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प्रभावकारी डिजिटल मार्केटिङ आफ्नो वेबसाइट यातायात बढाउने रणनीति

So you are an internet marketer or wanna be an internet marketer? Huuggh… seems good.

The Internet or digital marketing is growing rapidly and has become essential in this digital era and that’s why I have written this post on प्रभावकारी डिजिटल मार्केटिङ आफ्नो वेबसाइट यातायात बढाउने रणनीति, to help digital marketing enthusiasts and learners to make their path a cake walk.

Before a decade it was not so popular as internet technology was not well developed and users were limited. I remember In 1998 when I joined my first computer class in my school it has taken me half an hour to download an image.

पहिलो, I learned the fundamental of computer and ms dos. Internet speed was slow that time and computer literacy was under the line.

But as the year passed technology developed and in this era internet is in everyone’s hand. हो, in the form of smartphone, tablet, iphone all get access to the internet. So the market has already been opened.

Everyone wants to do business online, may be an e-commerce store or online teaching.
The Internet has become the best platform to meet customer needs as people search for their needs online.

Just like a physical store you design a website, mention your products and service, post useful contents and run some paid campaign or do SEO. Then let the magic happen, visitors will flock to your site. But wait…

If it were so easy everyone would do this. The true fact is 4 out of 5 internet business fail. किन? Might be Not marketing properly or not working according to a proper plan under the right guidance.

Even people give all free information, still, they struggle to make a full time earning from the internet. The Same situation is in blogging industry also. I agree that beginning your internet marketing journey may not be a cake walk, but under the proper guidance of experts, it may be easier.

The universal truth is, when you start to work in any field or business you will fail. When you start riding a bicycle you may fall several times. Then you get up and ride again.

If you take the example of a person who has more than 10 years experience in any field, you will find that he has come to this position by doing a lot of mistakes and learning from the mistakes.

You have to learn from failure to become an expert in any field. From my experience, I am gonna say that internet marketing field is a field of creativity and continuous learning.


SEO Guide For Beginners.

शुरुआती लागि गाइड Blogging.

Everyone is a blogger, youtube marketer, internet entrepreneur, but what are you gonna do a new thing or creativity? Everyone is working on SEO, ब्लगिंग, मार्केटिङ, business but what are you different from others. If you can make changes or make people follow you then you will definitely win.

Learn from the experts:

My first advice is to learn from industry experts. It will definitely help you a lot. Never start your journey without taking guidance.

An internet marketing expert who has more than 10 years of experience has the ability to guide you in 10 बजे. I am not saying that he can make you an expert in 10 hrs but he can give you the basic knowledge.

Learning from experts can compress your time of research and you can easily proceed in the field with self-confidence. Without self-confidence how can you do your work?

This is the most newbies do the mistake. They go to some websites read something about SEO or PPC and they think that they have acquired all the knowledge. But how can it be possible?

Learning from websites or watching Youtube videos can’t give you the complete knowledge. Another thing is these websites provide information without sequential order. Some posts you may get for experts and aside that you get some posts for beginners. Which may create great confusion among the readers.

These digital marketing guidelines for startups will definitely help you to achieve your goals.

If you have some experience then you should refer the sites like searchenginejournal, seobook, problogger to stay updated. But as a beginner you shouldn’t. हो, you can gain basic knowledge about the field no doubt. But ‘a little learning is always a very dangerous thing’.

प्रभावकारी डिजिटल मार्केटिङ आफ्नो वेबसाइट यातायात बढाउने रणनीति

That’s why I suggest you to take a short term course in Digital marketing/web marketing/internet marketing. Online training is good as you can study at your leisure time. You can pursue the course along with your college studies or job.

Then do the internship and start your own project. Design a website, write some posts yourself and start promoting your website.

We have 10+ years industry experts teaching students world wide. Our syllabus is also completely different which is for the advance learners. We provide you the complete guidance on स्काइप 24*7.

Join now.

Choose your niche carefully:

Before putting your leg in this field take some time to choose your topic or niche. In which field you are gonna work for a long time or the field allures you, keep motivating whole time.

If you get a clear goal about your final destination then work will be comfortable. अन्यथा, you will get hurdles and procrastination.
Most of my clients say, “ I wanna start my internet marketing career, but I am not getting the right direction and topic to start”.

एक शुरुवात रूपमा, it happens to everyone. You watch a movie and think wow! What a good career in cinema industry might be and want to become an actor. You watch a football match and want to work in the field of football.

If you work on a specific topic you will get more and more specialized knowledge on that topic.

As your knowledge grows wider you can be able to establish yourself as an authority in that niche. Then you will grow your followers in the form of readers.

After succeeding in one field you can easily work on another field as you will convert the previous followers and customers to the new topic.

This happens as the human mind is not constant. Listen to your inner voice instead of listening others. If you find the perfect niche, you can find your target market as well.

After getting your niche or topic then start keyword research. Suppose your topic is food. Then again it is subdivided into different categories like weight-loss food, best summer food, best breakfast food, street food, seafood at home.

प्रभावकारी डिजिटल मार्केटिङ आफ्नो वेबसाइट यातायात बढाउने रणनीति

यसरी, you can again divide the categories into subcategories and research on that. Whether you start a blog or Youtube video, keyword research should be your first step.

Most marketers do this mistake and take the keywords by brainstorming, which is a completely wrong way. If you take a low competitive and long tail keyword it will be easier to rank your page or videos quickly.

Start from social:

Most marketing gurus may say to start from your own website, but I will say no you don’t need your website first. Start from social media. Social media users are growing day by day. If you can well establish your social media presence you can easily generate a lot of visitors.

Create your page on Facebook or Google+ and start micro-blogging. Start the discussion in different forums. Here you can get a lot of problems of people and try to solve these problems.

Always post the contents which you are specialized in and don’t go to the topic outside your niche.
पहिलो, start connecting people and increasing friend lists. Send at least 10-20 friend requests in different channels.

पढ्नुहोस्: Social Media Impact and revolution.

You may start from Skype or Whatsapp also. These two are good platforms to start.
Better to start connecting your relatives, school, college friends and sharing your message.

You can join different groups on Skype and Whatsapp to connect other people from different countries.
One of my friends runs his business totally on skype.

He connects some Chinese merchants on Skype, order apparels and sells online. And these platforms are totally free. Whatsapp is a platform which generates any revenue without displaying ads.

प्रभावकारी डिजिटल मार्केटिङ आफ्नो वेबसाइट यातायात बढाउने रणनीति

You can join different groups on Linkedin and Facebook also. When you grow your followers, eventually you can use these as your marketing platform.

You have to comment others images, like posts and share. Social platforms watch how active you are in social media and these may elevate and recommend your profile according to your social activities. If you don’t share others post then why they will share yours’.

No doubt Facebook and Twitter are the largest platforms. But you shouldn’t ignore others. The biggest benefit of these sites is you can easily spread your posts using # ट्याग. Once you grow your friends and followers spread your posts including links to your blogs or videos.

Using trending #tags I often get my post view more than 10000 times in an hour.

Social media optimization works better than search engine optimization. But you have to learn the art of SMO (social media optimization) gradually working on it. If you do in a proper way you can easily drive a lot of visitors to your blog easily with less technical effort.

Video blogs work better:

Youtube and Google are two brothers. You can grow your market on any one of these two. Most expert may suggest you to start from a website, but I will suggest you to start from video blog.

Next generation is for video bloggers. Youtube is the biggest hub for videos related to health, game, खेल, शिक्षा. As I have mentioned above start from a single topic which you are interested in.

प्रभावकारी डिजिटल मार्केटिङ आफ्नो वेबसाइट यातायात बढाउने रणनीति

Then research the topic and make videos regularly. Most video bloggers earn their full-time income from Youtube only. Some make million dollars in an hour only and some make zero in a year.

You can create marketing videos related to your channel and integrate the videos into your website to provide a good video content to your readers. It depends on you, how much time you are giving to create a quality video.

प्रभावकारी डिजिटल मार्केटिङ आफ्नो वेबसाइट यातायात बढाउने रणनीति

If the video blog is enriched with good quality and engaging content then you can attract a lot of viewers.
Only creating videos will not give you visitors, you have to do marketing.

The search engines are not the automated systems, which will promote your content automatically. You have to spend your time as well as money to do the promotion.

Create your website carefully:

From different channels, you have to drive traffic to your website. That’s why you need a good website, good in the sense equipped with good eye catchy design, good loading speed, good content.

Reports suggest websites with loading speed less than 5 seconds increases the conversion 70 percent. Choose your hosting plan carefully. Vpn hosting is best of all. It may be costly but you will get a good return over investment.

प्रभावकारी डिजिटल मार्केटिङ आफ्नो वेबसाइट यातायात बढाउने रणनीति

Develop your site in CMS, which will be easier to handle. As a marketer you will not get time to develop a site in PHP, .net or using Html, CSS. If you can develop but can’t manage in future.

Better you hire someone who will develop and design your site. In WordPress, you can easily manage and edit your content.

Only feeding good content won’t work you have to do content marketing properly. Even If you have the best product without marketing nobody will get access to it. So make your SEO perfectly.

Stay updated:

Technology is changing day by day. So you have to stay updated according to the changing technology. So daily refer the sites related to the industry.

Take the Example of SEO which is changing rapidly. New updates are released by Google. त्यसै गरी, Social media platforms are developing day by day.

Don’t neglect paid ads:

Paid ads can give you immediate results as it reaches to specific customers according to your target. पीपीसी , display ads or video ads are good to start. Pay some bucks and get the immediate leads.

Many businesses are there who rely only on Google Adwords. This is a very powerful tool. You can spread your ads to different countries, different locations and different groups of people.

Apart from that facebook paid marketing features work well to generate leads.

Spread in the web like wildfire:

In the world of web 2.0 if you only rely on your website or social media then you should forget to make your career in Digital marketing. You have to spread your channel in different platforms.

Though google is the most used search engine but shouldn’t neglect Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Yandex आदि. You may get leads from these search engines who may become your lifelong customers.

You should be active in forum discussions as well. Its biggest benefit is you can include links in the posts to drive traffic and get backlinks. Quora is the best forum site to start. . The reason behind this is most of the posts of Quora are ranked on the top of the search engine.

Simultaneously use the blogging platforms like Blogspot, wordpress.com, Weebly to create websites and share your updates. You may not work on these platforms completely but for backlink purpose, share your posts.

प्रभावकारी डिजिटल मार्केटिङ आफ्नो वेबसाइट यातायात बढाउने रणनीति

You have to work from a 360-degree angle to get visitors to your site. You may keep your website or Youtube channel in the center. The Internet is a platform which is an open space to work. It is not like your shop or office where space is limited.

It may take some time, but you can easily spread your message all over the world. त्यसै गरी, social media is not limited to only Facebook, ट्विटर, LinkedIn. You can be active on reddit, Tumblr, Digg, scoop आदि.
So to overcome the competition diversification is needed.

Have a proper planning:

For any work, proper planning is necessary and for internet marketing also. Create a monthly plan book and write down your tasks of the month at the beginning of the month.

Segment your work according to days of the week. For example on Monday do on-page and Blog commenting, forum posting, on Tuesday Do social bookmarking, Local directory submission.

In this way make a monthly plan on a planning book. This will save your time as you get a direction of your goal.

Work for people not for money:

Have you ever thought why Google, फेसबुक, Youtube are providing so many facilities for free?
And what are their income source?
If you are money oriented instead of helping others then you can’t succeed in this field.

If you want to do a job in digital marketing then money should be your first priority. But if you want to really make a handsome career as an internet entrepreneur then I will advise working for free.

प्रभावकारी डिजिटल मार्केटिङ आफ्नो वेबसाइट यातायात बढाउने रणनीति

Share your experience or knowledge without expecting money. Let people know you. It will help you to establish as an authority.

Work for people, find their problems and solve. And then see the magic happens. If you wanna achieve more than others then this formula will work.

Don’t handle all the tasks alone:

You may start alone but should take the guidance of experts. All the work you can’t do alone. If you can’t hire staffs for your work, then hire some freelancers. Fiverr is the best place to start where you can get microwork done by paying just 5$.

If you can write, edit, manage contents, then hire someone who can do link building and SEO or if you want to do the SEO and social media then hire for content writing.

यसरी, you can save your time and money. I am tired off writing for a long time. I want some rest. (Grabs coffee and turn on the TV set)


As an internet marketer, you help people getting their right products or information by using the internet as the medium.

If you follow these ‘Effective Digital Marketing strategies to boost your website traffic, you will definitely get the benefit in next 4 गर्न 5 महिना.If you have any question please drop your comments and share it.

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