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Powerful spiritual quotes on love and life to stay motivated all time


Hey hey ! welcome back. Feeling depressed? feeling fatigue? This powerful spiritual quotes on love and life to stay motivated all time can show you the right path. The base of motivation is the spirituality. If you are not a spiritual person the inner motivation doesn’t arise and all the time you feel less motive.Hope The ‘powerful spiritual quotes on love and life to stay motivated all time’ can show you the proper guidance. 


Love for God develops in a man, as soon as his attraction for the world is completely gone. Whatever thing is yours, you like it always. So taking God as your own, love for God also develops.

How surprising, that the ever existing changeless entity God is not loved, but the ever changing world appears so dear. So long as there is the attachment to the world, there is no real love for God.

The world’s pleasure giving propensity is a special obstacle to God’s love. If one renounces h\this propensity, then love for God would automatically arise.

So long as man has an attraction for the perishable, until then, even with spiritual practice, one is not attracted by the love of nonperishable God, nor realize him.

Exclusive love for God is called the Radha Tattva. Until there is an attraction for the world, the Radha Tattva is not intuited. There is now worship that equals the love of God. So long as an aspirant wants to carry out his own wishes, till then, he would neither love the God with attributes nor the God without attributes.

God’s love is not acquired by sacrifices, penance, charity, fasting, pilgrimage, etc. but through regarding him firmly as his own. You do not get love from practicing penance but only achieve power.

Love arises from treating God, as one’s own. In the love of God, there is an exclusive rapture that is not in knowledge. Knowledge gives unbroken happiness, but love endless bliss.

Differences exist among sects, not in love. Love devours all differences completely. The pull towards God is called devotion. Devotion is never complete but it keeps on increasing, more and more.

For the love of God, one must have a greater closeness with him. For his vision a fervent craving is essential.

Knowing the world would make one a renunciate. By knowing God, greater love for Him would result. One whose realization is sure, love him. Do serve the world that is sure to be separated.

That is love, where there is no impurity of personal comfort and selfishness.

Love is ahead of salvation even. Up to salvation, one can relish it, but in love, one becomes the giver of bliss.

In the path of knowledge, sorrow and bondage are gone and one gets established in one self, but one achieves nothing. In the path of devotion, one acquires love which increases every moment.

Without knowledge, love passes off as delusion, and without love, knowledge is lost in nothingness.

One within whom exist the previous influences of devotion, and the shelter of divine grace, he is not satisfied by liberation alone. God’s blessings dilute the taste of salvation and replace it by granting him, unlimited love.

No insistence on one’s creed and not resorting to the disregard, rebuttal, or disrespect of another sect, after salvation, automatically helps achieve divine love.

When the desire for enjoyment ends, there is the fulfillment of knowledge, but there is no end to the thirst for love which is never quenched and increases every moment.

In the world, there are both attractions and repulsions but in God, there is an only attraction and no repulsion at all. If there is any repulsion, then, in reality, there has been no attraction.

Just as from a worldly point of view, without greed for wealth, there is no special importance for the same. So without love, knowledge has no special significance and it might lead to nothingness.


Judging oneself great or small, in terms of created and perishable things, is a great mistake, an absurdity.

To consider oneself small and others great is greatness. To treat himself as great and others small is truly lowliness.

A man is really great if he makes others great. While he who makes others small, he himself is small, a slave.

By wealth, lands, houses etc., material things, if one considers himself as great, it is a perversion of intellect.

By taking into account worldly good, if a man treats himself as great, he made small, by such good. We were great earlier, then we created wealth and we treated ourselves as great, because of the wealth. This means that in fact, wealth is bigger than us. Riches get more respect and we ourselves are disgraced.

Bondage and salvation

Treating the body and other matters as one’s own is bondage, and not accepting them as own, means salvation. All are free to accept or reject this relationship.

All relations with the world may lead either to salvation or bondage. But the contract for the spiritual path (service to others) leads to salvation, and the link for selfishness brings about bondage.

All relations with the world may lead either to salvation or bondage. But the contract for the spiritual path(service to others) leads to salvation, and the link for selfishness brings about bondage.


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By maltreating a human body, man gets bound, and by its good use, he is freed. For selfish reasons, causing harm to others is misusing the human body, while by giving up selfish interest and doing good to others, is its beneficial use.

To give importance to the perishable is bondage. Whatever Is granted, do not accept it as your own, then salvation would come, naturally.

The world comprises the favorable and unfavorable. Man gets bound by being happy or otherwise in the favorable and unfavorable state, and in not being happy or otherwise, it liberates him.

The body is a part of the world and we ourselves are a fraction of God. So dedicate the body to the world or use it for service to the world and consecrate the self to God, then salvation occurs the same day.

By the desire for salvation, keenness for the body does not subsist. If it does, then there is no desire for salvation.

By acting for others without thought of reward, salvation comes and acting with a thought of reward for oneself, create bondage. It means that man should act without thought of expectation in discharging his duties.

If you want to free yourself from bondage, then give up the possessive spirit in acquired things, as well as, desire for not acquired ones.

God’s creation never binds one, nor gives pain. Man made (I-ness and my-ness) binds and gives pain.

Doing, what should not be done, and worrying about what could not be done are two special fetters.

To get a thing or not to get it, does not cause bondage, but acceptance of a link with the same does.

To treat the world as service to one’s self-facilitates bondage while be holding oneself for service to the world is favorable for salvation.

Bondage does not arise from the action, but from desire.

The desire for an unacquired thing and feeling or I-ness for the acquired, means bondage and subjugation.

To renounce the desire for pleasure craving for liberation is necessary. But to seek liberation with desire for the same becomes an impediment.

Man does not get bound by his actions such, but by the attachment and selfishness inherent in his action.

By associating selfishness with any action, such an act becomes low and causes bondage.

It is a principle that, until man keeps on acting for himself, he does not exhaust the acts and gets bound by them.

So long as there is a link with nature, till then to act or not to act, both are acts which create bondage.

Salvation is of the soul and not of the body. On achieving salvation, the body does not separate from the world, only the self, remains separate from the body and the world.

Salvation does not come from outside renunciation, but by inward detachment.

“I don’t have to take anything’ only with this, I could gain salvation.

Liberation is easy and natural, bondage is subject to doings.

In reality, it is the liberated that achieves salvation a bounded one does not.

Giving up evils:

An aspirant should not consider anybody as wicked, not talk ill of anybody, not think ill of anybody, nor see ill in anybody, nor hear of anybody’s ill, or speak ill to anybody. By following these six don’ts firmly, an aspirant becomes free form wickedness.

Should anybody do wrong, but in return do not wish ill of him, think as if one cuts his own tongue by his teeth.

It is not necessary to do as much good, as there is need to give u one’s own wickedness. By giving up wickedness, good would come about by itself and would not have to be resorted to.

Whatsoever, we think good, it is not obligatory for us to fully carry it out but what we consider as an evil, we are bound to completely shun it. To avoid it strength, ability, knowledge and courage, are granted to us by God.

Courage does not lie in doing good, but in not doing ill of anybody.

One who wants salvation for one self; he should have no ill will towards anybody.

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