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Find de bedste hemmeligheder for din succes, lykkeligt liv i år 2017

Så det nye år er foran, og du er alle optaget i planlægningen af ​​et nyt år fest eller gå på en ferie. I dag er jeg skal nok aksjer dig hvordan man laver i år et succesfuldt år, og nyd dit liv.

Efter at have studeret top millionærer, milliardærer, sportsfolk, succesfulde iværksættere, arbejdsgiver, medarbejder Jeg fandt en fælles ting dvs.. hastigheden af ​​implementeringen.

Whatever these people know implement immediately without procrastination.Their implementation time is almost zero.

Golden opgørelse:

»Gennemførelse af oplysninger fører til transformation’

Folk tror:

‘Information leads to transformation and information is power. Men sandheden er oplysninger er den potentielle magt.

Viden er magt. Men det er også den potentielle magt.

Implementering af viden er magt. Uanset om de læser en bog, deltage i seminarer, se video, gennemføre den uden at spilde tid.

Most people get the knowledge but don’t know how to implement. They wait for the right time, right season, horoscope.

But actually, the best time to start was only yesterday. And the next best is right now. Don’t believe in theory. Only practical knowledge can bring growth.

Hold on a conscious goal

I am not gonna discuss to set a goal but wanna tell you to hold on a conscious goal. Your problem is, frequently you change your goal.

When you don’t achieve your goal u change it. Don’t change your goal change your strategy.

Set an unusual reminder mechanism:

You forget your goal or it is not enthusiastic. You have to set a disturbing reminder mechanism for your goal. 99% people don’t hold a conscious goal and change their goals repeatedly.

If you set a reminder mechanism it becomes a continuous action. The continuous action converts into habit and habit into the impression.

Stick posts on your table, mirror so that you get the reminder of your goals. You can stick goals on wallpaper, mobile notes. If you practice this it can be converted into an actionable behavior within 66 dage.

It is converted into a habit. According to Hedonic adaptation when you repeat a task the enthusiasm level becomes low.

When you buy a bike first you like it very much. But after some months your enthusiasm level declines.

You buy a new dress and you like it very much initially but after some weeks your likeness goes down. To overcome Hedonic adaptation you have to grow enthusiasm level by unusual reminder mechanism.

So that you stay excited every time and your enthusiasm level becomes high.

After getting a hike in salary you stay excited for 2 -3 months but after that, every thing becomes as usual.

Make a fix statement: I will do what by when?

Set a timeline by critical success factors. Write the 5-10 success factors which can help you achieve success. Identify the factors and do a deep analysis which can help you to get success.

Constant review mechanism with the scoreboard:

Create a scoreboard with two columns

Effort Score Result Score

You have to control the both. Effort score is that what effort u commit and the result score is, the output result of your effort. These are two different factors.

For example how much time you spend on the tread mill is your effort score, whereas the weight you loose is the result score. If you control your effort then result will automatically come.

Create an accountability structure:

You have to be accountable to someone. Find a mentor who may be your boss, friend or a coach who can guide you. You can share your points of progression.

You can share him your review or report structure. In the progression of your talent accountability plays the top role. Nothing can be compared with accountability.

It makes you committed and dedicated to your duty and you share your report of progress. That’s why a coach is needed in every sport or any field.

You should get inspiration from that person and trust him. He may be related to any field but he should be committed to develop your progress.

På denne måde, you will stay on the right track and stay dedicated to your work. You submit your progress report on weekly basis.

Ignite your inner motivational force:

I am here to help you to find out what will motivate you forever. What is the one factor that can motivate a person to do anything and everything?

People say it is money, name, berømmelse, recognition, environment, facilities, society, culture, promotion, appreciation, culture. Money is not the highest motivational factor.

The foundation principle is, motivation should not be outside in, it should be inside out.

When motivation is coming from external source or situation, the day the external source is taken away from you, your motivation level will go down.

It should be from a psychology of mind. Today lot of psychologists, consultants, guru have come out to one common foundation factor to motivate a person is the belief system.

When you have the highest belief system, the deep down belief in something you will follow doing that. You don’t need an encouragement or inspiration to do that from an external source.

Look the people in some parts of Africa who pierce their mouth with the sharp needles to complete different cultural and spiritual rituals.

You say it is torture. But they say it the purification. Some people walk on coals on fire to perform religious rituals. They say it is purified, it is all belief system.

Their belief system makes them walk over that very comfortably and conveniently. The belief system is that you don’t need to motivate a person to get something done.

Terrorists are killing people in the name of Jihad because their belief system is to get purified.

Belief system= Deep embedded impressions.

Impression-> thoughts-> character->action- > promotion -> income

So the impression is the root and when the root is good the fruit is the best. People are running behind the fruit directly.

Now the point is how does the belief system work and how is it made? It works according to the Placebo effect.

A doctor gives fake medicine and assures his patient that, he will be get recovered soon. And He gets recovered. This is the power of your belief system.

If the belief system is changed the patterns get changed. These mental patterns lead your life. You don’t lead your life.

When a rider is riding the horse and a dump comes he says jump, it jumps. After that again a dump comes and he says jump, it jumps again.

After repetition of 3-4 times when again a dump comes the rider doesn’t need to say jump. It jumps automatically.

Because it has become the pattern of the horse. Now if the rider sleeps he doesn’t need to say jump. Now the horse is riding the rider. Your conscious mind(horse) is led by the subconscious mind (rider).

Your belief system is lying below your subconscious mind and governing it. But how to change your belief system? Overnight it can’t be changed but it may change after some time.

The golden rule is:

When you value somebody’s value system his value system becomes your value system.

Start valuing the right belief system. Start associating with those people who have the right and powerful belief system.

Arunima Sinha who was recently awarded Padmashree by the government of India. She is the first handicapped girl who climbed the mount Everest and made the record.

She was pushed off from the running train by miscreants and got her legs cut by running train. Nobody came to rescue her and ants, rats came to eat the wounded parts.

49 trains passed whole nights but nobody helped her. In the morning she was taken for treatment. Her belief system was that she was alive to create a history.

She made up her mind to see the top of the Everest. She was disabled physically but not mentally.

When she went to Bachendri Pal (First Woman Everest Mountaineer) and told her to climb mount Everest she told in this situation you think about climbing Mt. Everest means you have already reached the pick just people need to know the date.

After some days she created the history. People aren’t physically disabled, they are mentally disabled. If you can change the belief system the motivering comes inside you in the form of inspiration.

It will kindle the fire inside you. Once you set your mind the nature begins you showing the right path.

Nobody can motivate you instead you. Just you need to develop the right patterns. You have to be careful from negative people. Stay away from them.

If you develop the right pattern you stay secured in bad company also.

Develop the power of Focus:

You have a lot of questions, how to start a business, how to concentrate on study, how to improve career?

If you have too many priorities it means you have no priority. If you have more than 3 focus in life it means you have no focus in life.

People are living with broken focus syndrome. What is the Broken Focus Syndrome?

A survey says an average man in a metropolitan city is looking at his Smart Phone at least 112 times a day.

They have the great ideas but they can’t execute that. They have good brains but they don’t execute that because they lack focus. It is said that, if you have 3 focus, it means you have no focus.

When your focus goes in multiple direction you are not able to execute anything. ‘ A man chasing behind two rabbits catches neither!'

. In every field whether it is sports, forretning, job or x, og, z the highly focused people make the achievement.

Take the example of football each player has the focus to target the goal post but only a few of them do that. Hvorfor? Haven’t all dedicated their effort?

Don’t they play well? Every player is a good player. But every player’s level of focus is not equal.

It should be like a laser sharp focus. The laser focus is so powerful that it can penetrate the diamond the hardest substance in the world and wipe out the cancer cells.

You have to focus on that like a magnifying glass, which can concentrate the sunlight into a sharp beam and burn the paper.

Social media is creating the broken focus syndrome. So many small videos and posts are coming on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages creating a lot of distractions.

Facebook is making money by taking away your focus not creating your focus. People are creating posts and videos on the prank, nyheder, jokes, emotional, sjovt, shoot videos, shit videos, useless videos.

They are getting benefit by taking away your focus. Wherever your focus goes, for them their money flows and their money grows. This is the strategy of the social media.

They are taking away your valuable time to make their money. You contribute your valuable time and they make money.

Faktisk, people are not surfing on Facebook, they are suffering because of Facebook.

Any content that contributes to your goal statement, accept it. Any content that does not contribute to your goal statement, reject it.

Decide which content you need: social life, family life, professional life, spiritual life, physical life, emotional life, mental life, student life or any life find out one top focus.

Hey come on! Find out the one top focus ! Focus can get your wok done absolutely. 2 things completed are far better than 10 things half completed.

So many people will disturb you. When you are going towards your destination there will be a lot of dogs bark on your way.

If you keep picking up stone to throw on every dog, you will never reach your destination.

Never fight with a pig, you will get dirty and he will enjoy it.

Final Words:

Ignore the distractions. If you wanna improve your health or study then find out one focus and give 2 hours of your morning for next 3 måneder. It will become your habit and reflex action.

You might have watched martial arts students. What they do? Block and punch repeatedly. They do it everyday before starting their actual practice.

It turns into their reflex action if someone attacks them while sleeping they do block and punch. It has settled in their subconscious mind. Identify your weak area and key drivers.

Omy God! The new year party is ahead and I have a lot of arrangements to do. Have a great and happy new year Friends. I have already revealed the top secrets for your successful, happy life in the upcoming year. Don’t forget to comment how effective it is.

Deltag i kurset gratis !

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