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9 Health tips to stay healthy forever Without any ambiguity you can say: Health is Wealth. 😀 Everyone knows this but who does care? The modern generation is busy in maintaining the lavish lifestyle, status, property. You may earn a million $ per month, but what is its value if you are sick and suffering from various diseases? 😥  We also know that prevention is better than cure, but we don’t get proper knowledge of preventive life care. The modern health care system is deprived of the natural remedies and health management. Due to lack of knowledge and awareness, people consult a doctor for minor health problems. Proper health management is essential for the 20th-century people. People are running blindly behind name, fame, money without taking care of their health. 🙁 Proper diet plan, good exercise, Yoga are really beneficial for a busy life. Running behind money is not a […]