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Како започети каријеру у блоггинг да зарадите пуну приход време

Do you really want to start your career in blogging? You might be pondering how to start a career in blogging to earn full time income and not getting a clear direction or scope, growth on this field. It seems easy to start blogging and make money, but before proceeding read the following emails I got:

“hey AB I am working on my blog for last one year but I am unable to make money and grow traffic. I am regularly posting new posts, doing Seo but still I am struggling to make a full time income. Can you help me”

“Hi thanks for the awesome post, I am working on my blog for last 2 years but not getting as much traffic as I should.

Everyone has a dream to start a blog or online business and become financially free. But 90% of bloggers leave blogging in the first 3 месеци. But don’t be scary, I am gonna make it easy for you. If you work with proper planning and step by procedure then you will definitely succeed. Read carefully the post: ‘How to start a career in blogging to earn full- time income’.

  • You might have come across various blogs on the web and found that:
  • Blog regularly at least 3 до 4 times a week.
  • You should be a technical expert to start a career in blogging.
  • You should be an SEO expert and active on social media platforms.
  • You should have to make connections with other bloggers, affiliate marketing networks etc.
  • You need to increase a lot of readers and followers.
  • You have to write more than 2000 words to rank your blog on top of SERP.

These concepts are old now. The real myth is you don’t need to become a technical expert or blog regularly like 3- 4 times weekly. У овом добу, quality wins over quantity. You need to create a single blog per week but it should deal with quality that can give a value to your readers and engage them in such a way that they will return back to your website.

And another myth is you don’t need to be a technical expert or need any engineering or management degree to start your career in blogging. Blogging is an industry which is growing constantly and rapidly. Још увек, it is in the starting stage. So you don’t need to be an SEO expert or Social media expert. But you have to learn some technical things gradually.


Blogging tips for beginners.

СЕО савети и трикови.

Социал медиа револуција.

Coming to the next point long content having more than 2000 речи. Have you ever thought why readers come to search engine instead of turning the pages of fat books?
The answer is simple: To get faster results and summary of their questions or queries.

If a reader is searching for ‘Doppler’s’ effects’ on Google and he is getting a lengthy book style article on a website, then why should he waste his time on the internet? Better he could have found that in his physics book. It is true that blogs having more than 2000 words rank faster on top but it is not in each case. Sometimes readers depreciate these lengthy blogs. On internet users browse very fast as they want to grasp everything faster by navigating to different sites within a short period of time.

In this case, lengthy blogs are read from the top, and ignored towards the bottom. Blogs between 1000-1500 words are better and can give a clear gist what readers want. Take the example of Seth Godin, most of his blog posts are between 500 до 700 речи.

Another myth is you don’t need a lot of readers, lot of social connections or affiliate networks. You need less connection but right connection. You have to blog less and be on social media less. If your blogs can impress readers then the 100 readers may become 1 million one day.

You are coming across many blogs when you are surfing on the internet describing how they are making millions $ from their blogs and you become perplexed: how to start a career in blogging to earn full time income from it, which topic to choose, how they are making a lot of money from their blogs etc.

The true fact is as a beginner you will be confused as you are reading the blogs written by experienced persons who have more than 5- 10 years of good experience in the blogging industry. And you think to start a blog and immediately make money.

For instant money, blogging is not for you. First gain some knowledge, specialized knowledge in a field. Then try to help people by sharing your knowledge, and see what happens. Success will kiss you.

You are getting a lot of information for free from the internet. Have you ever thought the effort of the bloggers, content writers, and technical experts’ behind it? Creating a good quality blog takes a lot of research and patience as you can’t produce duplicate content.

I am not saying that it is impossible to stand strong and make a full time income from blogging. But it needs strong determination, dedication and patience. As a beginner you will face a lot of difficulties, as you are learning to ride the bicycle, you have to fall several times then get up and ride again.

Most people leave their day jobs and start blogging as a career. It is true that blogging industry is growing day by day, but if you want to get money immediately, then it is not a career for you. Better you do a day job and along with that start blogging.

You have to work 10-12 hrs per day as a beginner as you are learning and working simultaneously. But when you grow visitors the working hrs will be get reduced as you do staffing and let your work done by others.

Setup your website:

If you are serious to make blogging as your full time career then create your website first. There are many web 2.0 sites like Blogspot, вордпресс.цом, wix, webs etc. where you can create a website for free. As a beginner, you can try these for learning, but better to move to a self-hosted website.

Again you have to decide on which platform you are gonna setup your website? Whether it is a Html, CSS coding based platform, Php platform or CMS platform. Don’t worry I am gonna clear one by one. For any coding based platform like Java, .Net, Html or CSS you need the help of web developer or If you are a developer you can easily do that.

But if you don’t have any technical knowledge then don’t worry about it. Content Management System has brought the solution for you. WordPress is the best CMS platform where you can easily setup your website and blogs. It is very user-friendly handy and can be operated by multiple users.

Many big brands like Sony music, Bata have setup their sites on WordPress. So now the point is which plan of domain and hosting is suitable for a beginner? The answer is taking a starter plan or an economy plan. I will recommend you to take a domain and hosting plan from Godaddy which is cheaper and reliable than other self-hosting providers like Bluehost, Hostgator Or Namecheap.

The basic difference between starter and economy plan is the storage and email list. But why do I recommend you for Godaddy? Because as a beginner you may face a lot of problems in managing your site as well as account and Godaddy is famous for its customer support. They provide 24* 7 customer support.
After your visitors increase, you can switch to reseller plan or VPS plan. Better start with an economy plan where you will get a free domain, more space and email lists.

После 1 year or 2 године, you can switch your hosting plan to Bluehost Or Host Gator. After purchasing the domain and hosting you will get the mail and your account will be activated after some hours. Then login to your account and manage your hosting by entering into the Cpanel. Then install the WordPress in cpanel and create your account.

Create your content:

Next, come to content creation. It is one of the most challenging tasks you are gonna face. If you are not in the practice of writing then start making the video blogs. Blogging is not only writing informative text, it may be in the form of video, podcasting also. You can hire a content writer to write your content.

Always work on a single topic and try to do a lot of research on that topic. Then you will get a clear diversified idea on the topic. Always write pillar content like how-to articles, case studies so that it will give a value to the readers. Keep in mind that your blog will be popular for the content only. Read magazines, online journals, famous blogs, watch Youtube videos related to your topic.

If you are going to start your blog on health then it will be categorized into various topics like diabetes, preventive health care, cancer, weight loss, men’s health, skin care, hair loss etc. Then you need to research on the sub-topics.
So always carefully choose the topic you wanna work for a long time. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, I will advise you to follow the guidelines on how to start a career in blogging to earn full-time income.

Working on one niche or topic makes you an authority in your field. The readers will trust you and after getting followers it will be easier to start working on other topics. Your mind is the store house of a big library which generates ideas and content. Then you put it down on pen and paper or keyboard of your computer. If you think deeply about any matter then you will get more and more ideas.

Only Sitting in-front of the computer and surfing the internet will not generate ideas. Go outside your home or office see the world, observe what is happening outside, what the problems people are facing. Think how your blogs can teach people, how it can solve their problems. If your blogs give value to readers, engage them and within a short period of time you will get more followers and your popularity will grow worldwide.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Always write a compelling headline and title as it opens the door to your blog.
  • Put your emotion and fun by telling personal stories.
  • Engage the readers by interlinking other posts, слике, видео и инфографика.
  • Don’t blog on racial discrimination, religious disputes, political affairs.

Take the example of wikileaks founder Julian Assange who was falsely charged for rape and sexual assault.

  • Don’t use your blog to criticize the high profiles like actors, sportsmen, politicians.
  • Make your blogs for educational, inspirational or entertainment purpose.
  • Try to spread more and more knowledge and your experience by your blogs.
  • Don’t write a blog hastily, take some time to think.
  • Build relation with other bloggers.


Starting a blog is really very easy, but managing it and creating new blogs regularly is really a challenging task. први, you should focus on creating good quality blogs and increasing visitors then use various methods of earning like from advertisements, Adsense program, Affiliate marketing, selling ebooks, selling your own products, consultancy and training etc.

I have discussed details on ‘How to start a Career in blogging to earn full time income’. Please drop your comments and share the blog with your friends.

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