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Kleine en middelgrote zakelijke ideeën met een lage investeringen en hoge winst

It is the really difficult time when you leave your job. You think to start a business but you have nothing to invest. When I started my business was totally blank with both idea and fund. Young entrepreneurs are ruling the world today, why not I? I kept my ears and eyes open with higher consciousness to get an idea.

Even shoe polish, water purifying are highly profitable business ideas generating higher turnover. I had an old building near to the township. I thought it would be better to start a guest house for tourists. It was a complete furnished one but no one was to take care of it. It would take some time to clean and modify the interior design. I was very much excited to start this business. I started preparing a plan how to renovate the house and consulted with interior designers who could incorporate to give a new look.

I started posting ads on different classified sites, krant-. I even developed a small website putting good content and pictures. I did better Seo with detail competition analysis. I gave priority to mobile Seo and pay per click ads as users today are searching more on their smartphones. After some time I started getting calls.

I started earning huge profits from domestic clients. Gradually I was on the way to becoming a young entrepreneur with higher motivation and energy. Today I handle 5 guest houses with transport and restaurant facilities. Today I organize corporate tours dealing with international clients, which is really a great achievement for me.

In this way I could setup a profitable business. Today young generation has the power of technology to start and get success in business. They are getting inspiration to explore something new and help the world. I have prepared a gist of small and medium business ideas with low investment and high profit, which may help you to kick start your business.

A small gift store:

Starting your own gift store can be the best business plan. Wedding and birthday gifts are in great demand now-a-days and you should take advantage of it.

Interior planner:

Everyone has a dream house. Interior design planner is a highly profitable business idea. There is the shortage of interior designers. You need to have some work experience with creative skill.

Wedding planner:

The wedding is the important event in everyone’s life. So getting the perfect match is very important. You can be a matchmaker to match the brides with the grooms.

Coaching classes:

If you are a teacher or want to start teaching then start your own coaching class. You can teach law, fysica, math, commerce which are in high demand.

Stationary/ Grocery shop business:

Everyone needs groceries and stationary items. You can sell Fast moving consumer goods, office items like clipboard, pens, paper. Keep the daily used items in stock.

Mobile Food stalls:

Everyone leads a fast life and don’t have to time to prepare breakfast or meal. It can help people to save their time and enjoy delicious food.

Mobile shop:

Almost everyone owns a smartphone today. A mobile recharge + repairing shop can be a good earning business.

Jewelry shop:

Do you know girls and women are crazy for necklaces, bracelets, rings? With increasing price of gold and diamond, jewelry designing is the good option for you. You can sell gold, silver, diamond as well as imitation jewelry which are in great demand by the females.

Garment shop:

Women’s wear shop can give you higher profit than men’s wear or you can sell both types.

Newspaper agency:

If you want to earn money with less investment this may be the great plan for you.

Beauty parlor/ salon:

Bridal makeup, message centers are most demanding and profitable bedrijf tegenwoordig.

Lodging and Boarding:

If you have an old house or rented house open a lodge and display a signboard.

Book store:

Book lovers are everywhere. This will be a great achievement if you choose this plan. But be careful before choosing the place. Book stores should be easily accessible to students and book lovers.

Yoga center:

The power of Yoga is not hidden to anyone. Starting a Yoga institute with good trainers may require a small investment but can give you big profits.

Photography Business:

Every event needs good photography skills to captivate the moments. You can open your shop and work as a freelancer photographer. You should know the skill of photo editing with photoshop or hire a person.

Computer store:

Home and office computers are operated everywhere then why not start a computer store?

Security/detective agency:

Due to increasing number of crimes and thefts security has become mandatory for home, office and factories. If you can hire some qualified security professionals then it may be a good option for you.

Real estate consultant:

Buying and selling a house is a really complicated task. Being a real estate agent or consultant you can earn good money providing proper services.

Travel agency:

Who doesn’t love to travel? Travel and hospitality industry is booming. You can organize tours and travels.


The pre-nursery schools are in great demand in the European and American countries. If you have a good space or you can take a rented space to kick start this bedrijf.

Xerox and bookbinders:

Students always in search of Xerox and bookbinders for their school and college projects. It is very simple to start and low investment is needed.


Weight loss is a great concern for urban people. You can help people to loose weight and build muscles by opening a gym.


You may be a web developer, designer or SEO expert, then freelancing is the best option for you.

Computer training institute:

The demand of computer courses is growing day by day. From high school students to housewives all are learning the computer.

Game parlor:

The young generation is crazy behind computer games. Xbox, Nintendo are amazing gaming platforms.

Courier Agency:

Due to the grow of the online market most people purchase products online. The need of courier service is taking the skylift. You can start courier service of your own or merge your company with an existing one.

HR Consultancy:

Everyone wants a good job. You can tie up with different MNCS running your recruiting farm.


Are you capable of generating good content? Then there mightn’t be any better option than blogging. Start an online blog to earn a handsome income.

Advertisement/marketing agency:

Both offline and online marketing agencies are a profitable bedrijf.

Fast food shop:

You can make some good arrangements for hungry people. You can run your fast food parlor and deliver online.

Resume writing:

Providing professional resume writing services is in high demand. Because a professional resume is needed by everyone.

Data entry services:

This is the big opportunity to start your bedrijf.

Curio shop:

Antiques are in high demand now-a-days. You can get a huge chance to earn good starting your curio shop.

Second-hand auto dealer:

You can open your own dealership as the second-hand auto dealer. You have to work as a mediator. You can find the second-hand vehicles online and purchase them. Then you invest some micro finance in remodeling. Then you can sell it.

Motivational Speaker:

Can you speak well? Is your speech inspiring others? Then you can become a good motivational speaker. Companies need good speakers to motivate their employee.

Relaxation spa parlor:

Relaxation is quite a good option for busy people.

Packers and movers

This is not the option for you unless you have a good manpower.

Insurance Consultant:

If you have good marketing skill then you can easily convince people by running a good insurance agency.

Dairy and sweet shop:

Sweet is a must for any type of event also the dairy products.

Event management:

Don’t opt this option unless you have the manpower. Manpower is the main requirement here. If you have that go ahead confidently.

The quality that every entrepreneur has common is to help people and save their time. They go against all odds to get success. They go beyond necessity and desperation. The determination glows when there is desperation.

Every entrepreneur knows that without their customer they are nothing. An entrepreneur truly values and appreciates every customer. They know the power of word of mouth marketing over any paid means. The value for customer brings over anything else. They constantly evaluate their competitors and bring something better less costly exactly what their customers want and need. Low budget airline owners are the prime example of keeping the customers first.

People think you just sit and relax in a home business. They don’t see the little things going on behind your business. You put a lot of man hour when you run a successful business. Comparing your 9-5 day job the successful home businesses spend 6-8 hours a day working.

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