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The perfect blogging tips to start your blog today

The basic ambiguity people face while starting a blog is ‘How to start a blog?’ The perfect blogging tips to start your blog today’ can give you the solution. 

Youtube vs wordpress:

If you are starting your blog in youtube, then it will be the best choice. You will get visitors as soon as possible. But in wordpress getting a reasonable number of visitors take time. You need a team to start a wordpress bloggers, but most youtubers handle their task alone.

For hosting and domain you have to pay, whereas it is completely free to start a Youtube channel. In youtube the cpc is not more than 0.10 $ but in WordPress or website you can get cpc up to 40$. Youtube takes 60% of the amount and gives 40%. Because it bears the video hosting charge.

WordPress or website is considered as an authority but youtube is not. Yes, websites have the more authority than the youtube channels.

If you are a tech blogger then you can’t get the phone as soon as released to make a video. But if you have writers they can create a blog using images.

Youtube don’t send the new v blogs to all of your subscribers. But in wordpress the lists are stored in your database. Your email marketing team can send the new published posts to all of your subscribers.

Both need consistency. Most bloggers repeatedly publish posts or upload videos for 3-4 months and don’t get any viewers. They get frustrated and stop publishing. But you should not lose patience. These are all the media publication. Think about the newspaper or a channel they are broadcasting day and night.

I am not saying you to publish articles 24 hours but at least 1-2 posts per week will do. If you don’t have a team or you are working alone then take the help of freelance content writers to write the articles.

Current Trend.

If you are a fashion blogger or food blogger, tech blogger, go with the current trending topics. You will get more visitors if you publish content what people are searching more.

What people like ?

Some people like to read and some like to watch. But text blogs have more advantages than video blogs as these can be easily saved and bookmarked. You can read these while travelling or without having internet connection. People consider these as small courses. People come to internet when they want to find the solution of problems they endeavor. Choose the perfect headline for your blog and prepare it accordingly. 

A viral blog is the turning point:

If you are a youtuber or blogger viral video plays the turning point in your career. The day your blog goes viral the visitors and subscribers rate increase. Choose 10 different topics and give time to create the blog. Whether it takes 3-4 days don’t worry. But it will save your time later. Put your time and effort to create a high quality content based blog.

When people consider it as a valuable + informative content, it goes the maximum share on whatsapp, social media increasing the user retention time. The search engine algorithms consider it as a good content and increase the rate of exposure to the audience.

Teach what you know:

Don’t worry about the visitors. Just learn and create blog. The more you publish the higher the rate of ping and the chances of viral. Write yourself what you know instead of assembling stuffs from different blogs. People are very intelligent, they easily recognize the duplicate things. So create unique stuffs. You may publish one blog per month but it should be a perfect one. 

Do a good research:

Instead of having a copy paste mind, meet people and start your research. Meet experts in different fields and have interview with them.

Consistency is the key:

Most people start a blog and post in the interval of 3-4 months. They start with a good zeal but when there blog doesn’t attract enough readers they fade up and stop posting. Whether anybody reads or not, you should post consistently. Many masters say quality should be given preference than quantity. But as a new blogger how can you produce high quality content, having a mere knowledge? It’s not impossible. Some people who have been working for a long time in journalism or editing, can produce high quality content without any difficulty.

Ideas to start a blog:

I am here to show a mind mapping technique to solve your problems and find ideas to start a blog. Basically in mind mapping you have to bring out thoughts from your mind and represent it visually. In this way your mind becomes broad, opens and thinks creativity. I am citing a practical example.

You can use mind mapping technique in any field like career planning, business planning etc. Take a pen a paper. Use diagram and start writing about your topic from the center. Write blog in the center. Writing in the center can help your mind to think in different directions. You get wide scope to think about the topic.

Spread into branches:

Spread like branches of a tree. Diversify in various directions you can. Design branches and write down using arrows symbols. Don’t think which important or not important. Start writing.

Blog -> Target Audience -> youth

  • Kids
  • Mid aged

Our brain can’t think simultaneously. It thinks by relating and thinking with the facts. My target audience of the blog will be youth, kids, mid aged. It links one fact with other. That’s why making branches are necessary.

Draw picture:

Draw anytype of pictures you can. Brain can easily memorise the pictures. Your brain becomes active focused by relating pictures. Combination of words and images are six times better than only words.

Use colours:

Using colors it can become more interesting. Colorful movies are more interesting than black and white. If you don’t have color sticks you can draw using pen or pencil.

  • Prefer curved lines:
  • Curved lines are more interesting than straight lines.
  • Write one word per one line:
  • In this way you can focus on only single thing.

Target audience -> youth -> clothing -> make up

Youth -> relationship -> break up

  • Tips

Youth -> study

  • Time management
  • career

mid aged -> savings

  • health
  • financial planning

I am just giving the concept without going in details.

Kids -> games

  • toys
  • clothes

Now think about how to much you have to invest.

Blog -> how -> cost -> domain

Cost-> hosting

How-> free-> blogger

Free-> wordpress

Associate-> bloggers

Blog-> promotion -> social media -> facebook -> fanpage

Blog-> research -> workshops

Research -> related books

Research-> interviews, discussions, webinars,

Blog-> income -> Ads, referrals, promotions,

Blog-> start -> name -> logo

As you grow in the structure you get new ideas automatically.

Blog -> post –date, number of posts per month, number of words

In this way you can progress your thinking to the next level. In this technique you can get the answers of various questions peeping out from your mind and the answers of the questions which are not in your mind. You can easily use this technique in time management, career growth, relationship, travel planning. This is the best method to communicate with your brain and bring out the thoughts. Hope ‘the perfect blogging tips to start your blog today’ can help you find the solutions.


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