization with title, URL, meta tags optimization, content optimization, image optimization, website submission in google webmaster tool, sitemaps generation, URL redirection, canonical links

Off page optimization:

After finishing all the above tasks it is time to do off page optimization which includes:
link building methods, directory submissions, social bookmarking, classified submission, guest blogging, press release.

To increase your rank your site needs well-authorized links from high PR sites with do follow and no follow also. Link building plays a crucial role in ranking of your website. We build the one-way authentic link to enhance traffic and popularity of your website. We grow link popularity by creating reciprocal and nonreciprocal links to generate quality and quantity traffic.

Google has made SEO tougher. Fighting algorithm is really tough today. If your website rank drops then there must be an algorithm hit behind it. We support the best solution to fight algorithms like the panda, penguin, humming bird to rescue your website from downfall.

Benefits of working with us:

1. We assist up to 10-15 keywords (1-year contract)
2. We use white hat technique and discourage black hat. We know white hat is mandatory for a long term business.
3. Best site analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis. Performance analysis.
4. 8 hrs monthly consulting service regarding SEO.
5. Creating good quality and quantity content with plagiarism

Online advertisement and PPC service:

Online advertisement caters the instant profit to your business by opening a path to the worldwide platform to your business. Seo is a time taking process but PPC is an instant process. Just you have to invest some bucks.

But it is very cheap than the traditional advertisement. Companies are gradually understanding the power of online advertisement and they are moving to an online advertisement instead of expending a huge amount on the traditional advertisement. Google AdWords is a powerful tool to convert your business to a brand.

Online advertisement includes:
1. Google AdWords: search engine ads, display ads, video (youtube ads), mobile ads, e-commerce ads
2. Facebook ads
3. Twitter ads

Above all google, Adwords is the most preferable and successful tool which is used most worldwide. The benefits of online advertisement are:

1. You can easily target any geographic location anywhere you are located.
2. Cheaper than Traditional ads(Tv, Newspaper)
3. Higher Return Over Investment (ROI)
4. Target a specific group of audience according to their demography, interest, gender, age, profession.
5. Remarketing to target the audience who have visited your site.

Social Media Marketing:

If you are not on social media you are unsocial. Social media play the major role to attract a lot of customers. We assist you to grow your business on social media by growing your page likes, fans. We particularly focus on facebook, twitter, Instagram and youtube. We create various marketing strategies to design post for your social media channel.

1. We create post after doing a lot of research.
2. WE do content creation and curation.
3. We can target customers according to their demography, age, interest, passion, and lifestyle.
4. Setup the facebook business page and boost the page
5. Increase facebook page like.
6. Create facebook apps and do marketing
7. Paid marketing on facebook to boost your business page and posts.
8. Twitter page setup and marketing tweets by using # tags.
9. Creating youtube channel for your business.
10. Create video marketing strategy and planning.
11. Create animated and funny videos with a good intro.
12. Youtube video optimization by tagging and paid marketing in AdWords.

Videos are the future hence video marketing is indispensable. Videos are easily digestible and understandable. Most of the businesses success rely on video marketing now-a-days.

Our primary focus is on youtube marketing. If your business is based on fashion apparels or food industry then Pinterest should be the first choice. No doubt facebook is the top choice for digital marketers but still we have to rely on other social media sites.

Email Marketing:
Email Marketing is the top choice for customer relation. Many e-commerce companies sole sell their products by email marketing. Our email marketing service includes:

a. Creating strategy for email marketing.
b. Creating and designing newsletter.
c. Creating campaign
d. Designing templates
e. Integration of subscription forms on the website.
f. Using automation tool for email marketing.

Content writing:

Content is the main theme of a website. Without good content, a website is like a life without a girlfriend. Good and user engaging content is trending in the current era of information technology. We have a team of good content writers who can prepare a good planning of your website content and write. Good content can attract a good volume of customers and more customers lead to more conversions.

For any query or service related to SEO, Digital Marketing Contact SEO consultant India now.