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Most Popular WordPress plugins (Absolutely free)

No doubt WordPress is the most popular CMS platform preferred by many business and companies for their websites. From individuals and small companies to biggest brands WordPress is favorite. The reason is, it is user-friendly and support thousands of plugin.

Unlike Magento, Drupal, and other CMS plugins, WordPress plugins are the most popular plugins due to its more functionality and inbuilt SEO tools. These WordPress plugins enable the website more reliable and flexible to edit and get top page ranking on a quicker timeline.

Thanks to the developers and programmers who have spent their valuable time and effort to create these plugins which are time savvy for nontechnical users.

Here, many tools & instructions are readily available to work with the Web pages to design & develop various dynamic sites, E–commerce sites, Web Portal application and much more. Let’s discuss some vital WordPress Plugins as follows.

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1. WPtouch Mobile WordPress Plugin

Now these days, most of the audiences belong to Smartphone users category. It instantly enables a mobile-friendly version of your website that automatically adds simple and elegant mobile theme for visitors. If your website is not responsive, then the potential customer having Smartphone won’t be able to find your website easily through Google search engine on your mobile. WPtouch Mobile plugin is an easy-to-work plugin for making your WordPress website mobile-friendly or responsive and the paid version plugin is always recommended. The colors & fonts of the page content can be changed without any change in codes.

2. W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin:

W3 Total Cache is a significant plugin to reduce repeat downloading of redundant data on the browser. A static cache is created for each page due to the dynamical loading of each page and hence the page load time has been reduced significantly. The W3 Total cache plugin even integrates with CDN (Content Delivery Networks) to further reduce the page load time though it is a bit puzzle to configure initially.

As per KISSmetrics survey, it is found that a 2-second delay in page loading time can cause a 14% loss in conversions for an eCommerce site. And you must imagine that, W3 Total Cache saves how much amount by accelerating page loading duration.

3. Akismet WordPress plugin:

Akismet is specialized for “reduction of Comment SPAM”, which filters out you from comment spam and enables you to focus on more crucial things. As we hate spam as much as you react same towards the Spam and it interrupts your website’s reputation and the manual spam detection may steal your precious business time. According to criteria or condition set by the admin, the AKISMET detects spam and save our time.

4. All in one wp security & firewall WordPress plugin:

The All in one WP security  WordPress plugins helps in keeping the total security system tight and effective to reduce unauthorized access or any hacking possibilities. It provides security fence by its firewall to make your site safe from hackers. It provides various options like login lock down, database security, spam prevention etc. It provides the following features:


5. Disqus comment system:

Disqus is pronounced as “discuss”, is known as a supporting service and tool for comments and discussions by the online viewers. “Disqus” makes commenting activities easier and more effective while linking websites and discussion community.

The Disqus API is implemented in WordPress plugin by auto-synchronizing (backup) & making the WordPress comments indexable. The “DISQUS” has also provided other benefits such as RSS subscription, comment notification, spam filtration, and much more.

6. Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

Yoast SEO plugin magnifies the WordPress SEO experience and provides the best tools and components for the promotion of SEO works. The focus keyword is one of the significant SEO components to be used in writing content.

The Yoast News SEO, Yoast Local SEO and Yoast Video SEO are very much useful extensions to Yoast SEO plugin to support SEO campaign & better content writing experience.

Through Yoast SEO WordPress plugin lots of things are to be accomplished such as editing of .htaccess and robots.txt file, Multi-Site Compatible, Import & Export functionality for other WordPress SEO plugins, own available language can be selected to work with Yoast SEO comfortably.

7. CPO shortcodes WordPress plugin:

It provides the package of shortcodes for designing high-quality content. You will be able to add buttons, pricing table, slideshows without using any complex coding.

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8. Spacer WordPress plugin:

Before installing this plugin you have to install CPO shortcodes plugin. The Spacer plugin inserts a space code to the visual editor, which assists in editing spaces between the lines of content and negative spacing, is also help to shift the content upwards.

9. Title remover WordPress plugin:

The Title remover plugin integrates a simple meta box which has control on hiding or showing titles through CSS or JavaScript codes.

10. Leadin WordPress plugin:

Leadin is a most user-friendly marketing & visitors tracking plugin for WordPress that enables you to keep eye on your visitors. It works like a lead magnet which has various forms which collect email address from various subscription forms and sends the email to owner’s inbox providing detail source of traffic.

11. Tiny mce advanced WordPress plugin:

The Tiny mce advanced WordPress plugin will let you arrange or edit the position of the buttons displaying on the toolbar of Visual Editor. You can customize the placing of buttons to format the fonts such as color, type, size & much more. It adds a toolbar consisting of menus like the file, edit, insert which help you to add new font style, size, creating tables etc.

12. Broken link checker WordPress plugin:

Broken links can impact on your search engine ranking. This WordPress plugin gives a quick fix to the links which are no longer exist. It scans post, comments and blogs and detects the invalid links and send details to your email. You can manually fix the links or delete it.

13. Custom share button with floating Side bar WordPress plugin:

Social media optimization is an important factor for Search engine ranking. More than 20 billion shares occur everyday on the internet which is an important strategy of marketing of your website. This WordPress plugin has awesome features providing floating sidebar of social media sharing icons. It can support up to 9 social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, twitter etc. You can use the Pro version to get more advantages. It provides both floating as well as fixed social sharing option.


Working with various WordPress plugins will grow your experience. Some WordPress plugins are affected by malware which should be passed through security check before installation. So before installing check the number of downloads and rating of the plugin. Don’t install any plugin blindly. Read users’ review and check whether it is compatible with the current version of your WordPress or not. Installing too many plugins may also make your back end dysfunction.

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