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Impact of Social Media Revolution


The impact of social media revolution has brought major changes all over world in the last decade.

In simple words social media is a platform where you share and exchange messages by communicating each other. The message may be in the form of a blog or short recorded speech, an image or a video.

Like news media where the reporters share current news in social media people share their personal daily life activities, trending topics among their friend circle. The concept of social media is based on sociology.

Social media are created to make people social. The impact of social media revolution has changed the world.

It is the easiest and free medium through which people can communicate each other. Before 10 years people used to contact each other by phone, letters and gradually they became aware of the interruption created by phones.

Advancement in fast internet technology and connection also boosted the usability of social media channels. Non technical users also create their profiles, share, comment and like posts.

That’s is the reason why many companies are creating their brand awareness on social media.

Importance of social media

The need for social media is indelible in the 20th century as it has become an integral part of life. Information is even more demand than food.

People want fast and perfect information. Social media is the best way to share information. It makes people engaging by providing the options like the discussion on a topic.

News media don’t provide the option to share people their opinion. By social media information is taking the form of an opinion.

From political parties to small enterprises everyone need their social presence to establish them as an authority on the human psychology has changed to feel insecure without social presence.

Benefits of Social Media

Social media have increased the connectivity among the people. You can easily connect your former college friends, childhood friends, High school teachers using social media.

You can easily build communities and join groups to make virtual community center where friends, relatives gather to exchange their personal stories.

Social networks help people to find their life partners, jobs. Various companies are also seeking suitable candidates by verifying their social media profiles.

Take the example of ЛинкедИн, which is not just a social media platform but it gives you a lot of job opportunities. You can follow and connect professionals and companies related to your profession.

It helps to establish yourself as an authority. If you are expert in the fields like cooking, singing, dancing, teaching you easily find the people of your community and connect with them. In this way you can share your tips and ideas.

If you are a professional web designer you can create your profile in linked in and let it view by people need to design or develop their websites. If your profession or business is related to food, garments or travel then Пинтерест should be your top priority.

Many social networks are used to share real-time information. People share their classroom activities, office information via chat.

Once Yahoo chat was very famous in this perspective but its popularity has declined. People can get information silently without interruption. Whatsapp, твиттер, Myspace are the major networks in this field.

Companies increase their brand exposure by utilizing the power of social media marketing. It helps to reach their products to a large volume of customers.

By this method, you can easily target customers who are interested in your products, старост, demographics, and location.

One of the major component of Social Media Marketing is social media optimization. Like SEO, SMO is a strategy based on drawing new individuals to a website.

It can be done by adding social sharing buttons in Youtube videos, blogs or promoting content by Rss feeds, blog, tweets.

The Social network has skyrocketed the news cycle. Many local and international news become viral through social media.

Many news channels spread breaking news on social media like twitter to make it viral. So instantaneous news cycle is created like the plane crash, earthquake. prevalent of smartphones also play a major role in spreading of breaking news.

Apart from that, there are many disadvantages of social media like, female molestation, frauds, disclose of privacy, cyber crime etc.

What is social media marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful tool using which companies advertise their products or service. It helps to reach more and more customers. It includes paid and free advertising.

It is used to help in the branding of business to solidify customers trust. Good social media marketing planning can definitely boost your business brand to attract more customers.

More customers mean more sales. Many Companies have Social Media team, who makes strategy of marketing like designing good infographics, слике, videos for social media. The team makes decision on

  • The concept of planning
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Timing of posting
  • Location and audience based on interests.
  • How to engage the visitors
  • Creating posts on special days

One of the best features of social media marketing is remarketing, using which you can target the audience again and again who have visited your posts or pages. It also helps blogging platforms and websites to get free and niche oriented traffic and better ranking in SERP.

Popular Social media platforms

There are thousands of social media platform but some of these are very popular.


Undoubtedly facebook is the most popular social network site. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on 2004. It is inbuilt with very simple and user-friendly features which allow users to invite friends, share pictures, like and comment on posts.

Now Facebook, has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. From celebrities to politician everyone has an active profile on Facebook.

Users can create fan pages and increase the likes of their page. It has options like community, groups where users can join and connect people related to their niche.

This is the Facebook through which young generation started rebellion against the great dictators like Gadaffi of Lybia and Hosni Mubrak and thrown them out their long rules.

From the above graph (Google Trend) you can observe that Facebook is the mostly used Social Media.


Twitter is the another powerful social media platform which allows users to read and write posts which are called as ‘tweets’. Users utilize this platform to share messages using smartphones and tablets.

It was founded by Jack Dorsey, an undergraduate student of New York University in 2006 to communicate with a small as an SMS-based communication platform.

  • Twitter allows you to create business page as well as profile page.
  • You can easily grow your community by following others.
  • You can easily share your tweets to more and more people using #tags.
  • Companies can promote their business pages on twitter.


Google+ is one of the competitors of Facebook. Apart from a social network it helps to improve your visibility in search engine and local search results.

It has special features like Google+ circles, using which you can segment your followers into different groups and share information to some particular groups.

It provides the options of Hangouts and video chats using which users can host video conferences and live chat.


Linkedin is the network of professionals which allows to create professional profiles and connect with people having similar professions.

Companies hire jobseekers and people can follow hiring managers, company profiles. Using this platform You can share and comments others posts, recommend and endorse others’ skills.


For sharing videos, Youtube is everyone’s top choice. It is famous for different tutorial and funny videos.

If you want to design your hair style, cook a recipe or need the solutions to Technical problems then you can easily find a lot of videos.

It is one of the most powerful social media marketing platform also. From small children to old people everyone earns money on Youtube.

Пинтерест & инстаграм:

These two platforms are based on image sharing. You can pin images and create pinboards. Female users are mostly engaged in Pinterest and it leads to the greatest hub for fashion apparels, food and travel.

Apart from that, there are many image sharing sites like Flickr, picasa using which users share and embed pictures.

Social Bookmarking:

The internet is the huge source of information. User mind can’t store all the information. That’s why bookmarking is needed. There are many social bookmarking sites like Digg, Diigo, Delicious, Stumble upon, Reddit using which users can save and share web-links.


Using the Social media you can attract the visitors using images, posts, videos, infographics and convert them into leads by navigating to the landing page of your website. You need to know your buyer personas and connect them.

The impact of social media revolution has brought a great boon to mankind. People get instant connection and spread their message all over world using this.

Then you can engage them with your quality posts. You need to publish right content to right people at right time. After publishing some useful contents you can do a thorough analysis and reporting by analyzing your visitorsexposure to your contents.

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