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Top Web Hosting Plans in 2017

When you are planning to start your website, the main challenge you confront is the ambiguity in choosing the right web hosting plan. As you don’t have any idea you face the dilemma and do a lot of research. 🙂

You have to do a good research as many web hosting companies play tricks to lure more customers by giving some offers and after buying the plan customers suffer a lot of problems.

Before starting your website you have to find a place where your website will reside on the web.

Let’s discuss some top web hosting plans.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a space provided by various hosting providers, where websites reside. You just buy a space in the exchange of money.

Here you can store and build your blog. It is like a virtual space which works on the internet connection. This space may be located at any corner of the world and you may work anywhere.

The service providers give you the necessary tools and Technical support to launch your website. These servers are nothing just high-performance computers where data is uploaded and downloaded very fast.

Different types of Web hosting Plans:

Shared hosting:

This is the most popular option when you are building a new website. It is cheapest and good for new users. Your website is shared with server space allocated to other websites.

и ВПС хостинг:

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is designed for sites getting a lot of traffic. It has some advance features and shares space with other websites, but less than shared hosting.

Dedicated Server:

In this type of hosting plan, you don’t need to share space with others. You get a dedicated server where your website shares the space alone. But it is expensive and favorite of high traffic website.

Reseller Hosting:

This option can allow you to buy a large amount of hosting space for a small price and you can resell it later.

Things to be considered before buying a web hosting plan:

Customer support:

This is one of the crucial factors before buying your hosting plan. Many web hosting service providers claim to provide a good customer support but they don’t.

As a newbie you will get a lot of technical problems like plugin issues, server down, loading speed issue, email support etc.

You have to get an immediate solution for the problems, which can be assisted by a good customer support team. Only few service providers have the responsive team.

You can test various service providers by calling them or sending an email. If you are getting an immediate response then choose the plan. Repeat this method several times.

Read the TOS:

Most hesitate to read the long pages of Terms of service before buying any software product or hosting plans. You must read the rules mentioned in the page before signing. Because the service providers hide some information, like the limitations and restrictions.

Free domain:

Check whether the plan includes a free domain or not. Because many hosting providers offer free domain and you have to purchase it. Doing a good research may help you to get a free domain and save your money.

Renewal prices:

The prices shown on the landing pages are the current prices. You can not find the renewal prices on the price table. The web hosting providers hide these prices to attract more customers. Contact their customer support team and ask the renewal prices.

Apart from that check its global popularity, security, regular Data Backup, best quality data center & bandwidth, 100% UPTIME, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE etc before purchasing.

Bluehost Web Hosting Plan:

ово Bluehost web hosting service endeavor significant web development software, reliable web hosting service with user-friendly control panel service which makes easier to design stunning web pages and faster performing web applications and database servers. WordPress also officially recommends BludHost hosting service.

Godaddy Web Hosting Plan:

If you are looking for good customer support then Godaddy should be your number one priority as it has the award-winning customer support team.

Godaddy is one of the largest, successful hosting service providers with huge numbers of domains worldwide. As per our customer’s insistence, we also get registered their domain ids with Godaddy site.

Godaddy provides highest level security protection & firewall protection with 256-Bit Encryption, free setup, guaranteed 100% up time.

WordPress E-commerce site Hosting Plan by INMOTION:

Worried for a stable Hosting service for your WordPress E-commerce site, grab here the opportunity to host your eCommerce site with excellent performance including WordPress plug-in, flexible & highly scalable Data center, tightened security, Google recommended SEO campaign and much more. The VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting plan makes the hosting service more useful and popular.

INMOTION hosting service comes with free website Design & development application suit with 1000s of free Templates, Unlimited IPs, email Accounts, Storage & Bandwidth, 24/7 Customer support Services, PayPal payment facilitated Free eCommerce online store and much more.

Hostgator Web Hosting plan:

Excellent shared and dedicated web hosting plans with:

  • crucial webpage designing software with 24×7 customer service
  • higher configured RAM
  • Unlimited internal disk Space & Bandwidth
  • Automatic renewal before 90 Days of Expiration
  • 24/7 remote control customer Support
  • free registration of Domain and much more.
Ipage web Hosting plan:

IPage provides most advanced hosting service with VPS Technology, important Features for WordPress, Custom-configured control panel, SSH protected Shell utility, и још много тога.


Web.com hosting service provides unlimited storage, IPs, Email Ids & Bandwidth, Free Ad posting Credits worth $200, 24/7 Customer care service, uninterrupted network monitoring & Z security levels.

Network solutions

AT Network solution, you will have one economic plan with latest VPS plan, internal storage disk space of 25 GB, extensible RAM up to 8GB, and 500GB to 3TB of monthly data transfers.

Hosting Raja

It provides all Hosting service features & facilities such as Dedicated Hosting services, Shared hosting, Managed server hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS & Dedicated server hosting, итд, at very low discounted when compared to other web hosting providers.

Dream Host

Dream Host provides highly affordable, user-friendly website hosting service that comes with most advanced hosting server features such as user-friendly CPanel, unlimited e-mail ids, и још много тога.

It provides the servers having SSD hard drives which offer faster loading speed. Their packages include unlimited storage/bandwidth having the money back guarantee.

Idea Host:

It is a new and fast-growing hosting provider company growing world wide. It offers free domain as well as Google and Bing Ad credits for free.

Our team builds the wall of Trust & hard work using our extensive talent to satisfy the need of our customers to choose the top web hosting plans.

Our most valuable time & man power are invested together to fulfill our commitment towards the great ROI capacitance, bulletproof security added, Unlimited mail id and much more. 😀

We are also tied up with some popular top Web hosting plans providers and can provide reseller hosting service with web design service at discounted prices. Contact us now.

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