początkujących’ Wczesny SEO Przewodnik

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początkujących’ Wczesny SEO Przewodnik: On Sunday morning, you woke up early at 7.30 and made a search In Google: ‘Shopping mall near texas’. Then you got a number of websites showing the results chronologically on different pages. But you open the top 3- 5 sites and got the name and location of shopping malls located in Texas. Your mind might have got some questions like- Why are some sites showing on the first page, whereas others after that? Where does the website description come from? How google ranks the best websites on the top? What are the factors many websites are struggling to rank in the top position? The answer to the questions is SEO or search engine optimization. Websites are the virtual office which provides service to the existing or new customers. Gdy użytkownicy wpisać jakąś szczególną frazę potem uzyskać wynik jak niektóre poszczególnych witryn. W poczatkujacych’ […]