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Words of Inspiration going through tough time to stay strong

Everyone goes through a hard time in their life. Getting success in the professional field is not so easy. If you see the struggling actors, athletes, professionals they are all going through tough time and struggling hard to stand on the front of the queue. And those who are successful have passed through a hard time and may go through it again in future. But the Words of Inspiration going through tough time to stay strong” can give you a relief like a bottle of cold drink in a hard heating 




Cultivate Good thoughts:

A man’s thoughts actually represent his character. Outwardly a person may discourse on the highest knowledge, the best form of devotion or the purest type of dispassion; but so long as his internal thoughts do not actually correspond with those ideas, he really possesses neither knowledge, nor devotion, nor even dispassion.

Change of thoughts does n


ot take place in a trice through mere nominal effort. Constant practice in a reverential spirit, for a long period of time, is essential for the purpose. Cultivate the good thoughts, which stand in contradiction to the evil thoughts arising within your mind, and reflect on them again and again. For the removal of attachment to the worldly objects, practice dispassion, seeing the misery and evil abiding in such objects.

 For removal of the attraction for male or female form and lust, reflect on the obnoxious things within the human body blood, flesh, fat, marrow, bone, faeces, urine phlegm, etc. and place before the mind’s eye the picture of a stinking corpse. For removal of the habit of reflection on another’s faults search earnestly for the good 

points in others, and turn the searchlight of your attention to your own defects.

Conquer anger by forgiveness, greed by reflection on the terrible misery suffered by men of greed. For the removal of grief and sorrow, cultivate faith in the auspicious dispensation of God: and for the destruction of sinful desires, remember the tortures of hell.

The mind suffers from five defects dejection, hard-heartedness, day dreaming, waywardness and ugly thoughts. Remove these defects by the cultivation of pure thoughts which stand in contradiction to them and the words of inspiration evoke within you. Delightfulness, mildness, mental silence, mind control and practice of pure thoughts these are the states contradictory to those defects.

When one develops the faith that whatever is obtained by him in this world as fruit through the auspicious dispensation of God, is really speaking auspicious in quality, though outwardly it may appear as frightful one feels delighted under all circumstances of life. When one treats you harshly, it pains your heart; and a kindly treatment brings you pleasure. Similarly, the hardness on your part is painful to others,

Read Good Books:

Instead of reading novels, watching movies, read good books. Yeah, good books. So what is the difference between good and bad books? Books that build your character, personality are the good books. Books that speak the stories of great personalities, motivation, spirituality are the good books. Reading good books you can easily cultivate good thoughts. These books really speak the words of encouragement in the tough time.

Watch inspirational movies:

If you are really going through a hard time then it can be an instant blessing for you. Movies like forest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Life is beautiful are really helpful. The inspirational quotes and dialogues of the movies can really help you to stay strong in your hard time. Inspirational words from the movies of Batman Dark night have really changed the lives of millions around the globe.

Kindness is the source of Inspiration:

And your kindness is the source of joy to others reflection on these thoughts will make your nature mild and soft. The mind will never attain peace, so long as it continues to reflect, day and night, on the favorable and unfavorable objects of this world; therefore instead of this, one should take to the constant practice of remembrance of the Lord’s name, virtues, sports, truth and secret etc. which will make the mind silent so far as these objects are concerned. So long as the mind is not subject to control, it will continue to wander wherever it pleases and caught in the whirling of impure thoughts it will go on creating newer and newer sources of misery and suffering.

The mind is, really speaking, your (the soul’s) servant, and not its lord. Understanding this properly and well, when you bring the mind under your control, it will act as a disciplined servant, a helper to you in all your noble and virtuous efforts.

Devote the mind to the study of the character, merits and advantages of continence, forbearance, contentment, dispassion, humility, non violence, truth, non-stealing, modesty, etc. instead of remaining merged in evils like lust, anger, arrogance, infatuation, violence, untruth, theft, vanity, etc., which now fill your mind and guide your actions and on account of which your life appears as the very embodiment of evil.

Your mind will, then, be filled with those pure and propitious thoughts. Thus when those five things will take possession of your mind, you will attain perfection in mental austerity. And your external conduct will be similarly pure.

For attaining control over thoughts, the most useful and suitable practice is to cultivate firm faith in the power of the soul, or in the grace of Almighty God, our best friend. The more this faith is developed, the more quickly and easily will a person be able to destroy the evil thoughts lodged in his mind and expand his auspicious thoughts. Identification with the body, haughtiness, dependence on material power and similar impure and degrading sentiments get uprooted from the mind of one, who has faith in the soul, or in God.

Plant flowers, not thorns:

There is no person, who does not possess some virtue, and no person, who is entirely free from evil. God points and evil points are present equally in all. In some individuals, the evil points are more manifest, and in others, the good ones. These good and evil points come to the surface due to various causes. Placing certain auspicious and good ideas before an individual, we can draw out the same kind of virtues hidden within him, and through the suggestion of inauspicious and evil ideas, we can similarly draw out the same kind of evil lying within him.

When the virtues come to the surface, the man begins to act according to them, as a result of which those who come in contact with him derive some benefit, more or less, and obtain happiness. And when the evils are brought to the surface, they similarly begin to inspire action, bringing both injury and misery to man.

Therefore, take care that you do not do anything whose reaction will draw out the evil hidden in another person and make him truly a personification of evil. By your virtuous conduct wake up the dormant virtues in others. Do not wake up the demerits and evils of them by your own evil conduct.

By your vilification backbiting and abuse or by the use of words, which pierce the heart, or by your injurious and hostile conduct, or by any unfair action under the impulse of anger, pride or greed if you wake up the dormant evils of another, and produce an aggravation of them, you will do a great injury to the world.

And this, in its turn, is sure to bring injury to yourself also. Contrary to this, if by your words of sincere praise and sweet encouragement, your friendly conduct full of good intentions, your brother lines, fellow feeling and love, you wake up the sleeping virtues in others, you will contribute to the good of the world, as a result of which you are also sure to obtain good source of inner motivation.

As are the seeds, so the fruit. If you sow the seeds of good, their fruits will be good and which getting infinite in number will spread far and near.

Therefore, if a man is a personification of evil, and whose conduct towards you also is inspired by the evil, return to him good for evil. The flow of good from you should proceed as in a flood carrying off all the roots of evil within him. Thereafter, scatter the seeds of good there in abundant measure, so that they may produce good and good alone, in a positive and definite manner.

Do good for evil:

If people give up the habit of returning evil for evil, the very tradition of evil will soon get lost, and good and nothing but good will fill up every being in all quarters. For evil produces evil and good produce well.

Therefore, do good, to your heart’s content, even to those who injure you, sift out the virtues of your backbiter and praise him, bless the reviler, pray to God for the good of those who assault you, and keep your heart full to the brim with noble sentiments so that the very thought of returning evil for evil may not cross their mind.

Those who condemn you, whatever may be the motive by which they may be guided, you do good for an evil done by them.

Help others:

Never hesitate to help people, friends, students around you. Go to the hospitals nearby you and serve the patients. Give your free service to the orphans in an orphanage or the old men. Helping others can spark the inner source of ultimate joy. If you read the life stories or biographies of great personalities their entire life have been dedicated to service for others.

Helping others boost the power of giving to you. If you see the animal world can they survive without helping their friends? If you study the animal behaviours of elephants or penguines you will find that they have a strong bond in their families. Helping others can grow your interactions with people. In this way you will grow your friend circle. It will keep you highly motivated.

I hope these ‘Words of Inspiration going through tough time to stay strong’ will definitely help you in your hard time.


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