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stressin hallinta: Miten voittamaan stressin ja masennuksen Luonnollisesti

stressin hallinta: When stressed, you often feel like you have too much information on your mind, overwhelmed with things to do, plus you lack-control over certain aspects of your life. It is important to be more conscious of the things that cause stress in our lives in order to manage our stress levels.

In this article of ‘stress management: miten voittamaan stressiä ja masennusta luonnollisesti’ I will describe the step step by step methods to get relief from stress by using natural methods.

stressin hallinta

This is because the more we are exposed to stress leading factors, the more likely our fight or flight response is activated. Uncontrolled or protracted stress levels may eventually lead to more severe symptoms, such as:

levottomuus, masennus, high blood pressure, and even being overly aggressive.

Stress impacts you mentally, socially, physically, and emotionally. Based on research by American Institute of Stress, almost 90% of health-related complications is connected to stress.

Stress agitates many health problems such as high blood pressure, stroke, sleep disorders, masennus, and heart diseases. Aside from health problems, stress affects us on a social and emotional level. Stress can impair your ability to get a grip on your emotions.

You can flare up easily to small issues even with mild stress. Stress impacts on our relationships. Feeling stressed can actually affect our testosterone levels and desire for sex.

Various studies have shown that impotency can be caused by performance anxiety. This can strain the relationship, especially with regards to intimacy. We cannot avoid stress. It is inevitable. We have to face it in one way or another.

If not managed, stress can affect every aspect of our lives. Learning to manage stress can help us get on with our normal lives. It can improve our relations, increase our productivity, improve health and help you get on a steady path of success. Fortunately, there are various practical ways in which we can cope with stress. So how do you deal with it?

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Find Out What Is Stressing You:

We often tend to feel like our lives are falling apart when going through stressful situations. Rather than wallowing on your thoughts of failure, figure out what is causing you stress.

stressin hallinta

Pinpoint the stress in your life. If it is an incomplete task, unpaid arrears, or a family dispute, single it out and don’t let it affect other aspects of your life.

Always Stay Positive:

A positive attitude may not solve all our problems, but that is the only option we have if we want to get out of problems.” -Gary Keller

Being positive helps you handle stress better. It is difficult or sometimes impossible to eliminate stress in our lives. What we can however do is have a positive approach to it. Positivity enables you to find ways of coping with stress.

Learn from failure:

Perfectionism is a mindset that often causes a lot of stress. Trying to avoid risks and doing mistakes can be exhausting. You tend to put a lot of pressure on yourself to perform.

kuitenkin, as humans, we are bound to make mistakes: we are not perfect. Embrace mistakes and use them to learn and grow. This will ease the pressure on you, and hence reduce stress.

Balance Work with Life:

It is one of the most difficult tasks to manage, yet the most crucial. You cannot let work take over your life. Your personal life is also important. Conversely, you should not bring the problems in your personal life into work. This will reduce the focus in what you do. Strike a balance between work and personal life.

Work With What You Have:

Some of the things that cause stress in our lives are beyond our control. You cannot control how your boss gives you too many tasks. You cannot control the passing on of a loved one. kuitenkin, what you can control is the way you react to it.

stressin hallinta

Find ways to finish the heavy tasks at hand, come up with a way to heal from the pain of loss. Stress can be paralyzing, therefore it is always wise to do what is within your power.

Time Management:

This is one of the easiest methods ofstressin hallinta: miten voittamaan stressiä ja masennusta luonnollisesti'. It is always stressful when we can’t get time to do or finish something. It feels like time is flying as more work, duties, and other commitments pile up. We often wish for more hours of the day. What we don’t know is that we actually have more time than we think.

Time management is crucial in combating stress. You can plan your time effectively so that you can manage to share moments with your family, finish work, and have enough time for yourself. We will delve into the issue of time management broadly in subsequent chapters.

What Excesses can we pick off our Plate?

We have many things to do in a day, a week, kuukausi, or year. kuitenkin, we cannot always accomplish everything we wish to do. It is imperative to focus on the most important tasks, while leaving out the activities that are not so necessary. In other words, prioritize.

stressin hallinta

Different tasks have different levels of urgency. Work on the most urgent and important first, and then you can resume other tasks that are not as urgent. But do not spare time for activities which are neither urgent nor important because they do not add value to your life. Reducing the excesses can help reduce stress.

Spirituality and Meditation:

This is the most popular and effective method of ‘stress management: how to beat stress and depression naturally’. Spirituality is often ignored since it is not a tangible way of managing stress. kuitenkin, exploring your spirituality gives you a clearer perspective on life.

It helps you to discern the important from the not so necessary aspects of your life. You can also take the time to meditate to calm your mind. It helps us to sharpen the focus in our lives, thus cope with stress.

Your Social Network:

This does not mean a support group. Your social network is the family and friends, who are reliable and can count on in times of difficulty. Sometimes we are faced with life challenges that we can’t cope with alone.

Your social support network is the people who will help you get through tough stressful times.They will guide you, listen, and assist where they can reduce the stress in your life.

stressin hallinta

When you mix with people, relative, friends then you share your feeling and this removes stress, levottomuus, fear. You get the solution to your problem. Social mingling is one of the integral part of human behavior. This is the best method ofstress management: miten voittamaan stressiä ja masennusta luonnollisesti'.


Let’s face it! You cannot accomplish everything all on your own. Being ambitious and hardworking is good for you, but working on more tasks than you can handle adds fatigue and stress.

stressin hallinta

This leads to less productivity and wasteful effort utilized to work on various tasks. It is, therefore, necessary to delegate duties to other people. This will enable you to save on time and effort which can be re-channeled to engaging in other activities.

Outsource for assistance in tasks you find difficult to handle and focus on what you are good at. This will reduce stress associated with handling too many tasks and thus improve productivity.

Another important steps to relief stress:

  • Take green tea with honey, ginger and 2-3 mint leaves. It is a damn good stress reliever. Sip slowly and enjoy each sip. It brings calm and tranquility.
  • Chocolate, mango, strawberry are the good stress reliever. Dark chocolate is good for the heart also.
  • You might have seen the cricketers chewing gum in the field. Have you ever tried to find out the reason behind this? The reason is to beat the stress. Cricket is really the most stressful game. Chew gum to beat the stress.
  • Take Luke warm water, add some salt and immerse your feet 2-3 minuutit. You will definitely get the result.

Do Pranayam like Anulom Bilom and Kapalbhati. Pranayam has a very strong effect on stress.

  • Meditate daily for 5- 10 minutes and focus on each external and internal part of your body while meditating. You can focus on your breadth also.
  • Do yoganidra. In yoganidra, you can order your subconscious mind to relieve stress.
  • If you want immediate relief from stress then message cream or oil in your palms.
  • Using acupressure therapy you can release stress also. Acupressure mat, roller, car seat are very effective.
  • Watch comedy soap/ movies or do laughter yoga. If you laugh heartily then oxygen level in blood increases and you can immediately relieve stress.

Avoid stimulants like alcohol, cigarettes, wine. These are great reasons behind stress. If you think by smoking or drinking you can elevate your stress and work fatigue, then you are the fool who was born when thousands of fools died. I don’t want to hurt you but can’t support the false also. Beware of stimulants.

  • Avoid late night work. Late night party, movie, work, the study should be avoided. Getup early and do your work. You can feel the energy level.
  • You might have seen the ancient images of mogul emperors holding a rose in their hand and sniffing it. Have you ever tried to find out the reason? And the reason is, Incense of flower relieves stress. Go on a morning walk in a flower garden. It is tried and tested.
  • Sometimes our childhood activities work. In my childhood, I used to go to the balcony and count the number of buses, trucks, motors. This technique is really funny. Try it and see the result.
  • Listening music is fantastic. You can listen to Sufi songs, opera and slow instrumental music to get relief from stress.
  • Games are fantastic. Whether it is outdoor or indoor these are great. You can play Pc, mobile or PlayStation, Xbox games to avoid stress. Sudoku, crossword puzzles are great games.


I have explained the various methods ofstress management: miten voittamaan stressiä ja masennusta luonnollisesti'. I hope the above steps help you ward off your stress. You have to know the major causes of stress and learn the methods of prevention.

stressin hallinta

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If you have any doubt then drop your comments below. I am feeling stress by writing for a long hour, I am going outside to take some fresh air.

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