The perfect blogging tips to start your blog today

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The perfect blogging tips to start your blog today The basic ambiguity people face while starting a blog is ‘How to start a blog?’ The perfect blogging tips to start your blog today’ can give you the solution.  Youtube vs wordpress: If you are starting your blog in youtube, then it will be the best choice. You will get visitors as soon as possible. But in wordpress getting a reasonable number of visitors take time. You need a team to start a wordpress bloggers, but most youtubers handle their task alone. For hosting and domain you have to pay, whereas it is completely free to start a Youtube channel. In youtube the cpc is not more than 0.10 $ but in WordPress or website you can get cpc up to 40$. Youtube takes 60% of the amount and gives 40%. Because it bears the video hosting charge. WordPress or website is considered […]

How to start a blog: Blogging Guide For Beginners

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How to start a blog: Blogging Guide For Beginners: If you are searching or have searched a lot of information regarding blogging and still not getting a good conclusion what is blogging then this guide is gonna help you. This is not a complete guide but you can click the links inside the content to navigate to complete detail on blogging. The blog is derived from web+log. When any data is fed into the internet it becomes information. You may say it as an online diary or journal which gives you information. You can say Blogging as a method of teaching where you share your experience to the world as a teacher. The career in blogging is accelerating for last 4 years due to many advancements in internet technology and mobile. Companies have to setup a good blogging platform to sell their products. Starting a blog is very easy and […]

Best blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Best Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners   Are you frustrated with your current fatigue job? Do you wanna start your own business, but don’t know what to do? Do you wanna earn money from home? You want to start business but don’t have money to invest. Do you want to work according to your time? Do you wanna be your own boss? Are you physically Disabled but want to earn a good money by working from home? Solution to the above questions is only blogging. Blogging is the best way of starting your online entrepreneurship career. Blogging is the best business idea for people who want to quit their full time job and start their own business at home. In this section of best blogging tips and tricks for beginners, I am gonna cover the best blogging tips and trick for beginners, which will help you to become a […]