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Have Faith in God’s Omnipresence

God is ever present everywhere. His presence is constant even in the deep recesses of your heart. Whatever you do lonely within the closed doors of your room, He knows and sees. What is there to wonder at in this? He perceives even the most secret thoughts that flit through your mind, and of which even you are not always fully conscious. Nothing takes place anywhere at any time, which is outside God’s awareness, outside his direct observation. You need to have faith in God’s omnipresence.

Once you develop faith in the omniscience, this all witnessing power of God, you will no longer be able, even secretly, to do any prohibited act. You will not be able to entertain any thought of sin even in the deep recesses of your heart. It is known to all that if a person about to commit some heinous act gets even the faintest idea that he under the observation of a man of good position or a common sepoy, or even an ordinary human being, he will at once retrace his steps.

He will feel diffident, ashamed and nervous to commit the act. But here all your acts are under the direct observation of the Supreme Lord of all the worlds, the Chief of omniscient, the all powerful God Himself. Under the circumstances, how can you commit a sin?

But when this takes place when sinful thoughts cross your mind and acts of sin are actually committed by you in word and deed, it has to be declared that you possess not faith in the omnipresence of God. The moment man develops faith in divine omnipresence, he gets freed from sin.

God is extremely merciful. You have no faith in his existence, and yet he does not feel offended with you, just as a mother does not feel offended with her child. Have faith in this mercy of the Lord, and seek this boon from him that you may develop unshakable faith in his omnipresence, in his existence ever at every place. You only need to have faith in God’s omnipresence.

The moment you develop faith in the truth that God is omnipresent, you will not only be freed from sin, but you will be fearless as well. When an ordinary member of the police accompanies a man, he sheds all fear of being molested by thieves and robbers. Therefore, when you will feel within you the presence of almighty God, the supreme sovereign of all the worlds, how can you suffer from fear, and whom will you fear? Then knowing God present with you in all circumstances, you will naturally rise above all fear.

The moment you develop faith in the existence of God, you will be free from all anxiety and care. For apart from being the supreme Lord of all the worlds and almighty, God is also your natural friend and well wisher.

And you constantly see him with you, as very near you. When you have the companionship of a friend like God, what anxiety can take possession of you? That supreme friend of yours will himself think and decide, how, when and by what means, you will attain your good, and bring it about. There will be no error in his process of thought, for he is the chief of omniscient; and he will certainly help you in the attainment of your object for he is almighty, and moreover, he will do this with pleasure, because such is the characteristic of a friend.

The only reason why you commit sin either secretly or openly, why you get frightened by the thought of a ghost in a secluded place, why at every step you are dogged by fear, why the anxiety for the morrow consumes you day and night, is that you lack faith in the omnipresence of God, the almighty, the supreme lord and supreme friend. Have this faith, and easily get rid of all sin, fear, anxiety, and care. See what an easy process this is of getting rid of sin and distress. Just you need to have faith in God’s Omnipresence.

-This Spiritual article is written by H. P. Poddar (Turn to God), a great Indian saint and author of many books of Indian Philosophy. 

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