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Latest Digital Marketing interview questions for Jobseekers:

I have prepared an article on Digital marketing interview questions for the job seekers on SEO, SEM, social media marketing aspirants. Mainly the interview is divided into three major parts: HR round and technical round.

You will get some common questions in HR round like about your profile, work experience, previous company profile, Education background, qualification etc. I have mentioned all details one by one as I faced in various interviews.

Digital Marketing interview questions

Most multinational companies generally hire Google Adwords specialists. So you have to be an Adwords certified professional before attending any interview.

Some interviews are taken place as a telephonic round, when the company is located outside your city or far from it.

HR round:

Hi, Aseem its nice to meet you, please have a seat. Tell me something about yourself:

N.B: Give a warm gesture of a smile and if the interviewer moves his hand then do a handshake otherwise don’t do from your side first.

I am AseemBharadwaj from Hyderabad. I am working as a Digital Marketing Executive in Quantum Value IT services, Hyderabad for last 3 years. I have a good hand in experience in managing various social media, AdWords, email marketing and SEO campaigns. My hobby is reading books and writing blogs. is my own website.

What is the reason for your job change?

I have already finished 5 years at Quantum, now looking for new opportunities and the environment.

What are your Short term goals?

Learning and developing professional skills.

Digital Marketing interview questions

 What are your long term goals?

To achieve success in the field of digital marketing and establish me as a famous consultant.

Would you briefly tell something about your educational background?

Ya, I have completed by graduation in Physics honors. With Distinction from Sambalpur University and MBA in Digital marketing from North Eastern University.

Apart from that, I have completed various short term certifications in web design, software testing, social media marketing, Growth hacking, inbound marketing.

I am Google Adwords and Analytics certified and got inbound marketing certification from Hubspot Academy.

Digital Marketing interview questions

Why have you chosen Digital Marketing as a career?

Actually, I was interested in this field during my university studies. I have started writing blogs and contents for various websites and used to get freelancing work. I could envision that it would be the fastest growing industry in this century and every business would be going to online. That created interest in me.

What is your Previous work experience?

Till now I have worked on more than 100 SEO and SEM projects. I have helped small, medium as well as big businesses to grow their online presence, brand exposure and profit. I have worked on various domains based on education, insurance, health, retail both for domestic and international clients. Now I am handling various projects for US, Uk, Australia, Singapore clients.

What are the achievements you have made?

Still far I have helped more than 100 small and medium businesses to grow their online brand exposure. I am associated it multinational brands to grow their sales. I have given more than 60% ROI.

What are the roles and responsibilities do you have?

I am in a team of 12 members. Now we are handling various projects based on domains like education, manufacturing, retail, insurance for both domestic and international clients like USA, Uk, Canada, Singapore. My role as a digital marketing executive is to handle and manage various SEO, SEM, social media campaigns, planning and setting the weekly goals. I meet the clients and discuss about the projects details.

Digital Marketing interview questions

What are the reasons we hire you?

I can help your company to increase brand exposure and online presence.  I can do the content marketing to generate leads by attracting visitors to company blog and convert them into customers. I can manage Adwords campaign including search engine ads and ppc ads. I can increase the sales and profit to 60%.

What is your current ctc?

4.5 lakhs per annum.

How much hike do you expect?

30% hike.

What is your notice period?

My official notice period is 30 days.

Where is your company located?

It is located in Gachibowli, Hitech city, Hyderabad.

Who is your Team lead and HR manager?

My Team lead is Smita Patel and HR manager is PoorviPattnaik.

Digital Marketing interview questions

Tell me something about your company profile and what kind of services does it provide?

Quantum value IT services is a 7 years old the US off shore company. Now it has 180 employees and provides service to application development, Cloud computing, business analyst, Testing and Digital Marketing.

Do you wanna know something from my side?

Ya if you don’t mind may I know to know about your company profile.

N.B: Don’t ask anything until the interviewer asks you.

Technical Round for Digital Marketing Interview:

Website:, page rank: 15 what is your suggestion to improve page rank?

To increase page rank first I will do the competition analysis. I will do the complete analysis of the on page optimization of the page then check the competitors’ page. Then the effective changes I will make. I will work on increasing traffic as well as creating good quality inks for the site.

Digital Marketing interview questions

Define CPM, CPC, CTR, CPC.

CPM stands per cost per thousand impressions which is used in display or PPC ads. It is the amount an advertiser has to pay for thousand views of the ad.

CPV stands for cost per view which is used in video ads. This is the amount an advertiser has to pay per view of the video.

CPC stands for cost per click, which is the amount an advertiser pays per click of the ad.

What do you mean by conversion?

Conversion means when a visitor fills the form by giving his name, email details or buys the product.

Between seo, sem, smm, E-mail marketing  which do you like to do and think more effective?

In the current situation, I give priority to all as every business needs profit. If you depend on Only SEO then you can’t get leads in a short period time. Then you go for PPC or Facebook marketing which can give you immediate result.

How do you do keyword research?

I choose the long tail keyword with medium or low competition. Because if you take the long tail keyword then it will be easier to rank short tail keywords. I use Google keyword planner, Alexa keyword tool, and Yoast SEO suggest to check the competition of the keyword. Apart from that, I choose keywords from Quora, Kindle books.

Digital Marketing interview questions

How to improve quality score of an ad?

Quality Score of an ad depends on the relevancy of the keywords and ads and also the quality of landing page. So I will choose the keywords relevant to the landing page and create ads accordingly.

How do you use social media for marketing?

I use social media to drive traffic and exposure of the brands. I get leads by posting quality posts and images. I use various groups, commenting on posts and paid marketing on Facebook, Linkedin. I use Facebook marketing to boost post, increase page links, website visit etc.

Which social media you use most?

I use both Facebook and Linked in most. As Facebook is B2C and Linkedin is B2B channels so I give priority to both.

How do you find blog commenting sites?

Blog commenting should be done for the relevant blogs.  Because if you get a backlink from the irrelevant post or low-quality site, then there is a chance of getting hit by penguin update. I use the query: related: subject to find the relevant blogs to the industry.

Which tools do you use?

I use various tools like google analytics, kiss metrics, Alexa keyword research, Hubspot grader, squirrly website audit, similar web, majestic, link assistant, backlinko, crazy egg, semrush etc.

What are the negative keywords?

In keyword research tool if we don’t need a phrase then we can assign it as a negative keyword.

What are the various social media management tools you use?

I use buffer, HootSuite, sprout social tool to manage various social media accounts. But HootSuite I use the most.

Digital Marketing interview questions

How do you create a Facebook ad?

Planning, idea, conceptualization, design, editing, execution: these are the  process of an ad creation.

The ad should attract convert and delight. Execution is the mechanical part which anybody can do by following some steps. If your can’t attract and generate leads then what is the worth of spending thousands of bulks?

Planning and idea generation is an important aspect of an ad. The more time you spend on planning the more it gives the return. The ad should be created according to trending topics using marketing calendar properly. You have to do research thoroughly about the market, who are our target audience, which color combination should be made, what are the problems and how can u give the solution. The ad should be funny.

We have to do a proper market research before creating an ad based on the current marketing trends. In sales and marketing competition is high, as everyone comes with new idea everyday. We have to do A/B testing after execution of ad.

We have to design the ad in such a way that it can impress the users’ psychology by making them  fun or emotion.

Digital Marketing interview questions

How do you increase Facebook followers and page likes?

There are various methods to increase the Facebook followers and page likes.

Commenting posts, By joining groups, sharing others post, liking posts, offering free webinars, ebooks, paid ads etc. Sharing micro blogs, images on trending topics also work well. If you post regularly valuable information then definitely followers increase day by day. But you can’t neglect paid campaigns.

How do you use twitter for business development?

Twitter is one of the largest social media channels. The power of twitter exists in the # tags. I drive huge traffic to my site using trending # tags.

How do you use Pinterest and Instagram?

Pinterest and Instagram are image sharing channels. I use it for fashion, food, retail, apparels brands.

In which domains, you are expertise in?

Travel and tourism, education, health, retail e-commerce, manufacturing, insurance, information technology.

Digital Marketing interview questions

Which CTR google prefers: 4/10 or 6/10?

Google considers the highest CTR and good performing ad. So 0.6 is more that 0.4. Google will prefer 0.6

What information do you need from clients before running an ad campaign?

Details of the products and services, total budget, time limit.

Finally the interview ends with a handshake. 

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