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Growth and Future of Digital marketing:

The Internet has changed the world and the next century is going to be the era of the internet. Each and every business will be online.

From shoe to education everything is online today. To do an online business you need to know the Digital marketing. Without Digital Marketing, how can you imagine an online business?

According to a recent survey, Digital marketing is the highest growing industry. Before 10 years after passing out college students used to do a job. But now the scenario is changed.

This is the age of entrepreneurship. Everyone wants to do their own business. You can do your business anywhere at any corner of the world by setting up an office with your laptop by just creating a website and doing marketing.

Due to the growth in mobile industry people prefer to search information on the phone which will cross the desktop user in next decade. The e-commerce industry is in start now. E-commerce industries need strong digital social and content marketing. It will create millions of jobs.

Pm Narendra Modi has launched the Digital India, Which will create around 20 million jobs. People from any academic degree like Bcom, BSc, B.A, B.tech, Mba can have ample of opportunities in this field.

There is false impression that people only from technical background can do this job. People from any stream have wide scope in this field. Just you need to have good English knowledge and sound technical knowledge.

Digital Marketing provides thousands of path to earn money. You may become a blogger, Seo expert, Social Media marketer, copy writer, SEM specialist, Affiliate marketer, E-commerce enterprise.

Through digital marketing many young professionals and entrepreneurs have established themselves in very short period of time. Many e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, ola, Amazonas, Flipkart, eBay, housing, magicbriks have made a mark in a short period by the digital platform.

Gone are those days when people were dependent on outbound marketing. Outbound marketing like tv ads, radio ads, bulk SMS, cold calling all are disruption now a days. Customers are smart today. Zuerst, they research products on the web then acquire the information to buy it.

When you are watching your favorite show and an ad comes you just change the channel. Here marketers only shout this is my product, my service, buy this, buy thatoooph! So annoyed! If you contact any one for information of their service they disturb you by calling again and again. This scenario was ok up to 2010-12.

But the scenario is gonna change. If you want to sustain in the market you have to apply the new marketing technology ie inbound marketing. Here you don’t need to go to each customer or shout to buy this.

Customers will be automatically attracted to your products and service as like as a magnet attracts. This method is customer centric and based on trust building, Informationsaustausch. I want to mention here that inbound marketing, web marketing, online marketing and internet marketing all are same.

According to a survey report, internet marketing will create millions of jobs worldwide in the next decade. Everyone wants to do a business apart from their jobs. Then each business needs a website to establish as an authority in the market.

To be an internet marketer you require sound technical and analytical skill. How to create a site, how to optimize it on the search engine, Social Media Marketing, video marketing all you have to need the help of experts.

From the above graph, you can see the hike of Digital Marketing against traditional marketing. This is the graph from Google Trends.

Why should you do Digital marketing instead of traditional marketing?

  • It is very cheaper comparing to outbound or traditional marketing.
  • Outbound creates the disturbance.
  • You can easily target to any region, age group, Geschlecht, Beruf.
  • Customers can see your products according to their choice and time.
  • Your can target your customers of any location according to your choice.

Way2inspiration brings you the Advance Digital Marketing training program, where you can learn Advance Digital Marketing Program Online. I have mentioned the Gist of the course. you can download the Complete course detail here.

Introduction to Digital marketing:

What is marketing? How we do marketing? What is digital marketing? The difference between tradition and digital marketing. Benefits of Digital Marketing.

Website development and design:
Each business needs a website today. From small store to multinational company how can you imagine to set up a business without a website? But as a digital marketer, you don’t need to plunge deep into the world of coding like HTML, CSS, PHP.

You can easily create your own website and run your business by learning the Content management system. You can develop and design your page with cms platform like Wordpress, Joomla, drupal, Magento. As a starter, you need to know WordPress and the rest of all is a cake walk.

What is a website? Different types of websites. The concept of Domain and Hosting. Fundamental of Html, CSS, Javascript. Popular CMS WordPress, Joomla, drupal, development of a website with WordPress, Managing themes, menu, Tags, Beiträge, pages, plugins and widgets with live project.

Search Engine Optimization:
How can you expect your website without SEO? Without SEO, your website is just like a dead body. Now-a-days SEO is not easy as earlier.

But if you learn thoroughly you can easily rank your page to the top page of Google. Its advantage is it is free and with some mild effort, you can get your page to the top position. As an SEO professional, you can also easily start your career in different companies.

Fundamentals of SEO. How SEO has been changed. Types of keywords. Keyword research and competition. Business-Analyse und Kategorisierung. Google keyword planner tool.

On page and off page optimization. Local Seo strategy. Google algorithms and updates and recovery process.

PPC Marketing [Adwords+Bing]

Search engine marketing or PPC is the paid marketing. You can’t only rely on Seo that’s why you need PPC. With this help, you can easily get a lot of customers. Seo takes time but PPC gives you immediate result.

What is paid marketing? Adwords fundamental. Account setup. Campaign settings. Adgroup creation, Ad creation, Keyword match types, ad auction, ad rank, quality score, Bidding strategy, Ad formats and extension, DSA campaign. Conversion tracking, Segments and filters, Access levels, My client center, Adwords editor tool, Remarketing
Display advertising, E-commerce and shopping ads, Mobile marketing, video marketing using adwords

Social Media marketing:

If you do SMM properly with minimum effort you can get a lot of visitors to your page. You can make your facebook, Youtube, twitter page and promote it. Just you need to know the technique of attracting visitors to your page. There are paid marketing features in facebook, twitter also.

Introduction to social media marketing, Social media optimization, Facebook marketing, facebook advertising, Twitter marketing, youtube-Marketing, Google + Marketing, Linkedin marketing, Instagram marketing, Pinterest marketing, other social media networks and document sharing networks


When you get leads from your site by using subscribe forms then you can do email marketing by using Feedburner, MailChimp, AWeber like software. You can send mail by scheduling using automation tool.

The importance of email marketing, Popular email marketing software, Email marketing strategy, Email marketing with mail chimp, creating lists, campaign, sign up forms, design newsletter, Bulk emailing, Automation tool.

Online Reputation Management:

Need of ORM, Analysis of +ve and –ve reputation of brands, complaint sites, sozialen Medien, Mund zu, justdial reviews, Case studies, Tools for ORM, Action plan to remove –ve reviews
Inbound marketing: What is inbound marketing? Inhaltsvermarktung, Types of content, Content generation ideas, Infographic creation, Landing page creation, Hubspot certification.

google Analytics:

The importance of Analytics for Business, Popular Analytics Softwares, key performance metrics in analytics, Google analytics, Visits and users, Bounce rate, exit rate, conversion rate, Engagement, Installing analytics code in the site, analytics account structure, Tools in analytics, settings in analytics, real-time reports.
Audience reports, Acquisition reports, Behaviour reports, Experiments, Conversion tracking.

Google Adsense:

How google Adsense works, Top Adsense earners, Adsense guidelines, Finding a proper niche for the website, Types of AdSense account, Ad format and sizes, Bidding Models, Adding code in your site/ using the plugin, Blocking ads.

Content Marketing:

How can you expect a website without content? Content plays the crucial role in inbound marketing. Visitors are converted only by your content.

The objective of content marketing, Compelling content writing techniques, Magnetic headlines writing techniques, content writing techniques by experts, Promoting your content. Case studies.

bloggen & Affiliate Marketing:

Blogging has become multi-million industry today. Just you do some hard effort in the beginning and rest is fun. Money comes while you are sleeping. Just you have needed a niche topic and then write your own content or hire a content writer to write the content. You can do affiliate marketing to promote others product based on your niche topic.

What is a blog, types of blog, Content writing strategy, finding your niche to blogging, the importance of video blogging, Top Affiliate marketing networks around the world, Affiliate marketing payment models, Promoting products according to your niche content.

Mobile Marketing:

According to report, mobile users will overcome desktop users in the next decade.
Fundamentals of mobile marketing, Mobile marketing and social media, tools to create mobile website,tools to create mobile app, advertising on mobile, SMS marketing, creating mobile application

E-commerce marketing:
The growth of e-commerce market, Top e-commerce around the world, seo of an e-commerce site, e-commerce site development with cms (drupal, Magento), Affiliate marketing for e-commerce.
Lead generation:
Understanding lead generation for business, creating landing pages, A/B testing, lead nurturing strategy, conversion of lead to the customer, understanding lead funnel, Case studies.

Business Management and Entrepreneurship:

Basic of Financial Management, Business Idea Generation, Business Planning, Value, Goal Setting, Idea generation for business, Entrepreneurship and its future scope.

Why to Learn Advance Digital Marketing Course Online?

There are many sites you can refer to gain basic knowledge on Blogging, Content Marketing, E-Mail-Marketing, SEO. But you can’t get sequentially. As a beginner, you need proper guidance.

This Course helps you to Learn online at your own time which is preferable by working persons, housewives, College Students, Entrepreneurs. You can do your day job and simultaneously attend the class.

  • We have faculties having 8+ years experience having in-depth knowledge in SEO, SEM, SMM, Digital Marketing.
  • Real Time Case Studies with Internship Certification.
  • Assignment and Task at the end of each class.
  • Adwords and Inbound Marketing Certification.
  • Opportunity to Earn while you Learn by starting your online business on blogging, Affiliate Marketing.
  • Extra Doubt Clearing Class.