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step by step goal setting formula for your successful life

Most people do a great job by setting goals, but it is difficult for some people. People spend a lot of money but can’t be able to target their goals effectively and efficiently. I am gonna share what the fundamental mistakes people do and how to avoid them. You will learn how to boost your income 3-4 times or maybe 10 times in the next 12 months. Because you need some time to understand the goal setting process, goal achieving process. In this article I share you the perfect step by step goal setting formula for your successful life, that brings you abundance of joy and prosperity.

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These are different processes on how to attract good health, relation, wealth by law of attraction. How you make your life masterpiece, how to feel proud of yourself and know the importance of your life. Actually, the goal setting idea I generated was at the age of 19, when I dropped my college, got failed in my semester and fell in enormous trouble. Beautiful clothes, foods, luxury building, cars were a dream in my childhood as I spent my childhood in poor. I tried to find the solution to overcome the situation and observed the lifestyle of successful people. Read their biographies, books on motivation, met the great personals. Yes, it really took time but I got the answer. I found the solution.

Goal setting formula

After that, I never looked back. If you are interested in becoming a millionaire or committed to becoming a good person to achieve your goals then read ahead without skipping any line. Read it 2- 3 times at least. The difference between interested and committed is that if you are interested to achieve your goal or to have a good health, wealth, nice physique then do what is easy, convenient and what everybody does.

Set your goal as the bull’s eye:

However, if you take the decision to be committed then you have to avoid excuses. You have to stop blaming other people, your circumstances, stop blaming the economy, lack of knowledge, lack of education and put all your attention to focus how you will and how can achieve the goal. I will share you not only how to set the plans but also how to become a goal achiever and goal setter. 3-5 % of world population only knows how to set the goal properly because they are not taught. They only hope and dream. You have to learn the process not the hope or dream to transmute your goals to reality.

In The first pyramid of your goal, you have to start the absolute precision exactly what it is you want to achieve. Consider your goals as the bull’s eye what makes you focus exactly achieving it in different areas of your life. Suppose in health whether you want spiritual health, emotional health what exactly it is. When you take precision to exactly what you want, you give specific instruction to your brain what you focus on and the people who learn to focus what they exactly want will achieve the goal significantly higher percentage than people who don’t have clarity of focus.

Create a mental picture of your goals:

So what specifically do you want to achieve in your health, finance you have to design a clear mental picture. Make a virtual image in your mind for the exact amount of money you want to earn in next 6 months, 12 months or 36 months. One thing you keep in mind that you are going to achieve the goals you had never before achieved before. The mistake people do they look their present circumstances, their bank account, their job, income and their past to compare what they do in their future. Don’t allow your present or past circumstances to control your thinking or goal setting process. Because, when you see you past or present you psychologically going to create the same situation. You get fear, doubts, and anxiety which are out of your comfort zone.

So you have to decide what you want to achieve in business, career, health specifically and precisely. What you gonna achieve in your relationship. You may be in dilemma what to decide what to set I had gone through the same situation also. Initially, it makes you doubtful but as you proceed it becomes easier. Just take the pen and paper write down what you want. It sends an inner neurological message to your brain and when you repeat every day your brain receives emotion and body get inclined with these goals and then the magic starts to happen. So focus, focus and focus.

S+T+P: (strategy, tactics, and process)

Strategy, tactics, and process play the vital role in setting your goals. Every single goal you want to achieve no matter what it is, already a blueprint of what you can do and should do there is a strategy, tactics, and process you do follow. For example, if you wanna lose weight there is a strategy you have to implement like what should you eat, how much you should eat, there is tactics in every single day to accelerate your metabolic rate, to speed up your weight loss process. Similarly, if you want to 2, 4,5 times more income what you earn right now you have to focus on that and develop a plan of strategy, tactics, and process. I see most people by observing their daily life what they do, have got a lot of strategies, tactics, and some process. But they haven’t really thought of a cohesive coherent way to carry out the strategy to target the goal. Without a strategy, you are using hope and we know hope does n’t yield great results.

Read, write and make a note:

  • Always write your goals in present tense. Know the difference between the goals and wishes.
  • Write and speak your goals in the form of affirmations every day at least two times.
  • Writing can help you to program the affirmations in your subconscious mind and the effect of the law of attraction starts.
  • Repeating the statement and writing it regularly can help your subconscious mind to adopt it and your mind gets faith.
  • In this way, you are actually going to convert an intangible thing to tangible. You are going to convert the desires into reality.
  • At first, you may lose faith but keep patience. Once your mind starts believing the rest will become easier.
  • Gradually the auto-suggestion occurs and the statements automatically hover in your subconscious mind while you are sleeping or doing any work.

Reading makes you an exact man, but Writing makes you a perfect man.

Break the goal into small plans:

This is the important step of your goal setting. Break each of your goals into small plans and try to focus on each of the plans. Then it would be easy to target the main goal. All corporate companies follow this rule. They give some specific goals to their staffs on monthly basis. The employees convert it into small plans and use various strategies to complete it. Take the example of a marketing company or insurance company they have to target specific sales per month. They make the plans according to that. Then employees are assigned the work by their monthly planner.

Final words:

Goal setting is essential for every human being in today’s generation. If you set a pre planned goal it will be easier to target it and life will become smooth. Hope you have liked this article on goal setting formula. If you have any query or suggestion then drop your comments.

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