Latest Digital Marketing interview questions for Job Seekers

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Latest Digital Marketing interview questions for Jobseekers: I have prepared an article on Digital marketing interview questions for the job seekers on SEO, SEM, social media marketing aspirants. Mainly the interview is divided into three major parts: HR round and technical round. You will get some common questions in HR round like about your profile, work experience, previous company profile, Education background, qualification etc. I have mentioned all details one by one as I faced in various interviews. Digital Marketing interview questions Most multinational companies generally hire Google Adwords specialists. So you have to be an Adwords certified professional before attending any interview. Some interviews are taken place as a telephonic round, when the company is located outside your city or far from it. HR round: Hi, Aseem its nice to meet you, please have a seat. Tell me something about yourself: N.B: Give a warm gesture of a smile […]