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Top Hohe PR Blog-Websites kommentieren Backlinks zu bauen

Most people when they start their SEO journey get a lot of confusion. They ignore the importance of link building by commenting niche blogs.

If you wanna know the benefit of blog commenting and top high pr blog commenting sites to build backlinks for your site then you are in the right place here.

One of the ultimate ways of link building is Blog commenting process in the High PR blog commenting sites.

Creating back links through the creation of Anchor Tags on posted comments including web page URL or can be the easier procedure to avoid Google Penalty.

Types of Links created by High PR Blog commenting Sites:

Two types of Links can be created on blog comments such as Do Follow links & No follow links.

“Do Follow links” are meant for creation Anchor Tags or back link through posting web page URL in the comment box, so that the webpage URL is directly linked up to the blog posts.

The Blog readers might be interested in visiting your web page by clicking on the anchored text posted in the list of comments.

Aber, the thing is that the commented text should be excellent quality interactive, impressive, tremendous and meaningful, so that the blog reader and other comment submitters would like to visit the links.

Daher, these links play the vital role in traffic generation for the respective websites of the URL was posted in the comment box.

“No Followed Links” are meant for the commented texts about the website name & importance without Anchor Texts.

Here’s no facility available to create Anchor texts and only information about attractive & profit oriented service provided by the website owner, so that the Blog reader will be interested in visiting the site by copying the URL details from the comment box and paste on the URL bar and might become one of the potential customers.

How the Blog commenting activity increases potential readers?

In these ways the Blog commenting service can become one of the crucial media of the back link creation and ultimately media of traffic generation.

The profit can be earned easily through the potential customers and the potential customers get converted from the excited blog readers.

“No Followed links” doesn’t have that much impact on Google SEO ranking improvements but these links works partially in lead or revenue generation and hence works up to some percentage in SEO campaign.

Aber, the smartest customers visit the website through the information collected from the No Followed links.

“Do Follow Links” through blog comments are always recommended for the acceleration of SEO ranking.

But remember that, for the both type links, the commented text should be unique and impressive enough.

The creativity & passion applied on the commented text carry forward the reader towards the respective website owners.

Also, you need to be serious & sincere about the truth & validity of your posted statements.

The biggest benefit you get by commenting Blogs is you build relation with the bloggers as well as attract their readers to your blog.


Guidelines before commenting a blog:

  1. Check the DA and PR of the blogs before commenting by using tools like SEOquake bar.
  2. Read the blog thoroughly.
  3. Don’t copy others comment. Try to give a unique comment.
  4. Give thankful appreciation to the author in the comment.
  5. Don’t put any links inside the comment box.
  6. Try to give your comment in more than 100 Wörter.
  7. Comment the blog as soon as it is published.
  8. Ask questions and reply to others comments.
  9. Comment as well as subscribe to the blogs so that you will get the newsletter as soon as a new blog is published.
  10. Never use any type of mass blog commenting software or tool.
  11. Comment on 1 high authority blog instead of 10 low quality sites.
  12. Comment blogs related to your industry.

List of Top High PR Blog commenting Sites (6-10)



































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