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पृष्ठ एसईओ रणनीति वेबसाइट यातायात वृद्धि हुनेछ भनेर बन्द माथि

Off page optimization plays a major role in improving page rank and beat your competitors’ ranks. I used to invest hardly 100 bucks per week on the advertisement when I started this site.

The cost of Domain and hosting were only 20$. So how could I manage to get leads? That is the search engine optimization. हो, it plays a major role to become successful in small-medium businesses as well as for big brands today.

If you are not a big brand like Ford, Toyota so how can you spend billions on advertisement? You have to solely depend on search engine traffic. And I also did that. SEO takes time but it is very effective for long term traffic.

I am gonna share you the step by step पृष्ठ एसईओ रणनीति वेबसाइट यातायात वृद्धि हुनेछ भनेर बन्द माथि. SEO is divided into three major categories on page, onsite and off page. All the three play the major role in optimization.

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पृष्ठ एसईओ रहस्य मा शीर्ष.

शुरुआती लागि एसईओ पुस्तिका.

How does off page SEO help:

पहिलो, you need to know what is off page SEO?

It is one of the major parts of search engine optimization techniques which is conducted outside your website. Some experts call it as link building. Link building is a part of Off page strategy.

But off page SEO is beyond link building. In लिंक भवन, you work for getting inbound links only. But in off page SEO, you have to work for getting links as well as visitors. It is important because search engines love back-links.

It makes your site an authority which is very important in the world of web. Take the example of a shop, when you buy a product and get satisfied you refer others to buy that product from that shop. The more recommendations make the shop establish itself as an authority in the market.

When the shop gets the reference from other shop owners its value grows more than getting the reference from an ordinary customer. यसरी, it gets profit by indirect customers. Follow the Top off page एसईओ रणनीति that will increase website traffic and you will definitely improve your page rank.

On page vs off page:

You have to give priority to both On page and off page SEO. I am not going details On page SEO here. But On page includes the optimization techniques carried on your website like title, meta, URL, heading optimization, good content with bold, Italic, underline etc.

If you are optimizing your site for very low competition keyword then you can rank it on SERP without off page optimization. Whereas, off page takes place outside the page. And it plays a crucial role to beat your competitors’ ranks. Its another name is also link building. If you build good quality links with good authority sites then you can rank higher on SERP.

Off page SEO not only helps in elevating your page rank on the search engine but also it helps in increasing traffic in various ways.

The on page SEO space is limited but off page SEO space is very wide and vast and it is done as a team work. Many companies hire link building experts to improve their page rank.

If you do off page SEO effectively then a high volume of traffic will flow to your site from 360-degree angle it may be from different search engines, Youtube videos, ब्लग टिप्पणी, social share and bookmarking, guest post, web 2.0 sites, classified sites, directory submission, RSS feed etc. I will discuss one by one in detail just read the article ‘top off page SEO strategies that will increase website trafficcompletely without skipping any step.

Blog commenting:

Blog commenting is one of the easiest off page SEO techniques which can give you backlinks in a short time. In this method, you need to read the blogs of different websites related to your industry and drop your comment and website URL in the box below it. यसरी, you can get backlinks as well as build relation with bloggers.

  • Always comment on blogs related to your niche and read complete post before commenting.
  • Don’t make a single line comment like what a wonderful post, thanx for such an awesome post etc. write at least 50-100 शब्द.
  • Don’t use links inside the comment box.
  • Write comments with your own style without copying others as the duplicate comment will not get approved.

Social sharing and Bookmarking:

This is one of my favorite पृष्ठ एसईओ रणनीति वेबसाइट यातायात वृद्धि हुनेछ भनेर बन्द माथि and improve ranking.

There are various social bookmarking sites where you can promote your website, off the page to get a lot of visitors. The social bookmarking sites can improve your SEO ranking, domain authority, traffic, and Alexa ranking.

Some popular social bookmarking sites are Pinterest, reddit, Stumbleupon, Del.io.us, Digg, Diggo, Scoop.it, Tumblr etc. Social bookmarking sites have a lot of active members who become the visitors when you submit the link to your blog. It helps your blog in fast and deeper indexing, improving quality as well as authority.

Bookmarking sites are generally two types i.e high PR and low PR. When you are getting links from high PR sites its value will be more. Submit links in both do-follow and no follow sites. On the other hand, social media sharing is the fastest way to grow the popularity of your blog.

Half of the world population is on Facebook, ट्विटर, इन्स्टाग्राम. You can share your blog and get notified by people. But it is not easy as it sounds. You have to create an extraordinary content which can draw the attention of people immediately as their eye moves on it.

Web 2.0 sites:

Web 2.0 sites are very popular and important for SEO. These sites are the new generation of websites which are very interactive and user- friendly. You can communicate with other users by making comments, sharing and liking their posts.

And another important feature is these sites are completely free and you can start your website within 10 मिनेट. Take the example of Facebook, where you can share images, like posts, make comments etc.

These sites are very useful for bloggers, internet marketer not only to share posts but also to interact with people. These sites include forums, पडकास्ट, सामाजिक संजाल, ब्लग, video sharing sites, article sharing sites etc.

You can get high-quality links both do follow and no follow from these sites. Post at least 400-500 words original articles with good keyword density. Backlinks from web 2.0 sites are important and valuable from search engine point of view. There are some high PR web 2.0 sites like weebly.com, blogspot.com, wordpress.com, yola.com, angelfire.com, webs.com for off page optimization.

Documents sharing:

Documents sharing sites are very popular as these provide link juice to your sites via your shared documents. The documents may be in the format of pdf, word doc, excel, ppt slide, images etc.

These sites are the great source to increase visitors to your sites as you are sharing free content for the readers off the page. You can get links from high PR sites and improve the SERP ranking in this way.

There are many documents sharing sites like Slideshare, Scribd, Issu, google drive where you can share your documents. Documents shared in these sites are indexed fast in search engines as these sites are highly authorized.
You can share images on Flickr, Picassa, Pixabay etc.

Video and audio sharing sites:

Videos are great options to attract visitors. As you teach lessons to right visitors. It is the true fact that videos save the time of viewers As they easily understand the presentation.

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine after google. There are other videos sharing sites like Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, archive where you can upload videos and get links.

If viewers like your videos they will like to subscribe your channel and visit your website. There are many websites which get traffic from video sharing sites only.

Use pinging sites:

Ping is a service which tells other search engines as soon as you publish a blog. यसरी, web crawlers from different search engines find your post and it is indexed faster.

It helps you to increase page rank and traffic. But it should not be done more than once or twice otherwise it may be considered as spamming. Ping sites work as a messenger, which instantly send signals to important blogs and websites so that your blog will get notified.

There are different pinging services like pingler.com, ping.in आदि. This is the most used Top off page SEO strategies that will increase website traffic.

Submit site to different RSS directories:

RSS directories submission is one of the fastest methods to grow your site traffic. RSS directories are treated as high value by search engines and once you submit your site it is easily get crawled by bots. You can submit RSS feeds to increase daily readers, exposure of your blogs on these sites.

Directory submission:

Directory submission is the best method to get quality backlinks from high PR sites. These sites offer paid and free features. In the free feature, there is no guarantee of approval of the link or it may take a long time for approval.

But the paid feature gives the instant approval. It helps in better search engine ranking, faster indexing of blogs and pages, grows link popularity and increases traffic.

Business listing and classified sites:

You can submit your website to reputed business directories and show it to the local audience as well as the global audience. These business listing and classified sites can help you to grow your traffic and lead.

There are some popular business listing and classified sites like Bing, Yellopages, Justdial, Yelp.com, Sulekha आदि. You can submit classifieds in Us and other countries.

Forum Posting:

Forums are the important place to share knowledge and discuss on a topic. There are many high PR forum sites like Siteground, Cnet, Microsoft, Seochat, Blackhatworld where you can join and share your knowledge.

People come to the forum to find the solution of their problem, if you have a good knowledge on a topic then you can give the solution and post your site’s link.

I generally prefer quora and yahoo answer as microblogging and forum posting. There is a huge volume of readers on quora who can notice your post.

Publish articles:

Article publishing is one of the great ways to drive traffic to your website. यसरी, you can answer client questions and solve their problems.Always submit the unique article to build the trust of the search engine. You can submit in articlebase.com, ezinearticles.com, storify, Hubpages आदि.


These are the useful off page techniques which can be adapted as a beginner in the SEO field. There are some other methods like guest blogging and press release which you can try after some experience.

As guest blogging and press release are not easily approved so you try the above methods and then build the authority of your site. If you have any suggestion on the article ‘Top off page SEO strategies that will increase website traffic’, drop your comments below and share the knowledge.

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