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Inspirujące cytaty duchowych pozostać dodatnia w trudnych czasach

Love, Serve and give these 3 can transform an ordinary man into a super human. - Paramhansa Satyananda

The best gift you can give others is your time. Because if you give your time, you are giving the moment of your life which never returns back.

If you are going through the tough period of your life, then be happy and rejoice. As the almighty has reminded you.

Enjoy every moment of your life. While eating, working, traveling realize the supreme power, the almighty. He is with you, taking care of you.

Fire can melt the iron. Water can extinguish the fire. A human can drink water. Death is powerful than the human. The blessing is powerful than death. It can eradicate uncertain death, smutek, accidents.

Once a devotee told: I want God. Pierwszy, remove ‘I’ and ‘want’ then God is there.

If you don’t bow seeds on a piece of land, then nature fills it with grass and weeds. If you don’t fill your mind with positive thinking then negative thinking makes it place.

The river water is sweet because it distributes its water. The sea water is salty as it takes water from the rivers. The sweetness of life comes from giving.

From selfless service, devotion appears in the heart. From devotion, dispassion happens. From dispassion, you gain divine knowledge.

The human body is made of the impressions of karma from previous births.

Everyday you should:

  • Pay Gratitude to the supreme power who has sent you to the beautiful world.
  • Think who am I?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • Take the oath to do something new, bring changes to lives.
  • Sit in silent for 10 minuty.
  • Do self-study. Spend your time with old people, father, mother, kids.
  • Think 3 times have you done any wrong?
  • Don’t waste your time by gossiping about others.

Feel this life is a school where you are born to learn. The problems you endeavor are the part of the syllabus.

Have your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a beggar.

Desire is the reason behind all types of sorrow and grief. Devotion is the path to happiness and success.

By acting for others without thought of reward, salvation comes, and acting with the thought of reward creates bondage. A man should act without thought of expectation.

Bondage doesn’t arise from the action but from desire.

The materialistic people only think about profit and loss. But the spiritual people go beyond these.

There is profit or loss in world’s affairs, but in God’s work, there is always a profit and never a loss.

A selfish person even on the spiritual path, follows his selfish interests, and a spiritual aspirant, even in worldly affairs, tries to gain success in the path of God.

By any means, attach yourself to God, then he will automatically take care of you.

Living with faith in God, eliminates the worry of all kinds.

When a man gives up worry about his own body, the world starts worrying about his body.

To do is not certain, but to die, is.

You can’t see God, but God watches you without break.

With self-realization, man is not devoid of material environment in life but remains free from pain and pleasure.

It does not take many births to realize God: with a strong craving, it may take few minutes, as God is ever always present.

Like fire is present everywhere, the spiritual power is present everywhere.

You just need to ignite it.

Whatever wealth one gets today is not due to present actions, but is a fruit of his past acts(destiny). To gain riches with the help of lies, frauds, dishonesty and thefts, as people do, would invite punishment, in the future.

By not thinking of others faults, goodness arises within you. Goodness from within is solid and pervasive.

In the dark age of Kali, getting the association of Good company is difficult, but not impossible. A little practice of good company association can open the path of liberation.

Only Meditation can’t open the path of God realization. If you involve yourself in self-less service or nishkam seva then the sadhana accelerates. – Swami Satyananda

Fill your heart with devotion, cry like a child and feel God.

When a child sees its mother it forgets all the toys and runs to her lap. Think yourself as the child of the almighty and run to him leaving everything behind you. –Ramakrishna Paramahansa.

The root cause of all faults is one, out of which all others arise i.e. attachment with the world. podobnie, the root of all virtues is also one, from which all good arises. i.e relation with God.

Destiny is for removing anxiety but is not for making a person an idler.

Love for Spiritual progress develops in a man, as soon as his attraction for the world is completely gone.

Whatever happens, happens rightly and never wrongly. What has happened, happened rightly and what will happen, will happen right. So be cautious in what you do, and be happy with what happens.

God’s love is not acquired by sacrifices, penance, charity, fasting pilgrimage, itp. but through regarding him firmly as his own.

You don’t get love from practicing penance but only achieve power. Love arises from treating God, as one’s own.

In the love of God, there is an exclusive rapture that is not in knowledge. Knowledge gives unbroken happiness, but love endless bliss.

Without giving up selfishness and pride, man never achieves greatness.

Where there is the pride of religion, caste, sect, devotion is difficult, because devotion is through the self, not through the body. Caste, sect, belong to the body, and not to the self.

Inspirational Spiritual quotes

Assuming the body as ‘I’ and mine, one gets a variety of endless pain.

By giving up ego, an endless creation is forsaken, as it is ego that sustains the whole world.

The achievers of spiritual success, automatically gain worldly progress.

Just as a tree may rise high without limit, there is no limit to a man’s ascent.

Don’t be so simple always. As the straight trees are cut down first in a forest. - Chanakya

One who seeks an easy life, can not really progress in spiritual life.

Meditation happens when you bestow your 100% consciousness to each of your daily activities. While you are farming, singing, playing, focus all your attention on your work only. W ten sposób, you can meditate 24 godzin. - Osho

Before becoming a Sikh, Hindu, Muslim or Christian, let’s become a human first. –Nanak

If someone insults you or harm you forget it immediately like a child. Throw away from your heart as it can kindle hatred.

-Swami Sivananda.

The noise of the busy world and the peace of the Himalaya, both are within you. – Swami Satyananda

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The ‘Inspirational spiritual quotes to stay positive in difficult times’, can work like a remedy in your difficult times. God Bless you.

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