9 Health tips to stay healthy forever

Without any ambiguity you can say: Health is Wealth. 😀

Everyone knows this but who does care? The modern generation is busy in maintaining the lavish lifestyle, status, property.

You may earn a million $ 每月, but what is its value if you are sick and suffering from various diseases? 😥

We also know that prevention is better than cure, but we don’t get proper knowledge of preventive life care.

The modern health care system is deprived of the natural remedies and health management. Due to lack of knowledge and awareness, people consult a doctor for minor health problems.

Proper health management is essential for the 20th-century people. People are running blindly behind name, 名譽, money without taking care of their health. 🙁

Proper diet plan, good exercise, Yoga are really beneficial for a busy life. Running behind money is not a problem but neglecting your health is a major concern. 😀

之前 3500 years the ancient Indian saint and philosopher Bagbhatt, in his holy book of Ashtanga Hridayam has mentioned more than 7000 verses for prevention of diseases.

He has mentioned for the natural remedy for acidity, hyperacidity, heart attack, ulcer.

I have mentioned in my earlier post that happiness comes from good health. If you are frequently suffering from diseases how can you expect a happy life, happy relation, sound income? 😥

Health is the primary pillar of a successful life. I am sharing the 9 健康提示保持健康永遠.

I have been following the rules of Ashtanga Hridayam and never got affected by any kind of diseases for last 7 年份.

這些 9 rules will definitely change your life and make you healthy, happy forever. And to your surprise, these rules are so simple that anyone can follow it without any hesitation or dilemma.

Health tip 1: Don’t drink water immediately after consuming food

In Sanskrit verse: Bhojanante- Bisam – Bari.

It means drinking water immediately after consuming food works like poison. So when should you drink water?

You should drink water after 1 hour of taking your meal. It sounds odd and may be difficult for you in the beginning. what can you drink instead of water?

You can take fruit juice, butter milk, sugar can juice or can drink milk. But give on hour gap to drink water.

You can drink fruit juice according to the availability of fruits in different seasons.

But don’t drink packaged juice. It contains artificial ingredients and may harm your metabolism.

What is the reason behind it? Our digestive system is made in such a way that immediately you consume food it begins burning fire by releasing digestive juice or hydrochloric acid.

As you immediately drink water the Agni or fire is blown out causing indigestion. If the intake food is not digested properly it can cause various diseases and ulcers.


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Tip 2: Drink water slowly

While you are drinking water, drink slowly (sipping) instead of drinking the whole glass of water at a time. When you sip, the saliva inside your mouth mix with water making enzymes flowing down into your stomach. It has the alkali nature and it neutralizes the stomach acid.

But it can’t be possible if you are drinking a whole glass of water at a time. The enzyme takes some time to mix. All the animals, birds drink water by sipping slowly as they are dependent on natural remedies.

Tip 3: Avoid chilled water

Avoid cold or chilled water. The freeze water, cold drinks are really enemies to your health. Bagabhatt has not mentioned cold water but he has mentioned that water temperature shouldn’t be lower than body temperature. A little bit hot or lukewarm water is better. I have seen various experiments that, who regularly drink cold water get their large intestine shrink.

When it gets shrink, you will get the problem(便秘) in the morning while attending the call of nature. That is the reason why most of the western people sit and read the newspaper while taking the call of nature. They usually take the chilled water or freeze water. it takes 1 - 2 hrs to finish their call of nature. Always take normal water or lukewarm water not too hot or not too cold.

Health Tip 4:

Drink a full glass of water immediately after getting up early in the morning. You can take 2- 3 glass of water but sip slowly and drink. Take a copper Jug and fill it with water before sleeping. As soon as you get up,drink it. It has the capacity to cure high blood pressure and cancer.

Tip 5:

Chew your food 32 times completely. In this busy world, people don’t have enough time to eat comfortably. Whatever they get eat within a limited time. What a shock! You are earning money for food but you are not enjoying it ! I have seen many people eating food like drinking water.

Chewing slowly 32 times can improve the metabolism and digestion of the food particles. In this way you don’t need to eat a heavy meal. Only a light meal can be enough. It can help you to balance your diet and loose extra weight.

Health Tip 6:

While eating, sit down properly in a calm and peaceful position. The Japanese people eat in the Bajrasan pose. The Buddhist monks, Indian people like to eat food in the Padmasan pose sitting on the floor. They consider their daily food as the blessing of the supreme power, who has sent them to this lovely world. due to the influence of western culture, people like to eat the buffet style or in standing position.

While eating food should be on the level of your navel. The navel is the center of gravity of your body and it remains balanced while sitting on the padmasan or sukhasana pose. It helps to increase the metabolism and digestion. Always try to take more salads, vegetables in your food. Vegetables and green food should be mandatory in a healthy diet plan.

Tip7: Direction in Sleeping

While sleeping keep your head to the east or south direction. And sleep on your left side. I don’t need to say that earth has magnetic poles. Keeping your head to the east or south direction can balance the level of blood pressure and metabolism rate. Here you can get more details.

Tip 8:

Say no to sugar and salt. Processed sugar and salt work as slow poison. It can reduce the calcium in bone as well as increase the blood pressure. Once you fall in the habit of consuming, it becomes addiction making your nervous system weak . You can take its alternative as jaggery and sea salt.

Tip 9:

  • Make your time table according to nature.
  • Say no to late night sleep. Try to sleep, eat, bath in time.
  • Rise up when the Sun rises. Take an early bath in the morning.
  • Eat seasonal food. Avoid Junk and spicy food.

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