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उच्च योग के पथ ध्यान

I met a scientist of Nasa in Europe last year. उन्होंने कहा कि अंतरिक्ष यात्रियों के साथ काम कर रहा था और बाद में उनके स्वास्थ्य अब तक अंतरिक्ष में दूर किया जा रहा है की तलाश में. मैंने उससे पूछा कि आप बीमारी का प्रबंधन कैसे करूँ और रोगों अब तक अंतरिक्ष में दूर किया जा रहा है. जब वे रहने 6 अंतरिक्ष में महीने वे एक सूटकेस उन लोगों के साथ दवा का पूरा ले कर? वे प्रत्याशा में दवा ले कि मैं ठंड या किसी रोगों मिल सकता है? यदि वे बीमार पड़ क्या होता है? उन्होंने कहा कि हम क्वांटम चिकित्सा के रूप में नाम के एक नए चिकित्सा का उपयोग.

यह कंप्यूटर पर और कंप्यूटर हम सभी भौतिक मानदंडों रक्तचाप को खिलाने में लोड एक विशेष सॉफ्टवेयर के साथ सौदों, दिल बिट, तापमान, अंतरिक्ष यात्रियों की श्वसन. कंप्यूटर व्यक्ति को एक विशेष आवृत्ति प्रदान करती है. The frequency of the person is captured by the computer no matter where the person is on the planet or out of the planet as long as the person is alive the computer will pick up the frequency being emitted by the person. Using the computer we can treat them whether they get a headache or any problem. The electro magnetic ray is beamed from the system on the earth to the person in the space.

He gets cured by the beam of a ray. We can also anticipate by the parameters by regular testing whether any disease is coming up to the particular person. Hopefully, in 2050 every body will be carrying small computers with them and can cure their diseases monitoring their health and treating themselves. They won’t be any need of medication. For major cases, they may need the Doctor.

I said do you know what you are talking about? All the conventional method will come to collapse. This is based on the Yogic principle dealing with the pranamaya kosha. Prana is an energy or vital force. It is contained in everything. In the air, it exists as the major source of supply. It manifests in different forms in our body. Sometimes as heat sometimes as stamina. As the athletes take their second breath when they are about to reach the final point of the sprints and consolidate all their energy and prana-shakti to finish it.

In the body, it is assigned in different areas and governs different functions of organs. In the body, you will find 5 different pranas. Prana the upward moving force, Apana the downward moving force, Udana the circular force, Samana the lateral force, Byana the all pervasive force. Yoga says any form of deficiencies in any of the prana will lead to illness. Therefore Yogis are concerned with the subject of activating their pranas.

The higher Yoga begins with the practice of pranayama and meditation. Prior to that, it is the preparatory Yoga. Asanas, Bandha, Mudra these are the steps of the Preparatory stages but not the higher stages. Yama, Niyam, Shatkarma these are all the preparatory stages. The real practice of yoga begins when you come to the pranayama series. These breathing techniques can help you to realize the force within your body. This breath has a lot of connection with the physical body as well. A lot of influence breath exerts on the function of internal organs of the body.

When you are breath in the heart slows down when you breathe out the heart speeds up. This is the continuous process every time you inhale or exhale. When you are breathing slowly and deeply you are giving rest to your heart. You are allowing the oxygen to mix with the flow of blood by allowing sufficient time to come out from the blood and through breath out of the body.

The regulated breathing balance the gland systems by regulating the production and output of the hormone. It brings out harmony with the motored nervous system so that you can feel more vitality, physical more fit, full of stamina and less of lethargy with higher motivation in life. Respiration also controls the fluctuating mood the shuttle behavior of mind.

When you breathe in and out in a regulated manner then the neuronic harmony of the brain influences the projection of moods. The systematic and coordinated breathing helps the neurons in the brain and the electrical interaction between brain cells will be more regulated. This can be seen in acquiring with the longer alpha wave and beta wave with electrical emission.

As the body becomes more sensitive to the flow of breath, it begins to absorb more prana shakti from the air. This prana shakti helps you to move from gross to shuttle experience of yoga. Unless you are aware of the prana shakti or the influence of the prana you can’t really control the mind no way at all. If you sit top of the mind and control its moving try it. The mind is much more powerful than you ever can be. And the funny part is I will control my mind comes from the mind itself.

In yoga theories, you find that according to yoga human lives in five different dimensions. These are the Annamaya Kosha, Pranamaya kosha, Mano Maya Kosha, Vigyan may, Anand may. Annamaya means the body of matter. Pranamaya means the body of energy the vital force. Manomaya means the body of mind. Bigyanmaya means the body of psychic or consciousness.

Anandmay means the dimension of spirit. These are the 5 dimensions we function with awareness or without it. When you drive a car or heavy vehicle you have to control many activities simultaneously right. Like you change the gears and clutch balancing the steering. Your eyes are focused on the street. You have to simultaneously control the accelerator, clutch and steering. These all activities occur in harmony and coordination with each other. In this multidimensional existence of the individuals, the same thing happens.

While you are living in the material dimension, activities taking place in the pranamaya, mano Maya, Vigyan Maya, Anand may all dimensions simultaneously. But we are not aware of those activities till we direct our mind to become aware of that. This directing the mind into certain activities is the beginning of Yoga after Pranayama, Pratyahara, dhyana, dharana. So the pranayama and the prana shakti are the gateways to move you from material to shuttle experience. Thus the real Yoga begins. Not with asanas. Even the circus men can bend their body and limbs in a better way than the hath yogis.

The greenness in the leaves of the trees is the prana shakti of the plant. The heat in the rays of the sun is the prana. The temperature in the body of different living organisms is the prana which maintains a constant temperature. How does an embryo survive in the womb of the mother without heart and breathing? It is the prana shakti. When it gets higher or lower you get sick.

All activities which sustain life is the activity of prana. The prana is the form of energy in different sensation and vibration. Sometimes when it is awakened people experience it in the form of electrical shock. Or current going through their body as extreme heat or cold. Some people are able to see the auras and colors.

This is the prana a Yogi has to work to move to higher practices. This begins with the stage of pranayama. This prana is found in abundance in the air we are breathing. Therefore respiration plays a major role in the absorption of Prana and the awakening of it. But it is not the breath or air. According to the Yogasutras of Patanjali

Swasa Praswasa Gatirbichhedah Pranayamah.

According to the Yogic principle, the pranayama is the gap between the inhalation and the exhalation. Patanjali has not said that the inhalation or the incoming is pranayama. When the speed of inhalation and exhalation is broken the turning point is the pranayama. The kumbhak breath retention.

ध्यान, wisdom and knowledge.

Meditation is an experience, not a theory. Just sitting by closing your eyes for 1 hour is not meditation or dhyana. You can get its definition by practice this, practice that etc. A nonyogic person can give its description. But a yogi can’t really explain. Is it beyond explanation.

There are two processes in life: the process of becoming and the process of being. Your sadhana is to become and what you are in the position is the state of being. ध्यान the path of higher yoga, is a state to be lived and the experience of being. In the previous stages of asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, Dharana you are going through the process of becoming.

You are trying to become in the previous stages and this stage you have become. When you start practicing ध्यान initially, three things are interacting with each other. Three components are coming together in the process of learning how to meditate. You the individual the component number

1. The goal of meditation which you want to achieve is the object no.

2. The process which you adopt to meditate to come to the point of perfection is the component number

3. So the individual, goal and the process where are the three different components come together you begin the stage of meditation.

When you are aware of the 3 things simultaneously you come to the stage of pratyahara the first step. You know that you are sitting down, you are practicing the inner silence or ajapa japa. You are aware of the goal towards which you are trying to move. As you go deeper into the meditative experience one thing drops off. From 3 components it becomes two. What drops out the process.

The process becomes a natural expression and extension of the state to achieve that meditative goal. Without effort, you naturally approach towards the goal when you sit. Two things have highlighted the aim of the meditation and the individual practicing the meditation. This unbroken stage is called Dharana. This is the unbroken stage of retention without any fluctuation. As you go deeper into the process of the meditative stage one more thing drops that is you. You merge with the goal. The union of yourself and the goal happens. When you become that experience the Dhyan stage comes.

के बारे में 20 years ago one day I was sitting down quietly in a garden alone. Suddenly there was a shift of consciousness. I was not the body anymore. I became a tree. That experience lasted for 60 सेकंड. It was the most frightening experience. I felt myself as a tree, not as a human body. I could feel the wind blowing, the leaves, branches, insects crawling on the trunk. There was absolutely no body consciousness.

In the experience of having becoming tree there was a great freight how could I breathe, how could I move. I came to the root position. The experience passed. It was the state of meditation. It may not be a pleasant one to remember. When the concentration deepens there is no body, no mind, no sensation the stage of void ness is experienced. You don’t feel your body as body. That is the state of meditation. When that state continues for an extended period of time for half a day, full day, a week or month, the state of Samadhi occurs. The pinnacle stage of Yoga is achieved. Samadhi is the continued experience of dhyana. Dhyan experience is momentary but Samadhi experience is unbroken.

Krishna says, One who is established in the state of wisdom is the Yogi and has the experience of Samadhi. We confuse knowledge with wisdom. Knowledge is the process of knowing. You know the right you know the wrong, the appropriate which is limited to the intellect only. When you begin to apply the knowledge it becomes the wisdom. The applied knowledge is the wisdom. Intellectual understanding is only knowledge.

उच्च योग के पथ ध्यान - is the original transcription of the speech of Swami Niranjanand Paramacharya of Bihar School of Yoga, मुंगेर.

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