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Cum de a atinge adevăratul succes în viață:

Care este calea succesului în viață?

Ce inseamna succes?

Ceea ce considerăm criteriile de măsurare a succesului și de succes.. 😉

are they the only basis of success, sau eșecul poate fi chiar mai semnificativ decât succesul în viață? Ar putea exista un sens mai profund de succes și eșec dincolo de normele lumești; în adevăratul sens al cuvântului, uneori, un succes este inferior unui eșec, și, uneori, cele mai grave eșecuri pot fi mai maret decat orice succes.

Baza de succes și eșec sunt înrădăcinate în idealuri înalte și obiective nobile. Alesul, care trăiește cu idealuri înalte toată viața lui și nu de mai multe ori, vor fi considerate în continuare de succes, dar cel care compromis ideile sale pentru a deveni de succes, va fi în continuare considerată nereușită.

The biggest success in life lies in identifying your strengths and accordingly performing superior actions. The true measure of succes depends on whether you were able to carry out your tasks attentively and perfectly, with full zeal or not. If we succeeded in performing a certain task by hook or by crook, then that success will always continue to haunt and sting us, because we were not worthy of achieving that success.

Contrary to this, if we do not achieve successful results, even though we tried our very best, we will have a feeling of deep satisfaction in performing that task. Success rests in performing our actions with full enthusiasm.

There have been many great freedom fighters that were not able to achieve success, but this does not appraise their life. The freedom fighter Man Singh was not able to succeed; he was given the death penalty. Even’ Chandra Shekhar Azad, an Indian revolutionary, was unsuccessful and had to sacrifice his life for India’s struggle for freedom. Maharani Lakshmi Bai and Tantya Tope were not able to succeed in witnessing India get freedom during his lifetime.

These great souls were not able to achieve desired success in their lifetime, but despite their failures, they are considered successful people because they had the highest ideals and goals in life. They are all worthy of our reverence and salutations because they established and carried out the highest ideals in their lives; they became the role models for numerous revolutionaries who were willing to walk on their path, which was full of struggle for India’s freedom.

In contrast, there are many examples where success may have been achieved, but this success is not considered desirable. If someone obtains wealth through corruption, bribery, gambling or robbing then his success is not considered desirable. These people stray away from the ultimate goals of life even after achieving material success. They are unable to understand life’ purpose and mold their lives accordingly through the art of living. Therefore, the person who succeeds in achieving his life’s purpose and lives honorably is considered successful.

Life and nature throw many obstacles and challenges in our way. Every day we have to face new challenges, and new problems arise out various situations. Should we get scared and run away from these challenges and problems, or should we struggle with them, and face them like a skilled warrior? The decision we make will prove whether we are considered successful or unsuccessful in life. We are successful when we face these challenges of life, and unsuccessful when we try to escape from these challenges out of fear or look for ways to avoid them.

The significance of life is not in escaping

If we avoid or run away, then we will never be able to succeed in life; if we face these challenges with full force then new capabilities germinate in us. A new insight emerges within us, a new excitement and enthusiasm arises, which assists us in dealing with the difficult challenges we face. When a student starts reading, he is taught the alphabets. Then he learns grammar, eventually becomes a linguist and then becomes a laureate.

As he moves from one grade to another his questions become more complicated, but along with this his ability to answer also increases. In addition, his personality and his intellectual aptitude keep growing.

The capacity of the body is limited. The body gets tired easily and gets exhausted by the end of the day. The capacity of the mind is far greater than that of the body. Even when the body gets fatigued, the mind still keeps on struggling. There is even greater power than that of the mind – it is the power of the soul. This power comes from God.

This is the true source of success in life. A yogi is aware of this fact and so he attaches his physical strength with that of his mind, and then combines the mind’s capabilities with that of the soul, and thus connects with the capabilities of the God. In this manner, one can accumulate spiritual powers and prosperity in one’s life.

Life is an ocean of energy. Countless, endless waves of energy go on crashing on the shores of time. The human being is also a tiny wave in this vast ocean full of countless waves, yet it has infinite, boundless potential hidden/ embedded in it. The natural aspiration of a wave is to become an ocean and the natural desire of the seed is to become a tree.

The wave is not successful until it dissolves and spread itself in the vastness of the ocean. Until the seed turns into a tree laden with blossomed flowers, it does not attain contentment. The genuine accomplishment in life hinges on achieving perfection by living a purposeful and righteous life. That is a true measure of success in life.


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