Ultimate Κατευθυντήριες γραμμές για τα εισερχόμενα Marketing

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Ultimate Κατευθυντήριες γραμμές για τα εισερχόμενα Marketing

Once I visited a coaching class for IELTs training. They took my contact information. The next 4-5 days I got call several times to take admission.

The whole month I got such calls which made me annoyed. That’s why I didn’t take any admission. Zzzz. .. what a disturbing!

This is not only my case, all have been gone through this type of situation. Some sales person interrupts a lot of times to make a sale or policy.

Insurance agents make you irritated by calling repeatedly to sell their policies. These are all about traditional or outbound marketing examples.

In traditional Marketing companies need customers that’s why they assign targets to their staffs and they interrupt people to fulfill their targets. This custom is still prevalent, but today’s customers are smart enough.

In this ‘Ultimate Guidelines For Inbound Marketing’, I am gonna discuss step by step effective inbound methodologies that will definitely boost your online business and lead generation.

Before buying any product they do a lot of research and do compare price on different websites. Big companies do outbound marketing by Television ads, paper ads to make the branding of their products.

But the true fact is nobody likes Tv ads, as it makes interruption in your favorite Tv show. Some Newspapers like Times of India fill their first 2-3 pages only ads.

But the inbound marketing strategy is different from that.This marketing strategy is evolving day by day. Technology has made it simple and user-oriented. If companies create their blog they don’t need to go to customers.

Customers will find them and share their contact details.

Another fact is, traditional marketing is very very expensive as compared to inbound marketing. I am not saying that the era of outbound marketing is over.

But for small or medium business owners it is very difficult to afford the outbound cost. Another drawback of outbound marketing is, it is limited to target people from a specific geographical location.

Whereas using inbound you can target people worldwide.

Inbound marketing is a strategy, developed in Digital(Internet) Marketing. It is based on Customer Centric and instead of interrupting customers like traditional marketing it focuses on attracting and engaging the Customers like a lead magnet.

Inbound marketing methodology includes 4 processes i.e attract, convert, close and delight. ο 4 process involve attracting strangers to make them customers and promoters.

Using this technique you can attract strangers by providing them valuable information they need by offering them e-books, βίντεο, templates and in return getting their contact details.

Then you can convert leads into customers by using email or social media campaign. When customers are satisfied they become promoters of your service.

This Ultimate Guidelines For Inbound Marketing, will help you to attract new visitors to your blog and convert them into leads.

Every buyer completes their journey of purchase in 3 steps: Awareness, Consideration, and decision. In the awareness stage, the buyer goes through the symptoms of problems and are ignorant of the products.

In consideration stage, the buyer does research and get the methods of solution of his problem. In Decision stage, the buyer has decided his solution strategy by making a list of the purchase decision.

Many companies write blogs to sell products directly to customers which is a wrong strategy. The blog should be in awareness stage to solve buyers’ problem, not to sell products directly. Do you buy an amazon product without reading users’ reviews?

Inbound marketing is the mix of content and context. Content may be in the form of blogs, images/infographics, videos or e-books whereas context is who you’re creating content for.

Right content should be created for the right context.


The attract stage includes blogging, optimization of site and social media activity. Blogging is the way to attract a stranger who is searching information online.

Blogging not only attracts new visitors, but also it helps you to convert visitors into leads. Regular blogging improves your company’s authority.

Through the blog, you can help visitors to solve their problems by providing the free consultation. If the visitors trust your content, they are more likely to be interested in your offers and service.

The more you blog the more pages you are creating for your website, which helps in elevating your rank in search engine. Your blog should be the trustworthy source of information which can build the trust of your prospects to convert them into customers.

The blog should be written with a good title and headline with good quality of images and info-graphics. Choose the topic relevant to your industry and make the content education problem solving.

Always choose a compelling headline and make bold, italic to important lines. If possible highlight sentences so that visitors can easily read.

Bolding important text, Bulleting and numbering important points can make your readers quickly understand the post.

Blog Optimization:

Search engines are the gateways to open your blog to worldwide view. That’s why you need search engine optimization technique to rank your blog in search engine.

There are more than 200 factors search engines rank blogs or websites. One of the major factors is the keyword. Have a good keyword research before giving the title to your blog and always choose the long tail keyword.

Strangers will find your blogs through the keywords you are targeting to your blog. Choose keywords according to categories of your blogs. If you are selling shoes and you have different pages categorizing different products like men’s shoes, women’s shoes you can choose proper keywords doing a proper keyword research.

After choosing your target keywords start writing blogs. Include the keywords in the blog title, URL, meta description.

Another major factor is link building. Do internal links as well as external links. Good Inbound links make your blogs rank higher.

Social Media optimization:

There are more than 2 billion people active on social media worldwide. Social media is a great tool to promote and amplify your blog. From attracting visitors to converting them into leads and customers it helps you to promote your blogs or website.

Business owners who spend weekly 6-8 hrs on social media can easily grow their business 60% more. You need to make your profile like a research paper including a good logo, company name, a good description of your company and grow the connection with people and industry experts.

With good strategy and planning, you can accomplish your social media goal and leverage your business.

Social Monitoring and Social publishing are great ways to build your inbound strategy. By social monitoring, you can get detail information about your buyer personas’. Through which you can connect with the right audience and build the relationship.

In social publishing, you are distributing the content you have developed for your audience. Whereas, social reporting is used to monitor the performance of your strategy.

Facebook and Linkedin are great platforms to start your social media Journey. Facebook is a platform for B2C consumers whereas LinkedIn is for B2B consumers.

Joining different Facebook groups and distributing contents of niche topic can attract a lot of viewers and then you can convert them into leads and customers. You can create your company group and invite friends to join.

In Linkedin you can connect to professionals and company owners and build relation with them by commenting their blogs, asking some questions and sharing others post.

Regular update is necessary to increase your profile performance.


The Convert stage is used to turn your visitors to lead and customers. This stage includes right content, landing page, call to action, thank you page. This is the important stage of inbound strategy which is used to increase the sales and profit of your company.

Good conversion strategy can grow your company’s profit. That’s why you need great content, good landing page where visitors can fill their detail information, and good call to action.


Without content do you think the web would exist? Content is the gateway to convert your visitors. Every blog has content but few have the Good quality. Good content can increase conversion rate.

Call to action:

Call to action is basically a button which navigates the visitors to an appropriate landing page. It plays a crucial role in conversion process by converting the visitors into leads and eventually customers.

When visitors click on the CTA button they are navigated to a landing page where they fill the form and after that, they are landed on thank you page.

Using the CTA you give value to the visitors by giving them offer in the form of ebooks or any video blog. That’s why the button should be designed with good contrasting color and letter so that user can easily notice it and click on it.

The CTA button consisting the keyword should be matched with the offer like ‘download the free Paris Tourism guide’ or ‘download the free health safety ebook’ etc.

Sidebar and end of the blog post are the best places to put your Cta, where you can place your offer, webinar.

landing page

A landing page, is a page where the visitors land. It should consist a clear headline, value or information in the form of an image, short video, and a contact form.

The free information helps visitors to get their offer or solution and they fill the form and becomes leads. A good landing page is helpful to convert leads into customers.

Companies having more no. of quality landing pages have more chances of conversion.

Forms and lists:

Forms are effective ways to collect the information about visitors and convert them into leads. Forms should consist labels of username, email address, phone number and questions regarding buyer personas. Forms should not be too long which may turn away your visitors.

Contacts and lists help you to store the details of prospects in your database using proper segmentation.


Email Marketing is necessary for customer retention. There are more than 4 billion email accounts worldwide.

Email marketing is necessary to send right content to right context and nurture leads. Email marketing effectively retains customers by sending them new industry updates.

Take the example of an αμαζόνα product you have bought. After some days, you get an email about some products and their prices.


In this stage, the delighted customers become promoters of your business. That’s why you should give priority to providing the best service to your customers.

If the customers are satisfied new strangers will be attracted to your website via them. That’s why customers and employees should be the greatest asset of your business.

Inbound certification

To grow your business inbound marketing is essential. So to be an Inbound marketing professional apply the exam of inbound certification from HubSpot academy.


Inbound marketing is the game of right content and right context.

But in this competitive world both inbound and outbound marketing are necessary. But a startup or small business you can’t expend a large amount on traditional marketing, that’s why inbound brings you the effective and reliable way to generate leads as it is totally free.

I have explained the ultimate guidelines for inbound marketing which will definitely help you to grow your business. Drop comments if you have any doubt and share it.

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