顶, 7 SEO技巧同技巧推广你嘅网站


The major benefit of SEO is to get a steady flow of free traffic to your website. Practicing SEO can help you to easily rank your site to top page in the search engine. On Google alone there are 7 million searches conducted every second.

If you are not doing proper SEO you are missing thousands of opportunities in the form of customers who want to read your blog or buy your product/ service.

Practising SEO helps you to easily improve your website page rank to ensure that it is found easily by thousands of customers who search for some particular keywords.

顶, 7 SEO技巧同技巧推广你嘅网站

Your site ranking can be possible mainly by doing some simple edits to your web pages, 文章, 影像, contents. Just like operating a commercial store or retail shop requires a good location with a steady flow of customers, sound customer relation, your website need to rank on the front page of google search engine to get a potential flow of traffic. Here I am gonna mention 顶, 7 搜寻引擎优化技巧同技巧, which are highly effective to boost your ranking and sales.

Have a keyword research thoroughly:

The major mistake the newbies do in the field of SEO that they target keywords haphazardly without doing any proper research. They target keywords which are low performing and outside their niche topic.

A good research in keyword saves a lot of time in ranking. It is vital to the success of your website to identify the most popular keywords related to your website.

顶, 7 SEO技巧同技巧推广你嘅网站

弗斯特, you need to categorize the products in your business just like e-commerce store and set keyword according to the products. Doing a better investigation like,

who is the target market? Which keywords people most often use to search your products on the internet?’

Include location based information for location based business. Suppose you are running a restaurant in Hongkong then your page should target a keyword like ‘Best restaurant in Hongkong’.

Always take low competition keyword with a long tail. Like ‘buy leather shoes online with 50% discount’ would work better than ‘buy shoes online’.

Quality Content:

Good quality content wins over quantity content. It is Better to post single quality rich content per week rather than posting 4 到 5 thin contents. Search engine robots can’t read image files, video content or animations, they can read only text.

The search engine is getting smarter day by day due to various changes made in algorithms. If you copy others content or spin the content then surely your site rank drop and get hit by panda update. Unique content with rich text is mandatory. The days of thin duplicate content is over now.

顶, 7 SEO技巧同技巧推广你嘅网站

Content with good unique 影像, 大胆, 斜体, 下划线, internal link performs well. Good content gives you good backlinks from other site owners and good links elevate your ranking. The size of the content should be at least 500 words and better if it is 1500- 2000 话. Avoid spelling and grammar errors.


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Quality back links:

If your site is not ranking after a lot of effort then this tip helps you. Due to recent updates by major search engines quality wins over quantity. Before 8 years site owners used to get links to their site by using automated software, link networks to boost their ranking.

Thousands of low-quality link was not a matter. But those days are gone. Don’t use any automated software, or tricky link building techniques like hiring a guy from fiverr to give thousands of backlinks to your site. This will penalize and can ban your site from search engine.

顶, 7 SEO技巧同技巧推广你嘅网站

Single quality link from good pr site wins over hundreds low-quality link from low pr sites. So the question arises how you get links from authority sites having a good pr more than 5. Do guest blogging in good authority site.

Avoid Black hat techniques:

Some people use black hat techniques to quickly rank their site. It may work for short term profit, but if you wanna do a business with long term goal then you must avoid this technique.

Avoid using keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is the practice of targeting a page with an unusual amount of related or unrelated keywords.

顶, 7 SEO技巧同技巧推广你嘅网站

Suppose a user is typing the query ‘concept of human resource management’ but he is getting results of websites relating to ‘web designing with HTML’ then you can easily identify this as a keyword stuffing technique is used.

Blackhatters do this technique to fool the viewers or make branding of their site. You can easily drive more traffic for some short period of time but the search engine may notice after some time and drop your rank and in some cases make you ban from it.

Never use cloaking. Cloaking is a favorite technique practiced by a number of black hatters. In this technique, they use automated software to make user navigating one page to another. This is used mainly to show ads.

Use Fresh updated and interactive content:

Make a regular posting to your blog and update the old contents. Search engines always deliver the best quality up-to-date and relevant information to people.

If you are running a news website and you are not updating latest topics how can you expect a good ranking. Making a regular posting makes your blog up to date and fresh.

顶, 7 SEO技巧同技巧推广你嘅网站

Good interactive content can engage your visitors for a longer period of time. Visitors won’t hesitate to visit again and again to your site if it comprises interactive content.

You can grow user interaction by adding comments, chat, discussion forums, product review submission, adding social sharing buttons and eye catchy images. The best example of interactive content is the amazon users review. Where users visit the reviews again and again before buying a product.

Check the competitors:

Always keep your eye open for your competitors who are ranking on the top for the keywords you are targeting. Without analysing the competition how can you beat them?

顶, 7 SEO技巧同技巧推广你嘅网站

弗斯特, Do an in-depth analysis of their website, content, webpages. There are many free tools available to check the competitors, but these are with limited features.

If you are serious about doing a great Seo then I recommend you to take the premium one. But as a learner, you easily enjoy the free features. Tools like Seomoz and Seo quake provide you a great platform to analyze the PA, DA, 关键词密度, external, internal links to your competitors’ 地方. Then you can easily create the strategy to build your site so perfectly that you can outrank them.

Learn to fight algorithms:

Algorithms have changed the Face of SEO. When I started learning SEO in 2008, I used to create backlinks using automation softwares. The more backlinks a site has the more it used to rank. Even content with 100-200 words with keyword density could be ranked on top position.

顶, 7 SEO技巧同技巧推广你嘅网站

If you type a keyword the top 4 到 5 sites used to adhere the same content. But the algorithms have made SEO completely different. If you create a content referring 5-6 websites, 企鹅 like updates may hit your site.

So always stay alert and updated to check the new updates and algorithms published by google. So that you can learn in depth about the updates and take precaution according to the updates.


The more you practice SEO the more you will be an expert on it. It needs a lot of patience which gives a lot of traffic to your website as result. Only reading won’t work, do real-time work to be best. Read more on:

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顶, 7 SEO技巧同技巧推广你嘅网站

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