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Every parents must read: A perfect career guidance for your children

Friends before proceeding to this article I wanna say you that a sound career depends on a perfect planning. If someone has the interest in music then he should opt for music, if someone likes dancing, then he should learn dancing. Career depends on what are you interested in conducting the best performance. One should not be compelled to choose the path he dislikes. This is my opinion.

Career guidance for your children

This article on a perfect career guidance for your children will help many parents to give a proper guidance to make the bright future of their children. Many parents try to compel their pupils to do this do that which he is not interested in and they choose the wrong path and can’t concentrate properly, resulting in a career spoil. So I request all parents please don’t do that.

Stop comparing your children with others:

The main drawback of our parents is, they always put the comparing tradition to their children. They always compare their children with their relatives’ or friends’. Some also compare their children with others like his son is earning a lot of money, his son scores good marks in exams, his son has an MNC job etc. Don’t do this type of nasty comparison. Your children are unique for you. There is no doubt parents always want wellness of their children and see them on top position. But competition is high in every field. This type of comparison would discourage them.

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Career guidance for your children

If X’s son is securing 95% then why you shouldn’t. Small children are like wet soil and shy so rude to them? It is the time to play, enjoy and making friends but such competition from this age? Its effect goes vital in the later stage. I am If your child doesn’t want to study there might be a reason behind it. It might be low memory capacity, lack of concentration or anything else. But they don’t want to find out the reason and blame their insane kids.

Encourage your children what they love to do:

If the kid doesn’t enjoy its study then why he would put 1 or 2 hours in front of books. This is the major mistake of our education system also. But the western system is quite bit different. If their kid wants to play guitar their parents encourage them. If he wants to be a baseball player their parents encourage their talent and let them do. I am not completely supporting their system, there are also a lot of flaws exist. But I am now focusing on education and career. They let their kid what he/she enjoys.

Career guidance for your children

You sit 2 – 3 hours to watch a movie or match or play a game. Because you enjoy the movie or the game. Our course structure should be designed in such a way that student should enjoy their lessons instead of being bored. You have learned the theories in your school but not how to carry out and earn money. The tradition should change. Who will change? We yes we can change.

In countries like India Engineering or medical are the first priority of the students. In northern and western India Business is considered as a good career option. In eastern India, students prefer Medical and Engineering. But In Western countries, Law is the first choice of students and then politics. Then mass communication and last is Engineering or medical.

Is professional degree indispensable for the career?

Many have achieved successful career without a degree. Take the example of Microsoft founder Bill Gates or Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg or Reliance founder Dhirubhai Ambani who have not completed their education. But they built such companies which hire many highly qualified graduates. it is not so easy as we think and it is not impossible also. If you want to hire or get hired both need deep knowledge and study. You have to gain experience in a particular field with functional knowledge in other fields also.

Career guidance for your children

It may be easier to get a job than start your entrepreneur journey after completion of basic or professional education. They quit their study to focus on a single subject. They built their passion to their source of income. They had the inbuilt power, risk-taking capacity, and entrepreneurial skill and their hard work led them to success. If you have the self-confidence to do something new and unique then you have to make your mind and focus on that particular subject which you want. If they can why you can’t?

For example, when you buy a new smartphone or a new bike your mind hovers over it for some days. Everytime you think about it. Before going to a vacation you plan it before 1 month. You always ponder, search on the internet how to go where to stay what is the climate of the place etc. So to begin your own journey you have to find your own destiny. You have to take the risk. You have to fail a number of times. But you shouldn’t quit. If failure comes then you have to try again and again. Then again you learn how to ward off the failure and convert your failure to success.

Career guidance for your children

But many students face the dilemma while choosing the right path. Yes, I cock sure as I have also undergone through this situation. Then you should go and consult with the best consultant. If your cousin or relative is pursuing higher education in medical science, then go and consult him. If someone is preparing for competitive like Banking, Railway, civil services get tips from him. Like where to prepare, how to prepare, which books to follow, which institutes are best etc. Get the comprehensive and abundant idea on the topic. A niche career guide propels you to your dream job. So don’t be equivocal.

Points to consider before choosing your dream job:

a. Whether your gives you satisfaction or not.

Yes, job satisfaction is most important. Many quit their day jobs because they are not satisfied or otherwise to click a higher salary based. There are many engineers who don’t get their engineering job, there are many lawyers who don’t get their law-related jobs.

b. The adequate future vision of your career.

If your job has no bright future scope you can’t stand for a long time. So scrutinize carefully.

c. Legitimate or not. Any fraud work, cheating can’t exist for a long time. So you should do a legitimate work.

d. Respectful or not

Career guidance for your children

Reliable and long lasting career depends on your interest, dedication, and focus. Any type of fraud work really sucks.

We daily come across the newspaper that many government officials and corporate giants being convicted of graft and fraud. They have a handsome income but they don’t hesitate to take the bribe and this hampers their value. So everyone should be bereft of this type of bad karma. Because you should be honest in your karmic field. Dishonesty leads to bad character.

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