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¿Cuál es la verdadera felicidad? Cómo mantenerse siempre feliz?

Los sorprendentes secretos de la felicidad

¿Cuál es la verdadera felicidad?
Cómo mantenerse siempre feliz?
¿Cuáles son los secretos de la felicidad? 😀
These questions frequently pop up in human mind. Nadie quiere la tristeza, dolor, dolor. Si usted es nuevo en mi blog, entonces le recomiendo que lea los antiguos puestos sobre la felicidad y la vida sana antes de proceder.
La definición de la felicidad varía para los diferentes grupos de personas. 😎 For one group of human being true happiness is Name, fama, dinero, lujoso estilo de vida, etc.. Para otro grupo, el verdadero significado de la felicidad es el mismo o Atma -awareness Gyan.
When the body is attached to the matter then it gets happiness which lasts for a short time. El alma humana es libre de todo tipo de dolor y ansiedad. It is the Sat-chit- anand, the transcendental joy. But human is ignorant of the real happiness and falls into the trap of illusion (Maya) searching happiness in the outside word.
It is not his fault. The Maya or nature propels him to be trapped in the material world. That is the law of nature, what an ordinary man can do? But the extra ordinary man crosses all the bondage and goes beyond the Maya. When his mind attains the state of tranquility by constant practice of dispassion, he can control his mind and intellect. Then he is free from all the bondage of sorrow, felicidad. When the inner happiness glows a new incarnation of the body takes place.
So the question arises how to find the inner felicidad? If everyone becomes Yogi and leave the material world how the Life cycle will continue? Should we go against the law of Nature?
The answer is satisfaction. You don’t need to leave your duty. You don’t need to leave your family. But you need to live a satisfied life. If there is no expectation then life becomes beautiful, the earth becomes heaven. There will be no violence, no terrorism.
When happiness comes from the material world, that does not last long. You watch movies, go to party, chat on whatsapp, which are the short time pleasures. los 5 senses of human body want pleasure. Soon the source stops working the flow of pleasure stops. Know the difference between pleasure and happiness. The prostitutes get the pleasure but not the happiness. Money can fulfill your needs but not the felicidad. When the nectar of joy transcends from inside then you enjoy constant happiness.
Yes it is true, the concept is deep. I try to explain with simple examples. Put apple juice in a steel glass, silver glass, fiberglass and keep it for 2-3 minutos. Drink one by one from all the 3 types of glasses. Which content would test better? You say I am kidding.
Will the taste change based on the material? No. See the fallacy of material civilization. You equate the contentment of your life with the cup it holds. You think if you have a better cup the taste of the life will be better. Does the area you live change the quality of your life?
Does the apparel you wear, the house you live, change the quality of your life? Does the phone you speak or car you drive, change the quality of your life? I don’t think so. The taste of life doesn’t change based on the container. The quality of life changes how you pick up to the higher consciousness.
Then it doesn’t matter whether it is a glass cup, silver cup, golden cup or fiber cup. Don’t compare your cups. You are all studying in different universities, doing jobs in different multinational companies, living in different socio-economy, these are all different types of cups. And unfortunately, you start thinking that if you have a golden cup the taste will be different. Life doesn’t depend on the cup it holds.

Kill your Ego:

‘I’ Everything revolves around the one letter word ‘I’. ‘Istands for expectation, ego. I should be treated like this, I should be loved like this, I should be respected like this, I should be deserved this etc. You are all living and leading a life of super high expectation. Constantly life revolves around my opinion, my desire, my likes, my dislikes, my love, my hate, I want this, I don’t want this, I, I and I only. Do you think this makes you happy?
Can you lead a happy life, when everything revolves around ‘I’? From the childhood, we have learned to only take and everyone should fulfill our expectations. Is everything for only me? My money, my house, my wife, my car, my, my and my.
The ego starts from ‘I’. If the Young generation is not spared, married people are not spared, then what about countries and religions? Husband and wife are bound in a bond of high expectations from each other, where every one wants to be treated y highly respected.
‘Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country’. -J. F. Kennedy
Do you think that everyone is here to fulfill your expectations? I don’t think so. Everyone is involved in their own business.Expectations are not bad but you don’t expect that everyone will fulfill your expectations. Avoid this word ‘I ‘and try to serve others. When you want to be served according to your expectation, you may not be served as you are dependent on people.
But When you want to serve others, then who can stop you? When you want respect no one may respect you, but when you want to give respect then who can stop you? When you want to be loved, you may not be loved. But when you want to give love then who can stop you?
Lee mas:
So learn to begin your journey with ‘Iand end it with ‘you’. You will remain frustrated when you expect to take and remain happy when you want to give. All relationships have problems because of ego. The relations between husband, wife, parents, children, colleague are threatened by this ego. ‘Egois the most dangerous three letter word in this world.
Are religions free from ego? Are religious people free from ego? One religious person is thinking better than others. That’s why there is always inter-religious conflicts. The ego arising between two religions end with violence, war, partitions of province and countries.
Why there are disputes between countries? Why there is always violence between Syria and Palestine? Communal fights occur between the Siya and Suni sects of the Islam frequently leading to loss of thousands of lives. Even small children are not spared. The world has witnessed so many conflicts. Relationships fall apart only because of this ego. Because we can’t say sorry. Because we can’t forgive.
When you genuinely feel sorry the powerful word comes from the deep core of your heart releasing all kind of pain suppressed inside you. Now I am gonna give you a secret formula, which has saved a number of lives in the past couple of years. When you say sorry to someone that doesn’t mean that you are wrong.
It means that you value the person more than being right. You prefer the relationship more than being right. Saying sorry means you are devoid of ego. Till you don’t learn how to bend down relationships can’t be maintained.

Secret of Happiness: Spread Love

The need of everyone is love and to be loved. Everybody is in the search of being loved by others. There is no meaning of life without love. The need of love and emotional fulfillment sometimes become so strong that a lady got married to the Eiffel Tower. A boy from Japan officially got married to a pillow. These are some extreme examples of getting the love the emotional need. When you don’t get it from human, then you relate to animals, when you don’t get it from animals then you relate to objects or things.
See a dog, it can do anything for its master in the exchange of love.
To be loved and express the love is the great need of the soul. The love is the only cure for any type of conflict between countries, relations, and persons. When the love of the supreme power flows in our heart you share it with everyone. that love is the selfless love. There is no desire no expectation. That manifests and compassion the people of the world.

Associate with good company:

You have a big bank balance, number of luxurious cars, many apartments, Can you live a life alone? Even to enjoy life you need company. How can you enjoy a party alone? Making your life colorful is not important but making it useful is important.

To make your life useful add value to it. Associate with people who can add value to your life. Leave those people who take value from your life and show you the wrong path.

Good company, good cooperation, good relation can make your life beautiful and bad company can make your life like hell. That’s why ‘we’ is the most satisfying word when we are associated with a good company.

Always smile:

You don’t laugh at the same joke again, why do you cry on the same sorrow again? Why do you keep crying on the same issue, the same problem again, again and again? Difficulties, problems come to you whoever you are, wherever you are, however you are.
Thinking over and over on the same problem can make you sleepless. Let the problems come why worry? You stay strong and everything passes away. There are many things that are beyond your control. You have only control over one thing that is the smile. It is the easiest way. You are facing the conflicts, problems due to your past deed only. It bounces back to you. You have to bypass it otherwise, it will hit you and break you down.
¿Cuál es la verdadera felicidad? Cómo mantenerse siempre feliz? Secrets of happiness
Once I was traveling to Amsterdam by air. suddenly the flight took 90-degree turbulence in the air. People started screaming in fear. There was a little girl sitting next to me without any sign of panic. She was sitting close to the window and reading a book. After some time when it landed I asked her why she was so calm? She said, ‘simple the pilot of the plane was her father. He should be more worried about her daughter’.
The pilot of our life is the Almighty. He is more concerned about our problems than us.
Never take any tension in your life, always smile. A smiling man can avoid the greatest sorrow of his life.
If you follow these amazing secrets of happiness, the world will definitely change one day.

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    • Personal Me

      Very nice write upbut i always do cross questioning myself to such kind of motivational things. I have read so many motivational articles and everywhere gets the same questions in mind.
      1.You said saying sorry doesn’t mean u r wrong it means the relation is more important for u than being right. Okay understood. But do that person for whom we are doing don’t realizes the value of that relation than why we are supposed to do that.
      2. Forgive everyone…..if we are forgiving everyone then I don’t think we are having anyone in our life who are taking values out of our life. Then I don’t think there is someone who should be taken out of our life.
      3. Somewhere its been said keep on doing good not because others are bad but u r not. One day they will realize. My question is why for that one day I have to give pain to myself and keep on waiting that long for that one day. Why we can’t be strong enough to oppose them and tell them on their face what they are doing hurts me and I can’t tolerate it anymore.
      Seriously sometimes these motivational things are out of my reach.

      Somewhere i read happiness starts from inside….but how it can be possible when u have nothing good in your life.
      Don’t know….hands up for theseand if u have answers please let me know m desperately searching for it.

      • aseem12

        You are absolutely right. The happiness comes from inside. Your soul is the ultimate source of happiness but due to ignorance and illusion human falls in the trap of sorrow and delusion. thanks for appreciation.