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How to improve your English speaking fluency

English is the most spoken language all over the world. I am not an English teacher, but I am writing this post on ‘how to improve your English speaking fluency‘ as many of my friends and readers requested to write a post on it.

We have learned to listen before speaking. We have learned our mother language by listening from our parents, Like a parrot learn our language by listening and mimicking.

I have a Chinese friend who doesn’t know how to read and write Chinese but he speaks correctly. There is a majority of people, who don’t know reading, writing but they can speak will.

If you are residing in a foreign country then you can learn the local language by listening and speaking. The sound repeated in your ears get permeated into the brain and it is fed into the memory due to iteration.

Like when you listen to a song, it is repeated in your mind automatically without your will. This formula you have to put to improve your spoken English.

Read the complete guide on ‘how to improve your English speaking fluency’ without skipping any step.

I have mentioned below the tips. If you don’t have a surrounding to listen then you have to make it.

Tips for Listening:

1. Listen English movies/ English dubbed movies with subtitle. Better to watch on a laptop or smartphone so that if you miss the track again review it.

2. Listen to the news: make a routine of listening news once or twice in a day. In this way, you can improve your English knowledge as well as current affairs also.

Listen to Songs:

make a habit of listening English songs and enjoying the bits. If you don’t understand download the lyrics and read while listening.

Take the benefit of more: During 1998 football world cup a new song of Ricky Martin was launched. It became famous all over the world.

Even people from non-English speaking countries used to sing. How did they do it? By listening repeatedly more number of times. The Spanish people used to sing because it was frequently displayed on Tv. So listen English audio, video more times.

Difficult to understand:

Many people say they watch English movies, but they can’t understand. Initially, you may not understand. Many people show the white flag in the beginning considering it as an impossible task. But gradually you will understand.

Later it will be easier. Because initially, your mind is reluctant to accept a new language. Listen carefully and try to understand the emotion.

Make interesting choices:

Do whatever you are interested in. You have to enjoy that work. If you are interested in watching action movies, romantic or news, sports then watch it.

If you are interested in listening audio books then listen to it. Make it a habit. If you don’t get interest, then you can’t learn.


while listening you can perform other tasks also. Keep a collection of your favorite movies, songs audio books on your smartphone or iPad and listen to it while cooking, jogging, driving. In this way, you can create your environment of English language as well as get your work done.

Reading Tips:

Read News Paper:

make a habit of reading daily English newspaper in the morning. If you don’t get time to listen to news then better to read the newspaper.

In this way, you can improve your current affairs knowledge also. If you are not getting Newspaper then read online, it will also help.

Read comics:

If you are poor in English the best method is t read comics books. Hence, you can get a simple sentence with images to get understand. You can understand the sentence by the pictures.

Read subtitles:

while watching English movies read subtitles carefully. In this way, you can listen and read simultaneously.


Make a habit of visualizing the topic. While reading a novel, news, or story try to imagine they topic. The images will float in front of your eyes.

Jack Pack method:

For this method, you don’t need extra time or extra routine. Whenever you get a chance read English. Suppose you have bought a juice or bread read what is written on its pack.

When you are going to market read the hoardings. Read the leaflets of different products like the smartphone, tv set. Keep a small diary with you and note down the sentences or words you come across.

Try to read regularly: make reading as a part of your daily routine. So that you can transform it into your habit and you will enjoy it when you learn more and more day by day. Better to read 15 minutes daily rather than 2 hours once a week.

If you have read and watched how to swim then now it is time to enter into the water to implement the theory you have learned so far. You have read and listened English and now it is time to implement the theory by speaking.

Your brain has been fed with the words and sentences but without speaking, you can’t get the fluency. The majority of people fear that they might do error while speaking.

But whether it is wrong or right speak without any hesitation. Eliminate your shyness, don’t care what people say, if they laugh let them laugh, but if you hesitate to speak then you are doing your own loss.

Steps on Thinking:

Self Talk:

There is a friend with whom you spend most of the time throughout your life. He helps you in every step. You can practice your speaking with him. You don’t need others.

Who is that? You yourself. From starting to end of the day, we talk most of the time ourselves with our own language. Make a habit of talking to yourself in English. In any way, you have to make this a habit. What you observe, what you see speak yourself.

Topic to self:

Give a specific topic to yourself and speak on it. Any topic like politics, Events, celebrity, sports, social issues, book, relation, movies etc. Analyze the topic and speak yourself.

Continuous speaking:

You can bring consistency in your fluency and as well as the presence of mind by this method. Continuous speaking means speaking a line and starting another sentence from the end of the word of the first sentence. Repeat like this as long as you can.

Tiger woods is a great golf player. Golf is a game which played with a stick. The stick is used in hockey also.

Regular practice can enhance your presence of mind. Click here to learn Communication English by Rachel (Free).

Speak What are you doing:

While doing any task, ask yourself what are you doing? and reply in English.

Like while making the pasta:

Now I am lighting the flame and putting the bowl on it. I am adding fresh chopped onions and some tomatoes with green chilies.

Now it is time to converse with others. Conversation makes you learn from others. Behind any good sportsman, guitarist or swimmer practice is the main key.

So the only key to improving English is :
Practice, practice, and practice.

The more you practice the more you gain and the sooner you quit the sooner you loose.‘use it or lose it’.

Practice tips for conversation:

Create buddy system:

when I attend seminars people say they want to speak in English but others discourage and don’t want to speak. They don’t get environment. So you have to make a buddy system with a friend or group of friends.

Discuss different topics like current affairs, historical events, sports, past life in English. Try to find out each other’s mistakes and rectify. Celebrate a coffee day or interview day and discuss particular topics.

Use skype:

If you don’t have friends then leap into the world of internet. Create your id in skype and make friends all over the world. Join the sites like or and create a group. In this way, you can make friends as well as improve your fluency also.

Use phone:

If you don’t have internet connection what you will do? Then there is only one option, that is the phone. Try to speak in English over the phone to the people.

Eliminate Fear:

First, I want to tell you a story. Once there was a frog, which fell into a hole. He was trying to put all his effort to escape but all in vain.

The more it was jumping the more it was getting into it. Seeing it the other frogs gathered and told it to die peacefully instead of being hurt and get a tragic end.

But it did not care and tried its best to get out. It was severely hurt but did not quit its effort. The others were pondering why it was trying as it was going to die.

But to others astonishment it escaped. It paid a gratitude to them by saying, ‘Thanks for your encouragement friends for which I didn’t put down my effort and I got out.

O it’s a deaf one. They came to know that, while they were shouting it couldn’t listen to anybody and thought they were encouraging to get out.

The fear is the main hindrance in your speaking. It is just a factor which comes inside from you while you try to speak.

Some people shiver in fear if they are told to give their introduction in English. It gives you stress. Avoid fear to speak. Speak without caring what they would say.

Let them laugh. If you don’t make the mistake how can you learn? We have come to this stage by making and rectifying our mistakes only.

No one is perfect. Even the best speakers make silly mistakes. Open your mouth and start speaking.

When you start speaking the inner voice comes, ’you can’t do’, ‘English is a difficult language’,’ you are a dull’ blab la bla.. this fear comes from negative thinking which demotivates you to quit.

What you have learned still so far all went to the garbage. The problem is your mind. Convert the negative thinking to positive and stop your mind generating negative statements. Start saying, ‘Yes I can do it, nothing is impossible’ ‘If they can do then, why can’t I?’

Stop translating:

Majority of us try to translate our mother language into English while speaking. In this way, you may commit two mistakes like your mind will adapt the habit of translating and break the fluency. While translating there will be a delay in speaking.


Sometimes while speaking we can’t get the appropriate word so we stop at that point. So make a substitution for that word if you don’t know.

Speak slowly and correctly: Some people speak so fast and think in this way they will be fluent and make a lot of grammatical mistakes.

Initially speak slowly taking consideration of grammatical error free sentence. Then gradually you may increase your speed. While riding a bicycle first we take the help of others.

Then we ride a short distance. WE fall then ride. Then one day comes our speed takes the track.

Follow These sites to learn English online:

Rachel’s English (Chat English)

British Council

British Learning English.

Jennifer English

English Lesson4U 

Vocabulary Tips:

Learn while reading: Note down the new words you come across while reading and find out their meanings. If you try to learn 5 -10 new vocabularies daily then you can learn 1500-3000 new words in a year.


Use the words you have learned in new sentences and apply it.

Keep a dictionary handy: Keep a pocket dictionary installed on your smartphone. It will be easier to look up.

Play word games: Play games like crossword, boggle, scrabble to improve your word power. Install these android games and have fun and learning simultaneously.

Write: Write your daily journal before you retire at night. Implement the learned vocabulary in sentences. Use Ms word and Grammarly to check grammar and spell errors. Write short stories, blogs to get the perfection.


English is a language, which is continuously changing. Many new words are entered in Oxford dictionary per year.

Hope this post on how to improve your English speaking fluency, will definitely improve your speaking fluency. Please drop your comments and share it with your friends.

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