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Spiritual quotes to start your day:

In doing harm to others, one harms himself and by doing good to others, he gains good this is a rule.

Relations with the world are subject to and conditioned by obligations. There are ways to free oneself from these obligations, by serving all others and not desiring anything from anybody.

An aspirant may desire the realization of either God with attributes or without attributes, he must, without fail, be devoted to the service and welfare of all beings.

An aspirant who serves God with a pure heart and in true faith, really serves all living beings, as God is the root of all.

An aspirant must bear by himself all pains of his, howsoever great, but not tolerate the smallest pain that falls on others.

By wishing to bring happiness to others, one loses his own desire for happiness to himself.

That nobody should suffer no pain whatever, this feeling is a great worship.

Just as a man goes to his office and only looks after his office work, so in this world also, only the work of the world has to be done, and nothing for himself. Then he easily delinks his attachment with the world and realizes the ever attained eternal God.

Time, understanding, matter and effort to consider using these four for oneself, is to misuse these. To employ these for the good of others is their worthy and beneficial use.

Whatever happiness one feels to derive form the pleasures born of contact, and if such happiness one finds in giving pleasure to others, then there is no doubt, in one’s blessedness.

Whatever happiness or comfort we have received, that is only for serving the world.

Man’s body has not been granted for enjoying one’s pleasure, but only for service and bringing joy to others.

God has granted such great privileges to man, that he could serve the living beings, humans, saints, Risis and great souls, the devas, the manes, the spirits and all others. And not only that, but he could even serve the almighty God.

Without serving the world, the desire for action is not abandoned.

Just as, by doing good work in a company, the owner becomes happy, so by our serving the world, its master say God is pleased.

As a mother’s milk is not for herself but for a child, so whatever resources man has, are not for himself, but only for others.

Just as, a sensual person has a lure for enjoyment, an obsessed person’s weakness for his family, and a greedy person’s love for wealth, so also a good person is devoted to the welfare of living beings.

People are to be rendered service and beneficent use of material things is to be made.

By directing actions to the service of others, actions flow to the world, and an aspirant becomes free form the ties of action.

One who always wants to feel oneness with all pervasive God, must necessarily be devoted to the welfare of living beings.

Making use of gross, subtle and causual forms fo body,l in pilgrimage, fasting, charity, penance, reflection, meditation, and Samadhi all good acts, in good faith selflessly done for others, become ‘swadharma’ and these very acts done with personal motive become ‘paradharma’.

The best use of a thin, is to use it for the good of others.

A great man is ever devoted to the good of others.

Our life is not for ourselves, but for the good of others.

The root of service is to become unhappy with other’s unhappiness.

In doing good, we serve the society. Being free from wrong, humanity is served. Being free from desire, one serves oneself. In loving God, one serves God.

One who takes the path of God whole heartedly, through him good comes to others automatically.

A thing given by the world, is solely for the service of the world, and not for anything else.

Something may appeal to us, but it is not for our enjoyment, but only for service.

Man should do such things, that are good for him as well as, for the world, would be good now and also result in good.

If you serve your body, then you would be linked with the world. If you serve the world for the sake of God, then your relationship with God will strengthen.

One, who in his heart, feels good for all, he finds a place in the heart of God.

Spirituality has not deteriorated, but behavior has, and must improve. Behaviour could improve the service to others discarding self-interest and vanity.

Whosoever, with feelings for the good ot others, wherever his lives, would attain God there.

To turn towards God, we must turn away form the world. For turning away from the world, we must serve others, without thought or reward.

In service, to aspire for things is a mistake. Whatever thing has been granted, the same should be rightly used, in serving.

In the world, as you do for other,s the result would be the same for you, so always do good to others.

After abandoning selfishness and vanity, one who only applies himself to serving others, he truly lives.

Those who demand service, the present times are bad for them, but those who wish to serve others for them the times are propitious.

By any act of ours, nobody should suffer pain, how so ever little, this attitude is service.

By serving others unselfishly, not only does behavior improve, but personal attachment would also be lost.

By serving family members, no delusion occurs. One deludes himself, only when one desires something from others.

After attaining God, man can benefit the world so much, that could not be compared with any charity or piety.

By serving a person, who bears enmity with us, we gain much because in such a case there is no enjoyment of service.

Should an opportunity to render service arise, we should rejoice for that a fateful chance.

If we keep our own good separate from that of the entire creation, ego would continue, which is an obstacle for an aspirant. In other words, an aspirant’s spiritual effort and his actions, should be directed towards the good of the world.

 - These Spiritual quotes to start your day will definitely make your day beautiful.  😎

  • Reference: Drops of nectar

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