In this century Yoga and meditation should be an integral part of life. People are crazy behind the materialistic joy for temporary sense gratification. They don’t fear to play with nature for their comfort. As a result, they are getting the reaction of their action in the form of earthquake, terrorism, disasters. 🙁

The importance and benefits of Yoga are recognized and appreciated all over the world. 😎 The peace and brotherhood can be established only by Yoga. Though it is originated from India, Yoga is not confined to any particular religion or country.

Human beings have been practicing every type of yoga, but still, they have not been able to liberate themselves from bondages. 有啲人走喺业力嘅路上。, 啲或者啲gyana巴克提, 王Yoga等.

“智力Yoga, 呢就系理智与最高权威嘅紧密联系。, 你获得无限嘅力量。” 完全睇书,唔跳过任何步骤

如果力量,唔增加,Yoga就唔准确喇。. 要咁大嘅力量,你先可以成功噉做任何嘢。.

如果我开始描述Yoga同冥想嘅重要性,噉将会系一段无尽嘅旅程。. 我特别强调咗Yoga同冥想对世界和平嘅重要性。’ 悭你嘅时间.







瑜伽嘅基本概念系灵魂与至高灵魂或者全能者嘅结合。. 当瑜伽嘅力量,增加时,灵魂体验佢真实嘅形式。, 头脑中有一种新嘅意识。. 内心嘅恐惧, 无用嘅担心, 担心未来,所有消极嘅习惯都搞掂咗。.

每一个行动都俾我哋思想状态嘅影响。. 如果心中有好嘅谂法, 然后,呢啲动作将轻松而成功噉做。. 如果心中有困惑, 然后行动都会畀混淆。. 如果只系其他谂法中惹啲影响,咁完成一个行动所使嘅时间,就可以减半。. 困难同唔可能嘅工作都可以通过瑜伽嘅力量,嚟做。.

如果力量,唔增加,Yoga就唔准确喇。. 应该有咁多权,你可以成功噉做任何嘢。.

将权嘅振动传播畀嗰啲遇到困难嘅人。. These weakened souls then experience power in them and have the courage to overcome any difficulties.

No matter how much progress the scientists may have made, human beings are still the servants of the elements; whereas with yoga power we can control the elements completely.

It can make you completely pure:

Only 20% of the power of the mind is used in useful actions and the rest of the mind power is wasted away. By remaining yoga yukt, that power is accumulated and the soul experiences itself as very powerful.

Together with this, when there is the connection with the almighty, the power, just like an electric current, flows towards the soul. If the soul is in a bodiless stage, free from wasteful thoughts, then it is filled completely with complete power. This power of yoga helps us remain completely pure in this impure atmosphere. Complete celibacy is the fruit of the power of yoga.

There is the kind of peace that only God will know eternally. In this physical world, I may find peace in the mountains, by the sea, or in something I do.”

But to know peace as an unlimited experience I have to understand the dimension of peace that is God’s. What is his experience?

God’s peace is not derived from the body and its sense, not through relationships or activity. It is a deeply internalized experience, which emerges from within his very being, so much so that it could be said that he is the very form of peace, the true source of peace. God is peace.

In overcoming difficulties:

A job can be done successfully by remaining free from wasteful thoughts. Obstacles do not become a headache for those souls who have experienced this truth. With this power we can change the attitudes and thoughts of others, we can change someone’s enmity into friendliness.

You should use your powers to destroy our own or someone else’s obstacles. WE can imbibe the powers from the almighty and spread the vibrations of power to those souls who are experiencing difficulties. These weakened souls then experience power in themselves and have the courage to overcome difficulties.

When we send good wishes to a soul who is experiencing hopelessness they experience inspiration from this. 以呢种方法, with our elevated stage, we can heal others. If a soul is unsuccessful in transforming their bitter sanskaras, then if a soul who is complete in yoga has good wishes, and gives cooperation of the power of Yoga, they are able to easily remove the sanskaras of the weak soul.

The divine vibrations of our true knowledge finish the vibrations of false knowledge, and other souls are influenced by the truth.

If we debate without yoga they can’t accept it. We must debate, keeping soul conscious vision, using elevated words, with peace and patience and keeping our contact with the ocean of knowledge.

For world Peace:

Everyone is suffering from the terrific results of terrorism all over the world. When you move your eyes on the newspaper most news you get on robbery, theft, accident, violence, rape, murder, corruption etc. 恐怖主义日益加剧,导致世界各地屠杀同杀害无辜人民。.

Yoga可以消除全世界嘅暴力。, 建立和平共和谐. 有啲人做嘅,唔好业力,或者行为由於其衰sanskaras或者印象. 当有人杀人或者人谋杀嘅时候,只系由佢内在意识中萌芽并转化为行动嘅暴力思想。. 啲人与坏习惯有关,因为佢哋嘅不良印象堆积喺佢哋嘅数百万出世。. 严重嘅做法 Yoga 唯有消除呢啲印象嘅根源.

喺呢个世界冇人系坏人或者坏人。. 我哋可以畀佢哋一个改变佢哋生活嘅机会。. 佢系一个暴力嘅人爆拉特纳卡, 到咗联想 Narad Muni. He could be able to erase his bad sanskaras by serious austerity and became a great saint named as Balmiki, who wrote the Ramayan. Angulimal a ruthless serial killer, who used to wear the necklace of chopped fingers of innocent people, got the association of Buddha and he was transformed into a saint. If they could then why not these people?

The human soul is not associated with any type of bad or good sanskaras, anger, emotion, greed. It is clear and transparent. It is hidden inside the heart due to the impression of action, anger, ego, hatred. Only Yoga can help you visualize and know the joyful soul.

If everyone walks along the holy path of Yoga, the day is not so far when the Ram Rajya or Kingdom of Happiness will be established. Gandhi’s vision of Ram Rajya will not only be the dream he envisioned, it can be real. This is the importance of Yoga and meditation for world peace.

Yoga and world Transformation:

We can light up the entire world through the power of yoga easily. We can spread the type of vibrations we wish. In the future souls with the power of yoga will become the center of attraction, like the sun and give a new direction to the world.

Both scientists and yogis are searching for happiness, but the approach is different. Those with the power of yoga know very well that their power is a very elevated one, compared to the power of science. Presently the inclination of humans is towards science power, but in the future, they will be more inclined towards yoga power.

大多数人认为Yoga系挛嘅。, 身体嘅,或者做体式嘅扭曲. 但较高嘅Yoga呼吸冇办法同冥想嘅开始. 你练习冥想嘅次数多,你头脑就会变得平静安乐。. 冥想嘅目的系畀你思想喺你控制之下。. 我哋嘅心躁动唔四,跟住 5 唔同嘅感觉.

呢个系实践 冥想 佢可以令你思想进入深层嘅focus同focus嘅阶段。. 然后你可以识分真相同幻想。. 你身体系幻觉, 世界系幻觉, 宇宙系幻象. 你喺里面睇到嘅系真嘅。, 至上嘅快乐, 神圣嘅和平, 幸福嘅浪.

冥想系开始,你条气旅游嘅方式,打开你灵魂嘅路。. 你可以睇到晶莹剔透嘅灵魂。, 喺心中醒,照亮额头同第三眼。.

唔练习Yoga体式嘅Yoga呼吸或者净系通过咗书或者观看训练视频. 你可以练习啲,但系错误嘅姿势可能对你嘅身体有害。.


  • 成日喺有经验嘅老师或者大师嘅指导下练习。.
  • 喺冥想, 畀你嘅身体放松并充满活力. 你可唔可以做嘅更加好嘅运动或者体位褪嘅能量喺你成身体. 或者你可以散步.
  • 做啲身体骨, SPA后体位练习更好嘅放松.
  • 试住坐喺一个安乐嘅体位如莲花或者半莲花姿势打坐.
  • 试住坐喺好长一段时间,一个安乐嘅体位唔改变位置.
  • 喺你间屋嘅单独安排一个Yoga室。. 保持清洁,唔好用于其他活动。.



比哈Yoga学校, 芒格.

rikhiapeeth yogashram.

奥修国际静心胜地, 浦噉.

用, 内观禅.



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